How Much Does It Cost to Install a Light Bar?

Over the past few years, you must have heard a lot of talk about light bars and the benefits that they may have. And if you have been lucky enough, you have come across a truck whereby this fixture has been installed.

Now that the light bar madness has caught up with you, making you buy one for your vehicle, you must now be wondering if you can install it by yourself. Is it easy? How much will it cost to install?

Well, we have the answer for you. Keep reading to find out everything about light bars and how much it will cost to install one on your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Light Bar

What is a Light Bar?

In simple terms, a light bar on a car is a bar comprising several led lights and may light up the front or the back of the vehicle.

The term led stands for light-emitting diode, a semiconductor diode designed to project light forward as electroluminescence when electricity is applied to it.

Led lights have grown in popularity over time due to their efficiency, producing more light than the traditional incandescent light bulbs.

How Much Will Installing a Light Bar Cost?

According to our research, the cost of installing a light bar ranges between $240 and $480, giving us an average of $360. The price depends on the type of light bar you are installing and the location where the process is being done.

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How to Install Light Bars on Cars

Contrary to popular belief, installing a light bar on your vehicle is not a complicated process. Provided you have all the necessary tools in place, you should be done with the process within no time.

The simple 6 steps are as follows:

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Disconnect the Battery

Before you embark on the process, your safety should be the top priority. So, you should first disconnect the battery before you start messing around with the vehicle’s electrical system.

Installing the Wiring Harness

Next, install the wiring harness in the engine bay before estimating the ideal direction for your wiring to point.

Choose the Location for the Light Bar

Here, a double-sided tape would enable you to mount the light bar into its most appropriate position. Ideally, it should be centered,which you should be sure of before you start drilling.

Drilling the Holes

Select the bit that will deliver holes of the right size without damaging your car. The process is relatively easy, and once you are done, put the bolt in and connect everything properly. This includes connecting the negative and positive wires to the light bar before passing through the firewall and, lastly, to the on/off switch.


In this step, take the negative and positive wires and connect them to the battery. It is vital that you find a ground for the negative wire to ensure that the current flow is as it should.

Examine your Work

Lastly, reconnect your battery and then test the light bar to be working. If everything is set, you are now ready to enjoy the light that your led provides.

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Final Word

Now that we have pointed out the amount you will incur to install a light bar on your vehicle, you can plan your finances accordingly to install the fixture uninterrupted. Always take utmost care not to damage your car so that you do not incur unnecessary extra costs.

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