Is A Truck Considered A Car? What Are The Types Of Truck And Car?

A car is a vehicle designed to carry passengers mainly while a truck is engineered to carry cargo. Both a car and a truck are used as modes of transportation. But sometimes the word car is substituted with the word vehicle. Therefore in turn calling a truck a car.

Technical Differences

Both a truck and a car has unique features and functional abilities making them technically different.

Is A Truck Considered A Car

A truck has limited passenger carrying capacity and is specifically designed to carry cargos. A car, on the other hand, is fitted with seats that are optimized to carry passengers and has limited luggage space.

Because trucks basically carry luggage, they are constructed strong and most times quite big and heavier.

Varying Number of Wheels

Whereas cars are mainly four-wheelers, but most trucks have a varying number of wheels ranging from three-wheelers to up to hundreds of wheels. The number of wheels depends on how many trailers it has. The more the trailers, the more the wheels.

The advantage of a truck is that it is sturdily built and can go to places that a car cannot be driven.

However, when it breaks down it is so hard to pull it. It is also a bit challenging to pack trucks because of their size. Most trucks cannot be packed in a normal traditional home garage.


Cars are specially designed to carry people. Of course, some people use them to carry also their pets.

Therefore cars are engineered with heating and air conditioning systems, entertainment, seat belts for all the passengers, comfortable seats, and bottle holders among other features.

There are many categories of cars. Some cars are designed for special functions and fall under the category of specialized cars.

We have vans and buses that are designed as mainly commercial or institution cars and carry many people. We also have specialized cars like race cars which are made with special features for racing.

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They are vehicles designed to carry stuff, so-called cargo. We have many types of cargo. Some trucks are specifically designed to service local stores and will carry goods like milk, bread, refrigerated meats and goods, and other stuff.

Other trucks are used as moving vehicles or goods transportation vehicles and will carry furniture and other home appliances like fridges and washing machines.

Other trucks carry cargo across states or neighboring nations. Most trucks have a very limited sitting capacity for only the driver and another passenger.

There are different types of trucks including fire trucks, food trucks, pickups among others.

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Similarities between Cars and Trucks?

A car and a truck are both motorized vehicles, meaning they have wheels which operate on roads and not rails and are driven by a driver on the steering wheel.

Classification of cars and trucks

There is no standard classification of cars or trucks.

There are so many categories of cars and new inventions are being launched into the market annually. Governments, car sellers, car rental companies, insurance companies, shipping companies, and other private organizations all use different classifications systems.

Vehicles are classified for the sake of record keeping, issuing road licenses, taxation, branding, sales and marketing and sales commissions among other reasons.

Different countries and states may have different classification systems.

The most common classification systems use either engine powers, passenger carrying capacity, or the size or weight of the vehicle.

Types of Cars

Cars have many classifications. Some agencies classify cars as small, medium, family, estate and multipurpose cars.

Other organizations classify cars as being Economy cars, Compact Cars, Midsize Cars, Standard Cars, Full-Size Cars, Premium Cars, Luxury Cars, Van Cars, Sports Cars, and Convertible Cars.

Though there are many ways of classifying cars, following is a discussion of common classes of cars.


A hatchback car is a vehicle with a rear hatch-type door that opens upwards. There are two categories of hatchbacks, four-door hatchbacks, and two-door hatchbacks. Examples of hatchback cars include Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Swift.

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A Multipurpose Vehicle (MPV)

It is also known as a Multi-Utility Vehicle (MUV). It has features offering more comfort to passengers.

It is very ideal for families. Datsun GO+, Maruti Suzuki Omni, are examples of MPVs.


A sedan is a saloon car that is generally a passenger car with four doors. Usually, it can vary in terms of length, size, and volume but the engine is usually in the front and trunk in the back. Examples of Sedans include a Hyundai Elantra and a Maruti Suzuki Ciaz.

A Sports Utility Vehicle(SUV)

It is a stylish, powerful automobile. It is fitted with a four-wheel drive and therefore suitable for rough road driving. The car is big in size and engineered with a body-on-frame chassis.

Land Rover Discovery Sport and Mahindra Thar are good examples of SUVs.

A Convertible Car

Is a vehicle that has an option for an open-air or enclosed roofing system. Car makes in this category include Audi A3 Cabriolet.

A Crossover Utility Vehicle(CUV) 

It combines features of a hatchback and SUV. The body and frame are constructed as one piece using unibody architecture technology. Examples of CUVs include Volvo S60, Cross Country and Hyundai i20 Active.

A Coupe 

It is designed as a sporty car. It is a four-wheeler with a fixed roof and most times has a limited sitting capacity of only 2 seats. It is sometimes a horse-drawn carriage.

Car makes in this category include Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, Audi R8 and Ford Mustang.

Types of Trucks

Trucks are mainly classified by weight and fall into four main categories, namely heavy trucks, medium trucks, light trucks, and Special Trucks.

Therefore you can find for example different fire trucks falling into three classifications of heavy, medium and light trucks. It depends on their weight because the classifications are based on the weight of the truck.

Light trucks

In the USA, they include trucks that weigh not more than 6350kgs. Light trucks include pickups, minivans, tow trucks, sports utility vehicles among other trucks.

Medium trucks

In the USA, they include cars that weigh more than 6,350kgs but less than 11,794kgs. They include vans, fire trucks and basically any category of vehicle fitting the medium truck weight.

Heavy trucks

These are trucks that weigh above 11,793kgs. They include most of the vehicles you will find in the medium category but a heavier version. Some models of heavy trucks include tractor unit, cement mixers, mobile cranes, tank trucks, fire trucks among others.

Special Trucks/ Very heavy trucks and transporters

The special trucks such as heavy haulers and mining haul trucks are off-road and usually require a special permit to be on the road. They fall under a special classification called Very heavy trucks and transporters.

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