Crown Vic Bolt Pattern (1992 – 2011)

Ahh, the Crown Vic. We have all come to either love them or hate them for various reasons. They are a reliable workhorse of a vehicle and are powered by the now-legendary 4.6L Ford V8. While it may be great to be behind the wheel of a Crown Vic, it’s not so great when you see one of them in your rear-view mirror with its lights on. If you own one of these vehicles, you are eventually going to need to know the Crown Vic bolt pattern. 

All Ford Crown Victorias and Mercury Grand Marquis have the same 5×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm) Crown Vic bolt pattern and have a 2.78 inches (70.6mm) center bore. The Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis uses 5 lug nuts that have a thread size of M12 x 1.75. The lug nuts on these cars have to be tightened to 95 ft lbs. 

The information above does not tell you everything that you need to know. Sure, it’s useful, but if you are going to be doing any serious work on your car, you are going to need to know more than just the Crown Vic bolt pattern.

So, outlined the bolt pattern in more detail for each generation below. We will also tell you the exact lug nuts that you need for the Crown Vic and Grand Marquise. After that, we are going to cover the torque specifications of the bolts and the center bore. Finally, we will explore the tire and rim options for each generation’s engine configurations.

Crown Vic Bolt Pattern

Crown vic bolt pattern

Tables are always a convenient way to consume information that contains lots of numbers. So, we made some tables for you to take a look at below. The information on the tables is an easy way to reference all the figures that relate to the Ford Crown Vic bolt pattern. After that, we will dive into more information regarding tire and rim size options for a particular engine configuration. 

Year RangeBolt PatternCenter BoreLug NutsThread SizeTorque Specification
1992 – 19975×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm)2.78 inches (70.6mm) 5M12 x 1.7595 ft lbs
1998 – 20115×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm)2.78 inches (70.6mm)5M12 x 1.7595 ft lbs
crown vic bolt pattern

Wheel Fitment Specifications Per Generation

It’s nice to know the Crown Vic bolt pattern, but if you plan on properly fitting a wheel on your car, then you are going to need to know a lot more than that. There are things like center bore, wheel size, tire size, and rim size to keep up with. So, below we took the time to outline all of these things below 

1992 – 1997  

If you have one of the 190 HP 4.6L V8 Crown Vics, then it uses either a 215/70R15, 215/70R15, 225/60R16, or 215/70R15 tire size along with a rim size of either 6.5Jx15 ET12, 6.5Jx15 ET11.4, 7Jx16 ET6.4, or 6.5Jx15 ET8.9. 

Engine SizeHorse PowerTire SizesRim SizesBolt Pattern
4.6L V8190 HP215/70R15, 215/70R15, 225/60R16, 215/70R156.5Jx15 ET12, 6.5Jx15 ET11.4, 7Jx16 ET6.4, 6.5Jx15 ET8.9 5×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm)

1998 – 2011 

For this generation, if your Crown Vic has the 200 HP 4.6L V8, then it uses a tire size of either 225/60R16 or 225/60R16, and a rim size of 7Jx16 ET26.4 or 7Jx16 ET6. 

The more powerful 220 HP 4.6L V8 Crown Vic uses a tire size of 225/60R16, 235/55R17, or 225/60R16, mounted to either a 7Jx16 ET26.4, 7Jx17 ET12, or 7Jx16 ET6 rim. 

The 224 HP version, on the other hand, uses a tire size of 225/60R16, 225/60 R17, 235/55R17, or 235/55R17. Rim sizes for this version are 7Jx16 ET45, 7Jx16 ET54, 7Jx17 ET54, and 7.5Jx17

Engine SizeHorse PowerTire SizesRim SizesBolt Pattern
4.6L V8200 HP225/60R16, 225/60R167Jx16 ET26.4, 7Jx16 ET65×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm)
4.6L V8220 HP225/60R16, 235/55R17, 225/60R167Jx16 ET26.4, 7Jx17 ET12, 7Jx16 ET65×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm)
4.6L V8224 HP225/60R16, 225/60 R17, 235/55R17, 235/55R177Jx16 ET45, 7Jx16 ET54, 7Jx17 ET54, 7.5Jx175×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm)

Properly Tightening The Bolts

All Ford Crown Vics use 5 lug nuts that you have to tighten in a specific criss-cross pattern. These lug nuts also have to be tightened to a specific torque level. This info, of course, is something that you can find in your Crown Vic user manual, but we put it here for you for the sake of convenience. 

The very first step when it comes to tightening your Ford Crown Vic lug nuts is to do so only half way with a basic hand wrench first. Make sure to not tighten them all the way, because if you do, it will be hard to get them all tightened properly. Another thing to consider is the fact that tightening them down in the wrong order could be dangerous as it could cause serious vibration and alignment issues.

After that, you have to use a torque wrench to the appropriate ft lbs. Make sure to do this in a criss cross pattern to 95 ft lbs. Again, if you simply tighten your lug nuts radially, you could run into serious issues later. 

Also, make sure to perform a lug nut loosening test. This is done by driving for around 30 miles and then checking the torque on all of your lug nuts. If any of them come loose, tighten them back down again and drive for another 30 miles or so. If any of your lug nuts are loose after the second test, then there is some bad news. That means that your rim is warped and is no longer safe to drive on and needs to be replaced. 

Rotating Ford Crown Vic Tires 

Generally speaking, tires last about 75 thousand miles or so. Now, keep in mind, that e mate is with normal driving. You should rotate your tires way before your tires need to be replaced. In fact, if you rotate your tires, they will last a lot longer than they otherwise would have been able to. 

For the Ford Crown Vic, it’s best to rotate its tires about every 7,500 miles (5000 miles if you drive like a mad man). The good news is that rotating your tires is really easy to do. All you have to do is move the tires from the left side of the car to the right side of the car while also swapping them front to back. 

Most people don’t realize it, but time is something that wears out tires, too. As soon as they leave the factory, rubber tires are slowly breaking down. Eventually, air and moisture has its way with it and the tire needs to be replaced. So, if your tires are older than 5 years old, you should replace them regardless of how many miles are on them.


The Crown Vic is a high-performance full-size sedan. After all, it has the same engine found in the Ford Mustang GT.  Regardless of how powerful or reliable it is, there will come a time where you will need to know the Crown Vic bolt pattern.

All generations of the Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis, have the same Crown Vic bolt pattern of 5×4.5 inches (5×114.3mm). The center bore for this vehicle is 2.78 inches (70.6mm) . Both the Crown Vic and Mercury Grand Marquis use 5 lug nuts that have a thread size of M12 x 1.75. The lug nuts on these cars have to be tightened to 95 ft lbs. 

We hope this article helped you learn everything that you needed to know about the Crown Vic bolt pattern. Thanks for reading!

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