Are Halogen or LED Lights Better?

We cannot have the conversation around our cars’ safety without mentioning the role of headlights in this aspect. In essence, they are your eyes while on the road at night, and without them, you cannot tell what is ahead of you.

When choosing the perfect headlights for the vehicle, many car owners are torn between LED and halogen units, wondering which is the best pick for their machine.

If this subject bothers you too, you are in the right place as we shall help you distinguish between these two types of headlights. In the end, you will be in a position to determine which one works for you.

Are Halogen or LED Lights Better

Halogen Vs. LED Lights

Of these two units, Halogen lights were the first ones in the market back in the 60s when modern technologies had not been introduced in the sector. They were pretty popular due to their affordability and providing the right amount of visibility as needed.

They operate by heating up the filament, a thin wire made of materials with a high melting point.

Since they give out a lot of energy in the form of heat, Halogen units tend to heat up fast. In addition to that, they have a low luminous efficiency ranging between 2%-4%. This means that the amount of light that they give out is too small for the power they consume.

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LED Lights

On the other hand, LED lights are relatively new entrants in the market and are highly preferred by drivers since they are bright yet consume very little power. Then, their luminous efficiency ranges between 40%-50%, making them more efficient than their Halogen counterparts.

Most LEDs have heat sinks and cooling fans to lower their temperature and this, in turn, gives them a longer lifespan by up to 20 times longer than Halogen units.

Final Verdict

Based on the brief comparison above, it is easy to see that LED units are better options than Halogens. They may be bulkier and more expensive, but they outdo Halogen units in many other vital aspects. They need less power to light up and will serve you for a lifetime. So, you’ll get full value for your money with the LEDs and won’t regret investing in them.

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