How to Measure your Light Bar? Which Inch Light Bar Your Car/truck Need?

Whatever kind of vehicle you have, a light bar is an invaluable accessory when it comes to illuminating poorly-lit areas while driving.

However, you need to get the right size if you want to enjoy all the benefits that come with this vehicle accessory.

How to Measure your Light Bar

How do you Measure your Light Bar?

To get the right size light bar, you need to take measurements. Now, this will depend on where you will be installing the light bar. If you will be mounting it in front, you want to measure the space available there and proceed to pick a style that fits your car.

Bullbar mounts usually come in widths between six to thirty inches.

If you will be mounting the light to a crossbar or roof rack, use measuring tape to establish how much space you have.

The goal here is to get the widest and brightest illumination possible so a bigger roof-mounted light bar would be ideal.

What Inch Light Bar Does your Vehicle Need?

Size is one of the most crucial considerations you need to make when purchasing a light bar for your vehicle.

What you need to keep in mind is that the larger the light bar you get, the more bulbs you have and that translates into more light and brightness.

LED light bars range in size from 4 to 50 inches. You get to choose depending on how much brightness you want.

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Final Thoughts

Size matters when it comes to light bars. If you have a smaller vehicle, go for a smaller light bar and vice versa. That is how you get to make the most out of these car accessories.

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