How to Put a Bike Rack on a Prius in 3 Simple Way

The Toyota Prius is among the many vehicles that allow you to mount a bike rack on. But how do you put a bike rack on a Prius? And where exactly can you carry bikes on your Prius?

Well, there are generally three places where you can realistically carry your bikes. These include on the trunk lid, on the hitch, and upon the roof.

That said, below is a step-by-step guide on how to install a bike rack of your choice on a Prius. Check them out.

How to Put a Bike Rack on a Prius

How to Put Trunk Mountable Bike Racks on a Prius

The process of installing a trunk mountable rack on your Toyota Prius is pretty simple. These types of racks are easy to fit and simple to uninstall when you don’t need them.

So, here are the steps on how to do the installation.

Step One: Get the Right Trunk Rack

The first thing to do is get the right trunk bike rack that fits your Prius. This is because different trunk racks are designed to fit various models of Toyota Prius.

Generally, there are fit guides online that you can use to confirm if the rack is a perfect fit for your car.

Step Two: Read the Manual

Every rack is different. Therefore, the installation instructions may slightly differ, especially when it comes to strapping setup.

Step Three: Adjust the Rack’s Feet

Start by adjusting the feet so that they sit comfortably against the trunk. However, the upper feet of the rack should rest upon the trunk.

The bottom feet, on the other hand, should sit just below the license plate and against the bumper.

Step Four: Install the Straps

Start by taking one of the top straps and poke it at the top of the trunk. Make sure to pull it tight and do the same thing with the other side of the rack.

Next, attach the bottom strap. This strap should go to the bottom of your Prius’ trunk. You can then attach one strap over the side of the trunk. And make sure to pull it a little tight but not too tight because you still need to install the other side.

Step Five: Retighten the Straps

Once all the straps are attached, the next thing is to get them really tight on. Make sure to recheck and then retighten every strap around the entire rack to ensure the rack is sturdily fixed.

And that’s it!

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How to Put Hitch Mountable Racks on a Prius

How to Put Hitch Mountable Racks on a Prius

These types of racks utilize hitch tubes or drawbars to enable users to strap their bikes on frames. Unfortunately, this style is quite expensive, but it’s not hard to install.

Below are steps on how to mount the rack:

Step One: Fit the Hitch Receiver and Hitch Tube

The first thing is to install a hitch receiver on your Prius if it does not come with one. Then, fit the bike rack hitch tube into the receiver.

Step Two: Install the Hitch Mount Rack

Having already installed the hitch tube, the next step is to mount the rack. Simply slide the rack arm into your vehicle’s hitch mount. Then line up the hole in the receiver with the hole in the hitch mount.

Next, screw the bolt all the way in and tightening it with a wrench. And lastly, insert the pin into the bolt to lock it in place.

How to Put a Roof Rack on a Prius

How to Put a Roof Rack on a Prius

Roof-mounted racks are fitted on the vehicle’s roof. However, depending on the type of rack, you may have to remove the bike’s front tire during transportation. That said, here is how to go about the installation.

Step One: Assemble the Rails

The Toyota Prius does not come with raised roof rails. Therefore, you will need to install the rails first by screwing together the crossbars.

To install the rails, you will need to drill holes into the roof or use the pre-existing mount holes. Next, insert the self-sealing screws into the end of each rail and tighten then tighten the rack system to the car.

Step Two: Attach the Rack Mounts

After assembling the roof rails, the next thing to do is to clamp the mounts onto your vehicle’s crossbars. Make sure to start from the rear and working forward.

Step Three: Mount the Bike Rack

When you have successfully mounted the mounts, you should then proceed to mount the bike rack. The rack should look centered and tightly fitted so that it does not shift or loosen when shaken.

Final Words

Knowing how to put a bike rack on a Prius correctly will save you a lot of money in the long run. But of course, you need to invest in the right bike rack for Prius first.

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