How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

In this article, I’m going to walk you through what to do if your bike is stolen and how to prevent motorcycle theft from happening again.

It’s a very common occurrence. Most cases, it takes very few munities for theft to unlock your bike. As soon as the owner understand, he is going to loss his bike they find out it was stolen. But you should be more proactive with your motorcycle security measures.

I’ve lived in some of the highest motorcycle theft zones in my country for the last few years. So I have seen a lot of motorcycles get lost.

In many cases, I think these thieves are making their money on the black market. Because there is almost no money changing hands for stolen motorcycles now a days.

How To Prevent Motorcycle Theft

The issue of motorcycle theft has been a serious problem all over the world. Yet, it is not easy to prevent it as the bike has to be insured before you can take any steps to protect yourself.

Motorcycle insurance will not prevent theft but it open an option for you to recover your money.

Make sure that you have an alarm lock system on your bike (if you don’t already have one). Also make sure that you have a 24-hour security guard at your place of business (if you don’t already have one).

There are some high-profile places where motorcycles are frequently stolen such as Las Vegas, New York City, and Chicago. If they can make money by stealing bikes from people who aren’t well protected, then they will continue to do so until someone takes steps to prevent it.

So, if you live in a high motorcycle theft risk area (Arizona, Canada, Florida), consider installing anti-theft devices on your bike.

Quick Action List You Can Take to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

  1. Use have locking system like: chain lock. Chain lock with high quality U lock consider the best locking system.
  2. Disc lock can be another motorcycle theft protection tool for you.
  3. Motorcycle locks with anti-theft devices attached or batteries installed.
  4. Security cameras mounted above/below the windshields of most motorcycles.
  5. License plate readers installed on motorcycles (most new ones are good).
  6. All-terrain tires fitted with reflective tape or colored treaded tires for easy identification of bikes during low light conditions.
  7. Yellows/red brake lights installed on all rubber parts of the motorcycle such as wheels and exhaust pipes.
  8. Use tracking device like GPS tracker to know better your motorbike location while you are not in front of it.

Follow Few Simple Rules to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

First, make sure that your engine is properly maintained. If it’s worn down, replace it with a new one.

Second, don’t park in direct sunlight or under direct sun on the road. Don’t leave your bike in an open area for long periods of time or in a garage or shed outside of your home. You should always lock your bike inside your house or garage before leaving for work. Only leave it locked when you are away from home for more than one hour at a time .

Third, don’t keep valuables out of sight on the seat or between the saddle and the handlebars of your bike . Don’t put cameras, GPS devices, jewelry boxes or expensive watches on your handlebars because this will make them easier targets for thieves .

Lastly , if you see someone carrying a motorcycle out of your place un-secured, then do not stop and talk to them.

Because they may have stolen other motorcycles in their past and may try to sell them again soon. Just let them go by without any interference just as they would do so with any other vehicle they are driving without locking it up first.

If none of those work for you or don’t fit into your thought or your budget. Then consider purchasing a smartwatch. The smartwatch can track keys dropped by thieves and send them alerting police immediately upon detection.

Still, if nothing else works for you then, either install something like motorcycle alarm system or go for heavy locking systems.

More About Anti-Theft Locks:

A good anti-theft lock will automatically disable itself.

If it detects unauthorized access attempts, it will also alert you. If it senses a thief trying to kit up your bike so they can steal it.

Motorcycle Theft (Statistics)

In the United States in 2020 there was 13,000 more theft then 2019. It’s a 30% increase in one single calendar year.

In the past, there were nearly 40,000 reported motorcycle thefts in 2012, with around 30% of those being stolen within a 30-mile radius of a city. Nearly 88% of those stolen bikes had been reported stolen within the previous three months; that means that a high percentage of them have already been to the scrap yard or auction. In 2012, 22 people were killed as a result of motorcycle theft each day, and 9 people died each day on average.

The number one reason for theft is that the owner doesn’t have any working anti-theft device installed in their bike.

Every bike has a unique serial number etched into the frame and engine. If you’re not an auto mechanic and you can’t read this number, then you’re not alone. In fact, there are many more people who don’t know how to read this serial number than know how to read their own name or date of birth.

If your bike isn’t equipped with an electronic system, then you should consider installing an electronic anti-theft device instead, according to Consumer Reports .

There are many different types of anti-theft devices on the market today to help protect your bike from thieves:

Work on Root to Prevent Potential Thief

Motorcycles, whether yours or someone else’s, are a great way to get around. Sometimes they can help you in a tight situation, but other times they can cost you your life.

Motorcycle theft is one of the most common crimes in the world. It is a serious problem that affects more than two-thirds of all people who own motorcycles. It is estimated that there may be as many as 8 million motorcyclists globally who have had their lives stolen at some point.

The Value of a Motorcycle and Resell Market

If we can make the thief life difficult when it’s come to sell the hijacked motorcycle, maybe we will be able to reduce the overall bike thief.

The high value of motorcycles in resell market is responsible as well for this thief. The value of motorcycles varies greatly depending on the market and country, but sometimes the value can range from $75,000-$200,000 (USD). Sometimes it can go up to $1,000,000 (USD) but that varies by region and various factors.

For example, some countries such as Malaysia have strict ownership laws where owners must register their bikes with police on a regular basis. For registration fees that vary depending on the type of bike and year it was made. (lesser registration fees for older bikes). This makes registration difficult for people without a high income.

Other countries such as France don’t require registration of motorbikes at all; however this may change due to stricter regulations in the future.

The Law Enforcement Perspective

Some societies view motorbikes as illegal vehicles while others would not consider them illegal at all. Because their use is usually considered personal transportation without commercial purposes (e.g., rental or selling).

Some countries like Brazil restrict or even altogether ban motorcycles from public roads. So that they don’t endanger traffic laws and cause accidents by running into pedestrians or other traffic. (This does not apply if you are riding with a certain motorcycle club)

In some countries like Japan where riders must wear helmets. Even though they are considered legal vehicles sometimes they will strongly discourage riders from wearing them. Because they believe that wearing helmet reduces the likelihood of being caught by police officers. Who are usually concerned with striking pedestrians while riding on the road.

It is very important to always carry comprehensive insurance coverage when riding motorcycles especially. Because accidents involving lost property are extremely rare compared to car accidents where people lose their

Tips to Keep You Safe While Riding Your Motorcycle

I’ve been riding motorcycles for more than 12 years. Much of it in the U.S. and I can tell you that we do not live in a dangerous world. The chances of getting robbed or killed while riding a motorcycle are very, very rare. We all know why: we’re too careful.

Riding a bike carries many dangers, but they are all manageable risks, if you take precautions at the right times and places.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while riding your motorcycle:

1) Wear a helmet (the law only requires one).

It is important to use motorcycle safety equipment on your bike. Like anti theft devices and reflective gear that will help you avoid being stolen and abused in the first place.

2) Stay alert (sit up straight on the bike)

Look around before turning corners, and pay attention to traffic at all times.

If you’re going fast enough to have to brake in order to stop for pedestrians crossing the street, then speed limits aren’t for you! Be aware of your surroundings and stay alert for anything out of the ordinary.

3) Use care with children on your bike.

When they want to ride home from school/work/etc., talk them through it or let them do as they please. Get used to it; it is safer than being out alone with them when they get home drunk!

4) Keep your insurance up-to-date.

Keeping up with insurance can help prevent any kind of trouble or legal problems later on down the road!

5) Take care these extra things of you so that for these reason you don’t have to face any problem while motorbike riding.

  • Watch out where you ride;
  • Don’t park in places where there is no room for cars or other vehicles parked nearby;
  • Never leave valuables lying around;
  • Don’t go hitchhiking yourself;
  • Take good care of yourself by eating healthy foods (no processed junk!) and exercising frequently;
  • Make sure some time each week is devoted to relaxation by watching TV or listening to music instead of reading lots of books!


In conclusion, we strongly recommend that you take the steps to prevent theft. Start by getting a good, high-quality lock. You should also register your bike with the National Motorcycle Database, and make sure you have a good alarm system.

Finally, if you’re worried about not being safe on your bike, you can invest in a GPS tracking system to ensure your bike is where you left it.

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