Will Uber Drive Me if I Have My Bike?

Cycling to work or just as a hobby is a good exercise for your body, but at times, you will get tired in the middle of a cycling session, or it will begin to pour suddenly. During such times, your best option would be to hail a cab such as Uber.

However, the biggest question would be, will Uber drive you along with your bike? The answer to that would be a yes or a strong ‘maybe’.

Why maybe? Well, Uber does not have a solid policy regarding having bikes in their vehicles but the good news is that most of the company’s drivers will be willing to help with your bike.

Here are some top tips that will help you convince your driver that they should accommodate your two-wheeled friend.

Will Uber Drive Me if I Have My Bike

Let the Driver Know of the Bike

Being upfront with your driver from the get-go is likely to take you a long way. Therefore, as soon as you request a cab through the app, what you want to do next is to contact the driver right away and let them know of your predicament.

Both you and the driver will have to be comfortable with the fact that there will be a potentially sweaty person and a dirt bike in a pristine car. By being honest, you give the driver a chance to decide whether they will pick you up or not.

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Get a Protective Bag for Protecting the Uber

Having a cover will increase your chances of having your bike carried in an Uber. Have a bag ready to cover the dirtiest parts of your bike like the brakes, wheels, and chain. What you will be trying to do here is convince the driver to let the bike in their car.

You can get the bike covers from your local brick-and-mortar store. Ideally, the one you pick should be machine washable and reusable. The covers will also come in handy if you store your bike indoors as they will ensure that you don’t have debris and dirt spread out all over your floors.

Try to Eliminate as Much Dirt from the Bike as you can

You can bet that your Uber driver will reject your plea if your bike has huge deposits of mud and oil spills. As such, you want to try your best to eliminate such before the driver gets to you. The last thing they want is to start cleaning their car once they have dropped you off or spend on an unplanned wash session.

Detach the Bike

Be ready to detach the seat from your bike as well as remove the wheels, as this will ensure that the bike fits into the Uber. This should be easy especially if you have a modern bike. The easiest option would be to detach the front wheel and the seat because all you will need is a small tool and Allen keys.

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Be Polite

Last but not least, be polite to your Uber driver keeping in mind that they are doing you a favor. Do not make any demands and if they decline your request, accept and move on to the next.

Final Thoughts

Uber is not under any obligation to carry your bike. How you play your cards plays a big role in whether you can get your driver to do it for you or not. With the tips we have provided, that should be an easy task.

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