How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Door?

There are many factors that go into replacing a car door. The final decision on what system will suit you largely depends on your budget, the make, and model of your car and how much time you have on hand. Replacing a car door in a Toyota Model is much cheaper than doing it in a Mercedes Benz.

Your insurance or the insurance of the other car may cover the cost fully or partly if the replacement is as a result of your car having been involved in a car accident. On the other hand, if the replacement is due to the car being worn out, then you may be required to fund the project fully.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Door

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Car Door?

3 Main Steps

There are three main steps to replacing a car door. The first step is purchasing a substitute door. When you get the replacement door, check to ensure that it is a total fit for your car. The next step is fitting the door back in the car by first removing the old door and fixing all the gadgets. Then last but not least is painting works. And don’t forget that your old door can fetch you a little money in a scrap metal shop.

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How to Go About Fixing Your Car Door

There are three main ways you can use to replace a car door. The method you choose has its own advantages and disadvantages. Also, the method you choose will determine the final expenses you will incur on replacing the door.

Using a Car Dealer

This may be the most convenient option as far as replacing your car door is concerned. They will take care of most of the headaches for you. All you will need to do is deliver the car, and then you will be given a date or hour to pick your car when the job is completed.

It is also the fastest and most straightforward option.

Therefore if your insurance is bearing most of the cost, or you have a high budget, then it is better to take your car to the dealer.

The Dealer

If you choose to use a dealer, you will be saved the trouble of shopping for proper door replacement for your car. Also, though the door from the dealer will be more expensive than buying from other sources, the door will be a perfect fit. Therefore there is no much risk unlike using a car body shop or doing the replacement yourself.

The other advantage of a dealer is that they have a lot of experience in handling your special car needs because they deal with your make and model of car on a daily basis. They, therefore, have experience. They may also have doors and other accessories needed in their warehouse.

Using a Car Body Shop

If you have a tight budget, then you can consider using a local car body shop. Using this option requires sourcing a replacement door from junk stores, online shops, individuals and other car body shops.

The main challenge of shopping for a second-hand car door is finding a precise size and model that perfectly fits your car.

Experience Matters

Also, though they are professionals, a car body shop may have little or no experience in fixing your make or model of car. They may therefore not have accessories to replace your door. They may give you the option of purchasing the door and other accessories yourself or giving them some time to do so.

Therefore if your budget is a bit more flexible but you still want to cut costs, then get a list of all the accessories you need and purchase them preferably from the dealer and then take them to the car body shop for your car to be fixed. Car body shops are much more affordable than dealer shops.

Replacing the Door Yourself

Doing the job yourself will save you labor costs only. Also how much time do you have at hand?

You will be required to learn quite a lot about car doors and this requires time. You need basic knowledge on what type of hinges your car has? Is your door fitted with a strap? How to do door wiring and the risk of short circuits?

If you have never replaced a car door yourself, consider using the services of a professional mechanic.

Fixing your door may be taking a risk. Risks are expensive in the long run.

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Going Professional Benefits

It is important that your door is fixed professionally. If the door is not set up well, it will lead to more damage and it will end up being expensive in the long run because you will still be required to consult a professional, after all.

You could start gaining experience by observing the whole procedure and processes so that you can be in a better position of doing it the next time you need the same service.

Gadgets and Accessories’ List

But should you decide to fix the door, first start by making a list of all the gadgets and accessories you need. This includes the shell door, windows, locks, screws, and paint among others. You also need a fully equipped tool set kit. You require a socket set, a spanner set, and thread locking fluid.

You will also need a helper to hold the door for you during removing of the old door and fixing of the new door.

But since you are not a professional, it may be inconveniencing because you may take much longer than if it was fixed by a professional mechanic.

New Door vs. Second-Hand Door

You have a choice on whether to replace your door with a new door or a second-hand model. If your aim is to save on the overall cost, then you may decide to buy a second-hand replacement door.

The Costs of Replacing a Car Door

The main costs include the cost of the door, the cost of the paint and labor. The final cost will be determined by the make and model of your vehicle.

A door shell may cost between $ 100 to $850 depending on the vehicle make and model, and whether it is new or second hand. Factor in labor, painting and other accessories. Therefore, your budget should be between $500 and $1000.

Also, the cost may go up if your door needs tinted windows, power locks, power windows, and other gadgets.

If you are using a second-hand door as a replacement, you will most likely be required to paint both your car and the door too, so that the colors can match and look the same.

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