How Do You Secure a Bike on a Bike Rack? Basic Guidelines

If you love cycling, you probably want to carry your bike with you wherever you go. As such, you need a bike rack to secure it to your car so that it does not end up damaged while in transit.

However, several people complain of not knowing how to secure their bikes or bike racks.

Are you among those people? If you are, today is your lucky day because we are going to show you how in 9 easy steps.

How Do You Secure a Bike on a Bike Rack

How Do You Secure a Bike on a Bike Rack in 9 Easy Steps

1. Open the Rack

First, you need to open the bike rack. Most models open to form an arc shape but there is no need to worry if yours doesn’t.

Locate the clamps that secure your bike and place them so that they face upwards. Doing this ensures that the bike rack follows the right orientation.

2. Secure All Trunk Parts

Next, you want to connect all the spots where your bike’s trunk separates from your car.

However, do not push or force the clips in as this will damage your rack and bicycle as well. All you need to do is locate an area where the bike clip attaches easily.

Luckily, there are labels on the clips that will guide you on where to install them.

3. Tighten the Straps

After that, you want to tighten and secure the straps for putting the rack in place. You want to do this carefully because you do not want your bike to fall off as you are driving.

In case the clip fails to tighten, you will be better off not using it as the loos frame may present undesirable outcomes for you and other road users.

4. Reinforce Security with Additional Straps

We assume you want optimum security and if that is the case, you want to fasten your bike to the rack with extra straps just to ensure that they remain intact. In case you do not have the extra straps, you can use a to band – just ensure that it does not tamper with your car’s paint job.

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5. Test the Rack’s Steadiness

Once you tighten the straps, it would be best to check whether the rack is steady or not. You can do this by jolting it in different directions. Use both hands to grip the frame and shake it in all directions. If the bike rack moves with the car, then you know, it is properly secured in place.

6. Tug the Bike Arms

Grip your bike’s arms. Here, you want to note that different models lock differently but when pulled up, everything should just fall into place. Anyway, make the bike’s arms face upwards slightly when they come from your car.

In so doing, your bike will be secured by gravity in case the rack’s straps fail. This gives you time to fasten again or replace them.

7. Place and Lock your Bike on the Rack

After that, you want to load your bike onto your car, and to do that, you simply place the top side of your bike on the rack. Do it carefully to avoid damaging your car or the bike itself. Ensure that your bike is evenly distributed on the rack.

8. Cushion your Bike’s Fragile Parts

If you know you are going to have a bumpy ride, it is best to use some cushioning to protect your bike and car as well. Your car’s metal parts should not touch your car’s paint job for example because they can chip it.

A great way to avoid this is by inserting a piece of cloth between the bike and the rack. You could also detach the front wheel of your bike to make the package compact. This is also ideal if the bike didn’t fit the rack.

You also want to keep your bike from protruding from your car to avoid inconveniences such as causing traffic and obstruction on the road.

9. Lock the Bike Frame Arms Tightly

At this point, you want to tighten your bike’s frame down to secure it, and to do that, you need a clamp. This tool will help you push and lock it in place.

Once you do this, you want to check again for stability. If it is not stable, tighten it more but if it is, you are good to go.

Final Thoughts on How Do You Secure a Bike on a Bike Rack

A bike rack can help you move your bike from one place to another easily but that will not be possible if do not know how to secure your bike on the rack. We hope this article helps you do that.

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