Is driving a motorcycle hard? – Everything you need to know

Riding a motorcycle can be very entertaining. Riding a motorcycle gives you a sense of freedom an amazing experience to the rider. You can ride when going to work, for fun or just moving from any place across the country.

While it is a form of transport that has continued to be embraced by many people, a significantly number of people is still yet to learn how to ride.

driving a motorcycle hard

But, do you know that riding a motorcycle is quite simple than you can perceive it? And do you know that you do have to wait until you by a motorcycle to start learning how to ride.

Learning time

There is no specific time period that it takes to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Usually, it all depends with the ability of a person to understand the concept required in riding. However, in average, most people tend to take a period of one month to be fully acquainted with riding bikes.

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Why learn to ride a motorcycle

People have their personal reasons for learning how to drive a motorcycle. However, here are some common reasons:

Like any other means of transport, motorcycles are widely used for moving from one place to the other.

Motorcycles are widely preferred because they allow easy maneuvering from place to place especially when operating in a city that constantly experiences traffic problems.

Motorcycles are a form of entertainment where people ride a recreational activity.

Some professions use motorcycles to make stunts which are used for entertaining other. These people too start with beginner levels before they can become train more to become stunt stars.

Requirement for learning how to ride

Before you can begin to train how to ride a motorcycle, you should first ensure that you are of the right age and with the right documents from the relevant govern agencies.

Secondly, you buy various gears required when riding a motorcycle including a helmet, gloves, boots, hearing protection, and reflector jacket.

Step 1: familiarization

The first step to learning how to ride a motorcycle is to familiarize with the fundamental controls on a motorcycle.


found on the right hand side and it is used to control the speed of the bike. This tool acts like the gas pedal, because the more you press it the faster the bike moves.

Brakes: Motorcycles have separate breaks for front and rear wheel. The front brakes are found near the throttle while the rear wheel brakes lever is found near the right foot peg.

Shift lever

used for shifting and found at the position of the left foot.


like vehicles, the dashboard has the speedometer, neutral indicator and tachometer.


used by the rider to see what is in the rare

Starting the bike

The first step is to insert the key and turn on. Usually, when the motorcycle is off, the gear is at the neutral position. After you turn on using the key, then turn the kill switch on and then press the starter button. You will hear the engine start and immediately the tachometer will rise.

As you start moving, you should release the clutch. As you release the clutch, you will realize that the bike is moving faster and faster.

Just like in a vehicle, you are required to engage the clutch before you can switch the gears from the neutral position to the drive gear.

Shift the gears in order to boost the level of speed of your motorcycle.

Engaging the up shift and downshift, you will be required press in and press up when shifting up and down respectively.

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Braking to a stop

You also have to learn how to brake when you reach the places stipulated by the law such as zebra crossing or when you reach your destination.

Braking suddenly can make the bike to flip, therefore it is important to understand how to press the gears.

When you want to stop, you are required to roll the throttle, which will help to cut on the speed and pull clutch lever in

Then you will be required to press the front wheel brake lever and the rear break lever simultaneously but gradually.

Unlike widely advised by some people, that rear brake is important for bringing the bike to a halt.

First-time experience

As a beginner, when you are releasing the clutch, you are likely to experience your motorcycle jacking forward. Additionally, you may stall the bike several times.

But, do not worry, because you will eventually learn how to do every thing right.

Safety measures

Riding a motorcycle can very dangerous, and even at times more dangerous as compared to vehicle. This is why it is always advisable to ensure you adhere to the safety rules of riding motor cycles.

Firstly, you should ensure that your motorcycle is in a good condition. The gears, the engine, the wheels and other parts should be working properly to ensure safe rides.

As a rider, you also have a responsibility of keeping safe. Firstly, you should have your helmet on whenever you are on riding,

And secondly, you should ensure that you ride within the speed limits stipulated in laws of the land.

Ensuring safety when driving is not only important for avoiding dangers but also for avoiding facing traffic lawsuits.

Motorcycle learners permit

States have varying age limits for people who want to ride a motorcycle. In addition to a trying permit, some states also requires the fully qualified riders to have a riding permit, to allow them to drive in any part of the country.

However, the laws and regulations of riding a motorcycle vary widely, therefore the need for inquiring with the local administration.


It is important to understand that riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous, therefore the need to take all the safety measures very seriously.

Do not underestimate the risks associated with riding a motorcycle because most of the accidents are fatal because of the fact that the body of the rider largely acts as the body of the motorcycle.

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