How to Lock Bikes to Hitch Rack – Step-By-Step Guide

Do you love cycling? It’s a great way to exercise and unwind but bike theft can deter you from enjoying this activity as much as you want to. One of the best ways you can avoid this is by locking your bike whenever it is out of your sight.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

How to Lock Bikes to Hitch Rack – Step-By-Step

Step 1: Detach Front Wheel

The first thing you want to do is pop off your bike’s front wheel. Detach it and put it close to the rear wheel in readiness for locking.

Step 2: Secure to Rear Wheel

Now that the front wheel is detached, you want to secure it to the rear wheel and frame both of them to an immovable object like a steel rail using a “U” OR “D” lock. Next, you want to put the ‘U’ section of the lock on your rear wheel’s rim.

If the ‘U’ lock cannot fit around both wheels, use it only on the rear wheel and immovable object. This will make it impossible to pull it away.

Do not attach the U-lock to the horizontal bar between the handlebars and seat as this facilitates using the bike frame as an advantage for breaking the lock.

Step 3: For Additional Safety

If you did not remove the front wheel, you want to secure it but you want to keep in mind that the front wheel is not considered as valuable as the rear one. Still, you do not want to risk losing it to thieves.

As such, you can tie a cable lock around the bike frame and front wheel. You then want to lock the cable using a padlock or its inbuilt lock. For additional security, use another U-lock for the front wheel and frame.

Step 4: Items to Carry Separately

Detach or secure all accessories before you leave your bike. Carry other items like bells, reflectors, lights, or bags with you if you cannot secure them with a cable lock.

Step 5: Securing the Saddle

Next, you need to use a long cable to secure the saddle. Use a D-lock to secure the rear wheel to a stationary object. You should also use one end of the cable to tie the front wheel. Push the cable through your saddle’s rails to secure.

How to Lock Bikes to Hitch Rack

Tips for Preventing Bike Theft

Here are some tips to help you keep your bike from being stolen.

Pick a Busy Place

Always pick a busy area with a lot of human traffic and preferably covered by CCTV coverage. This will certainly make anyone thinking about stealing your bike nervous if they even get past the fact that they are likely to be seen.

Choose a Stationary Object

Using the strongest lock for your bike will be useless if it is not secured to a stationary object. As such, you always want to pick a solid immovable object for securing your bike.

Confirm that the bike cannot be released over whatever you attached it to or that the immovable object cannot be dismantled or unscrewed. Avoid signposts and trees.

If you decide to use metal railings, get the lock around many of them instead of just one.

Avoid Cut Bike Racks

Thieves are getting smarter and now they saw through bike racks! Once you leave your bike locked, a thief will open the cut section and make away with your bike. It is therefore important to ensure that your rack is not compromised.

Avoid Giving Clues

Wherever you are going, consider locking your bike several blocks away.  Potential thieves will be lurking around to monitor your steps and you do not want to give them an easy time. You do not want them to see you locking your bike and walking into a nearby building.

That will give them an idea about how much time they have to steal.


It is easy for your bike to get stolen especially if you are not keen enough to lock it properly. With the steps in this article in your hands, that should be easy to do, wouldn’t you agree?