Do Light Bars Need Covers?

Yes, you need cover for your light bar but if you like off-roading or driving in the night, you will need auxiliary lighting because your headlights cannot provide enough illumination under such conditions.

The auxiliary lighting comes in the form of light bars which are extremely bright and because of that, they can distract other drivers on the road which can lead to accidents.

Do Light Bars Need Covers

What does the Law State?

Perhaps you do not know this, but it is illegal to drive on a public road with light bars on. Even when they are turned off, you are still required to have them covered to ensure that they do not cause distractions when accidentally turned on.

That said, light bars are regulated according to states and while we are not going to cover each state’s laws, there are two common regulations.

The first one allows light bars mounted within certain height limits not to be covered. Generally, the lights need to be mounted within your vehicle’s headlight.

The other regulation concerning additional lighting from light bars states that any lamps that are not sanctioned brake lights, turn signals, and headlights must be covered when driving on public roads.

Irrespective of the number or height, any auxiliary light bar mounted on a vehicle has to be covered. Failure to do that can results to fining.

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Bottom Line

There is no doubt that light bars bring the functionality and brightness you need when off-roading or driving under dark conditions. However, they pose a safety threat and that is why it is illegal to have them on public roads.

Still, you need to have them covered because they can accidentally come one and distract other road users.