Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating Review: Protect your Car’s Paintwork

Trust me. It is never that easy to find a multi-functional ceramic coating. One that you can use for your car, aircraft, home surface protection and personal belonging is a bit hard to find. There are many brands in the market that you can shop for at affordable prices. A quality ceramic coating is the only option you have for protecting your car’s paintwork.

Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating Review

Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating is one of the best products you can opt for to get the best coating results. As you are about to find out in this review, you should always look forward to shopping for this fantastic product. Here is everything you need to know about this amazing product.

Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating

Key features 

Nasiol ZR53 is a multi-functional car coating that you can use on aircraft, home surfaces, personal products, and for improving the quality of your vehicle surface. This product has a multi-layer technology that enables the coating to stay in place for up to three years.

The life expectancy of this product is something you want to embrace. It stays on your car surface for up to three years, helping you to save on the cost of coating it every year. The product has stable chemical bonds that hold the molecules together for longevity and efficiency.

The multi-layer technology ensures the ceramic coating remains flexible. It is anti-scratch and repellent to dirt and surface. It comes with hydrophobic properties, which makes it suitable for those driving in humid places. Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating is durable to PH 13 detergents. You can use it on your piano blacks, bumpers, headlights, and plastic trims without causing any collateral damage to your vehicle.

With a 9H hardness rate, it is not easy for most contaminants to penetrate through it and damage your car surface. The manufacturer has used a unique technology that ensures the ceramic coating gives your car thick coating. The coating stays for longer and protects your vehicle from loose chips, dirt, and the harmful effects of acid rain and intense UV rays.

Ideally, what can make Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating stand out from the rest of the park is the water-repelling property it exhibits.

The ceramic coating ensures that all impurities such as mud, grime, and bird droppings slide off your car without sticking on it. This way, it ensures your vehicle is always clean and shiny. It reduces the oxidation properties of your car paint, protecting it from corrosion.

When you apply this ceramic coating, it gets crystallized at a nano-level. Therefore, it means it will not crystallize at the non-nano level. The ceramic coating creates a soft and hard layer. The two-layer coating system ensures the coat has maximum elasticity and resistance. The ceramic coating will stay strong and shiner for the longest time, ensuring your car has an attractive look.

The manufacturer includes all the accessories that you need to use the ceramic coating. As a DIY ceramic coating, it comes with all equipment to make it easy for you when applying. Here are some of the accessories in the product package: a user manual, ten pieces of application pads, two pieces of microfiber cloth, two pieces of protective gloves, and a 50 ml Nasiol Car Coating.

The 50 ml Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating is just enough for two coatings on your car. Since it comes with an active formula, you don’t have to waste it on the vehicle. The ceramic coating dries faster and reduces the reload time.

You still don’t have to hire a professional to paint it on your car. It saves you some bucks when you apply it alone. The user manual the manufacturer has included on the package is clear and straightforward. It outlines all the instructions and steps to follow when using the product.


  • It comes with all the accessories that you need when using it
  • It is relatively cheaper for those shopping on a tight budget
  • Comes with ten microfiber towels with different colours for efficient use
  •  It dries faster (within 20seconds of application) hence reducing the reload time
  •  The manufacturer has made it with a unique nanotechnology
  • Protects your car paint from dirt, UV rays, and scratch
  • It is easy to use and comes with a manual to guide you
  • Has a life expectancy of up to three years
  • Not affected by weather changesIt
  • creates two layers, soft and hard. The hard layer protects the coating from any physical damages


  • The application pads the manufacturer offers on this product package are a bit off. You get ten application pads, but all these do not give some quality results. Instead, you will have to buy another sponge bar to use when applying the ceramic coating. This is an additional cost to the buyer.
  • If you live in a hotter environment, then you may have a problem when applying the Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating. It cures very fast when the temperatures are high.
  • It takes longer to prepare your vehicle before you can use the ceramic coating. You have to decontaminate the vehicle surface and ensure it’s 100% clean before applying the ceramic coating.

Your Ultimate Buying Guide

There is a lot you should learn before you visit any high-end shop to purchase a ceramic coating for your car. Like we said earlier, there are plenty of brands in the market, but only a few of them can give quality results. Therefore, you must go through this buying guide before you can buy any ceramic coating.

The factors to consider when buying a ceramic coating:


How much should a quality ceramic coating cost? That may be a difficult question to answer. However, when you intend to buy a quality ceramic coat, the price of the product will tell it all. Most quality ceramic coatings are costly. You will have to dig deeper into your pockets before you can land a quality ceramic coating.

You want to ensure you are operating within your budget. Sometimes you may be forced to buy other accessories to apply the ceramic coatings. Therefore you must ensure the product you are buying is a bit affordable for you.

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Ceramic coatings have different life expectancy depending on the technology the manufacturer uses to make them. Some will last up to five years while others may not hit a one year target. Therefore, depending on how long you want your car surface to look good, you have to choose the best product for this purpose.

It is needless to spend on a ceramic coating that sends you shopping again after a year when there are plenty of substitutes in the flooded market. The best quality ceramic coating should also be long-lasting and durable.

Ease of application

Yes, you must ensure that the ceramic coating you are buying is easy to apply to your vehicle. The manufacturer should provide a user manual with a simple learning curve. Also, it should come with all the essential accessories you need to apply it to your car alone.

Some ceramic coatings will require up to three coatings before you can get the best results. This is a bit time-consuming. You should go for ceramic coatings that only require one coat and dry faster. Note that the number of coatings will also depend on how you prepare your car surface and the car paint thickness.


Some ceramic coatings perform worse in a hotter environment. When shopping for ceramic coatings, you must find out the temperature variation that the product can stand. If you live in a place where the weather changes frequently, then a weather-resistant ceramic coating is all you need.

Also, if the weather in your place is mostly sunny, then a ceramic coating that protects your car surface from direct UV rays is the best option. You must always find out if the weather in your region is favorable for the type of ceramic coating you are purchasing.

Car condition and age

Your car condition and age is another factor you must consider when buying a ceramic coating. The paint layer on your vehicle or aircraft reduces with time. In case your care surface has a thin layer, then you must first paint the car before you can opt for a ceramic coating. Without proper painting, you are not likely to get the best result in whichever brand of product you use.

Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating (FAQ)

How long is the curing time for Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating?

It only takes 48 hours to cure. However, this time may differ depending on the weather of your place. The coating begins to harden within 20 seconds of application.

How many coatings do I need when using Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating?

A single coating is just enough to make your vehicle attractive. For the best look, you can go for two coatings.

How long does Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating last on my vehicle surface?

The life expectancy for Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating is three years. It protects your vehicle against the harsh weather and all impurities during this period.


Nasiol ZR53 Car Coating is not your ordinary ceramic coating. The manufacturer has used unique nanotechnology to ensure this product protects your car paint for up to three years. It is easy to apply and takes the shortest time to dry.

Also, it does not dig deeper into your pocket, which makes it the best value option for all vehicle owners. Ultimately, its multi-functional properties are something you want to keep in mind when shopping for it.

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