How to Build a Bike Rack for Truck Bed In 9 Easy Steps

While you can throw your bike into the back of your truck bed, it’s not the right way to treat your bike. This is because bikes can easily get banged up and scratched if not secured properly in the truck bed.

The good news? There are so many bikes rack options available for truck beds. However, most of them are quite expensive and heavy.

But don’t worry because assembling truck bed bike rack is easy with only PVC pipes. And in this guide, we will look at the steps on how to build a bike rack for truck bed.

How to Build a Bike Rack for Truck Bed

How to Build a Bike Rack for Truck Bed

Step One: Collect the Supplies

Before you start building the bike rack for your car, you will need to collect the materials and tools needed ahead of time. You can find these supplies at most home improvement stores or even a hardware store. These supplies include:

  • 30- feet of 1-inch 40 PVC
  • Sandpaper
  • A hacksaw or power miter saw
  • PVC pipe cement
  • 90-degree connectors (elbows)
  • Several T-connectors
  • Spray paint

Step Two: Measure and Cut your PVC Pipes

Once you have all the materials needed for the project, the next step is to cut the PVC pipes. Basically, you will need to cut the pipes into different lengths using a hacksaw.

Of course, these lengths will vary depending on the size of your truck bed. Then, using sandpaper, clean each end of the pipe to get rid of potential burrs.

Step Three: Put the Pipes Together

Next up, you will need to assemble the frame by putting the pipes together. Start by assembling 6 pipe sections using one T-connector. You can choose to begin with an 18 – 1/2-inch pipe and put aconnector.

After that, get a 9 – 1/2 -inch piece and add aconnector. Make sure to do the same thing with the rest of the PVC pipes and connectors.

When you are done with that, pick two end pieces of the pipes and connect them with a 90-degree elbow. Just make sure to follow the same process you did with the T-connectors.

Step Four: Assemble the Paired Sections

The next thing to do is to put the paired sections above together. The pieces should basically be fixed at the center of each paired section.

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Step Five: Layout the Support Section Pairs

Now it is time to construct the support sections using an 8 – 1/2-inch piece. Then, adda connector and use the rest of the PVC pipes as horizontals. For the 90-degree elbows, they should be strategically placed on the corners.

Step Six: Construct the Support Structure

At this point, you have already put together the structure for support as well as the main structure. So, all you need to do is connect them.

Step Seven: Test the Bike Rack

Before gluing anything, you must test the bike rack by placing it on the bed of your truck. If it does not fit properly, adjust the angles of the elbows and Ts until you get the best fit.

But if the fit is correct, then you can go ahead and apply PVC cement around the tube. Simply disconnect the tubing but do it one piece at a time. Then, brush your glue on the ends, and put it back in position.

Step Eight: Customize the Rack

Once you are done with gluing, the rack will already be complete. Therefore, you can go ahead and assemble it in the bed of your pick up or truck.

However, you can also choose to customize the rack with spray paint of your choice.

Step Nine: Secure the Rack on the Truck Bed

When the paint has dried up, you can use bungee cords and bed hooks to fasten the rack in your truck bed. And lastly, set the bike in place.

Final Words on Building a Bike Rack for Truck Bed

It is not advisable to throw bikes onto the bed of the truck as they could get damaged. Fortunately, if you know how to build a bike rack for truck bed, you can save a lot of money. You just need to find the right tools and materials for the job.

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