How to Install LED Shop Lights in Garage?

Your garage or workshop is a useless space if it is not well-illuminated. If you have installed fluorescent lights in this area, you could always replace them with LED shop lights for various reasons.

It could be to lower your energy costs, provide you with different color temperatures, or give you the instant brightness you have been yearning for. Whichever the case, 8 foot led light fixtures would be an excellent addition to your garage.

If you are thinking about the installation of the 4 foot or 8 foot led lights may give you a hard time, we are here for you. This article will provide you with a simple step-by-step guide on setting up LED lights in your garage.

How to Install LED Shop Lights in Garage

How to Install Garage LED Shop Lights in 4 Easy Steps

Here are the 4 easy steps to set-up LED lights in your garage space. We have ensured not to skip any step so that, when the time comes, you will do everything correctly.

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Step 1: Identify the Hanging Point

The first thing is LED shop lights are typically hang on a hook with chains. Therefore, you can identify the hanging point by measuring the gap between the two sets of chains.

Step 2: Installing the Hook

Once you have identified the ideal point to set up the LED shop lights. You are ready to install the hook. Find a drill that has a similar diameter to the plastic expansion tube. Then use the drill to create the hole needed to install the hook.

Ensure that you drill vertically. And you should do it only once since excessive drilling may lead to the development of cracks.

With the hole in place, you can now insert the tube before screwing the hook into the ceiling and fixing it in place.

Step 3: Connecting to A Source of Power

The next step involves connecting the lights to a power supply. When you take a close look at your LED shop lights’ side, you’ll notice a power supply jack.

Take one end of the cable line and insert it into this jack.

Step 4: Stick it To the Ceiling

We are now in the final stage of the installation, whereby you should place the two sets of chains onto the hook. If you notice that they haven’t been fixed properly, make the necessary adjustments until you are sure the chains have been firmly held in place.

Once you are sure they are in place, it is now safe to connect to the power supply. Turn on the lights you have been dreaming of.

Take your time and observe the lighting, and if you notice something isn’t right, don’t hesitate to repeat the procedure all over again.

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Wrapping It Up

As you can see, installing 8 foot, 4 foot or any size LED shop lights in your workshop is not as complicated as it may sound. The steps are pretty straightforward, and not many tools are needed to complete the project. And once you set up the shop lights properly, you can now enjoy the benefits that LED lights are known to have.

Your garage will be brighter, while the electricity bills will be some of the lowest you have ever incurred.

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