Is There a Bicycle Rack for Motorcycles? Let’s Find Out

Yes, there is bicycle rack for motorcycles to carry them. Getting on the road with your motorcycle has to be one of the most exciting experiences so if you are an adrenalin junkie; you have to try it sometime.

However, having to haul your bike around can dampen everything unless you have an ingenious way of ensuring that it stays put as you speed on the highway.

A bicycle rack can do the trick, but the biggest question here has to be, is there a bicycle rack for motorcycles? You probably already know that there are racks for cars but what do you do when you have a motorcycle?

Well, you can get a motorcycle hitch carrier. Let us go straight into the types available.

Is There a Bicycle Rack for Motorcycles

Motorcycle Hitch Carrier Types

There are three types of motorcycle hitch carriers that you can use and they include:

Aluminum Frame Racks

This kind of motorcycle hitch carrier is crafted from aluminum just as the name implies. You may also want to note that it is the most popular and rightfully so. First, aluminum is a lighter and cheaper metal compared to others.

Another reason is that it is corrosion resistant making it suitable for outdoor use and off-roading.

That said; this kind of rack is not suitable for heavy-duty bikes. Some models can hold tires that are up to 5-inches wide but they will hardly be able to accommodate more than 130 pounds of weight.

Steel Frame Racks

Usually referred to as the best kind of motorcycle rack, steel frames come with a flexible strength that aluminum simply cannot match. Granted, steel is prone to corrosion because it contains iron but manufacturers usually coat such to arrest the issue.

Steel racks are heavier than aluminum ones but on the flip side, they can accommodate more weight. Even the cheapest steel rack can effortlessly support 200 pounds. The strongest can accommodate up to 800 pounds.

As you can imagine, this one will cost more but if you plan to haul your bike regularly, it is worth the investment.

Tilting Racks

This kind of hitch carrier was essentially designed in a way that lets you access your motorcycle without having to detach it hence the name. This rack will tilt at an angle thus allowing you to access the back of your motorcycle.

It tends to be heavier seeing as lower-profile racks allow you to access the back without the additional feature. Nevertheless, the tilt offers unparalleled advantages for heavy-duty bikes.

Now, the moving parts are prone to rust but with proper maintenance, they can last longer.

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Motorcycle Hitch Carriers Benefits

Here are some of the benefits that these bike racks for motorcycles come with.

They Protect your Motorcycle-By keeping your bike on a hitch carrier you get ample clearance between the motorcycle and bike.  This works to prevent dings and scratches on both surfaces. Hitch racks fitted with anti-tilt features provide added stability even when driving your motorcycle on rough terrain.

Easy to install

Contrary to what you may believe, bike racks for motorcycles are extremely easy to install. This is because most of them come with the hardware required for the install and if not, the tools you need are common and probably even in your toolbox at home.

Not only is the process simple and fast, but you also get great results for a DIY job.


Whenever you hit the road, safety is a concern and should therefore be your priority. Considering the speed of your motorcycle, having a secure way to carry your bike is paramount. A good quality bicycle rack for motorcycles guarantees your safety and that of others on the road.


The price of a hitch rack cannot be compared to that of a trailer. If you don’t have a budget for the latter, a hitch rack offers a cost-saving and convenient way of hauling your bike.

No Registration or Paperwork required

For trailers to be on the road, they need to have registration paperwork. The best part about hitch racks is that you get to transport and store stuff without worrying about your legality on the road.

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They are Lighter

Unlike trailers, bike racks come with all the storage space you could need and are lightweight. This makes them ideal for motorcycles and what’s more, you can get one at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

It may be harder to get a bicycle rack for a motorcycle than it would be to get one for a car. Now that you know what options are available, you should not have a hard time hauling your bike just because you are not doing it in a car.

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