What Size Motorcycle Should I Get? Handy Guide

Like human beings, motorcycles come in different sizes. The manufacturers of motorcycles understand this aspect, which is why they tend to ensure that every person has a motorcycle that they will ride and feel comfortable.

What Size Motorcycle Should I Get

There is no formula that you can use when selecting the size of your bike, all you need to do is to examine your level of comfort.

Although this is a known fact, when buying a motorcycle, buyers are often swayed by the slick and colorful marketing of the motorcycle on display. The problem of selecting a motorbike usually faces first time buyers.

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Kind of bikes in the market

There are different types of bikes which you can choose. You can choose heavy bikes that are used for touring or you can select light motorcycles which are good for making fast and short distances.

Like vehicles, there are also sport-motorcycles or you can go for lighter weight.

Here are some types of motorcycle and their sizes that you can select

Lighter weight: just as the name states are the kind of motorcycles which are easy to maneuver because of their lightweight. The bikes are usually easy to steer around, balance, accelerate and engage brakes.

Lower seat height: these are the bikes that come with low seats that enable a rider to stand across the bike with both legs touching the ground. It is a good choice of riders that are still perfecting their skills in riding.

However, the common rule of thumb with regard to selecting the size of the motorcycle is to ensure that your legs can comfortably touch the ground when you are standing across.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that your motorcycle is not very heavy beyond your comfort. When your bike is too heavy, you may not be able to maneuver and keep it in balance especially when it is getting off balance.

Additionally, it is important to ensure that your engine is powerful to your level. Although a powerful engine is a good selection, as s beginner, starting with a powerful engine can be some kind of challenging to maneuver.

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Some common types of motorcycles

Cruiser motorcycle

Cruiser bikes are widely embraced by millions of riders because of their shape and overall elegance. The cruiser is also highly preferred by beginners because they come with wide tires and seat low. Its wide shape and huge tires make the bikes to be very stable and easy to ride around.

According to some riders, the cruiser is more powerful and its low seats make it more comfortable and easy to maneuver.

The bikes are also popular because of their size and fuel consumption which vary between 250cc to 200cc.


Sports bikes as the name states are used for sports competition. The bikers are manufactured for speed and strong balancing.

The sports motorcycle can move at an average speed of approximately 200mph.

Because of its speed and the extensive skills required to ride it, sport-motorcycles are not advisable for beginners.

The sports bikes come with a range of 300cc to 500cc.

Because of the dangers of using sport-bike as a beginner, it is important to get additional skills.

Standard motorcycles

These are common motorcycles that are used by many people across the world. The bikes are easy to ride and do not required many skills as compared to sports bikes.

The bikes come in a range of 250cc to 1200cc.

These bikes are also relatively affordable as compared to sportbikes.

However, it is important to understand that they can be relatively taller, therefore, the need to first try before buying one especially if you are not that tall.

I have only provided the three common types of bikes, however, it is important to understand that there are other models and brand of bikes which you can invest in.

Just go online and read more brands of bikes in order to ensure that you buy the right one. s

Effective approach

Looking for the size of the bike from online and making a purchase is the not the right approach to identifying the right motorcycle.

This is why it is recommended to personally visit the dealers and select the bike that you want. This gives you an opportunity to test various models and examine their level of comfort before you make a purchase.

Visiting the dealer can help you to have the full understanding of the kind of motorcycle that you will suit your needs. This can include the determination of other internal features such as the size of the engine.

Usage influence

The usage of your motorcycle can influence which type you should invest in. When you want to use your bike for making long distances, you should go for bikes with relatively high power engine. Additionally, you should go for bikes with tires that adds to the fast movement of the bike.

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Dangers of using ill-fitting bikes

Firstly, cycling is about having the right balance. With the right balance, it is easy to ride and negotiate corners.

Therefore, without the right balance, you can easily fall victim of road accidents in addition to losing balance when you come to a bump or a pothole.

Secondly, when your feet do not well sit on the ground when you are sitting or standing across the bike, then it can be difficult to break or take an emergency halt.

This can be dangerous when you are in a position where you need to make an emergency stop or a partial stop.

However, consider this

More than size, it is important to ensure that you buy a bike from accredited dealers. With the growth online companies, it is important to examine that you buying from a site that is credible.

This you can achieve by ensuring that you first verify the reviews from the previous buyers in addition contacting directly to the sellers.

However, it is important to go directly to the dealer in order to test and examine whether the bike suits your preferred features.

Additionally, buying from a direct dealer in the local market because you can easily return it in case you realize ay fault on the bike.

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