Ceramic Coatings: What is it? Benefits? Types?

We all want our cars to serve us for years on the roads. That is why most people would go the extra mile to wash and maintain their cars every day.

However, washing your car alone cannot remove all the dirt, stains, swirls, and chips on its surface. You need something that can prevent all these and make your car shiny all day.

There is a product that you can apply on your car surface and make it hassle-free to clean. It is called ceramic coating, and in this article, we let you know all about these ceramic coatings so that you make the right choice when you go shopping for one.

Ceramic Coatings

What is ceramic coatings for cars?

Ceramic coating, also called nano-ceramic coating is a type of liquid polymer that you can apply to your vehicle interior or exterior surface. The liquid has active Silicone Dioxide and other chemical compounds that bond with the vehicle paint to create a protective layer.

Ceramic coating, when applied the right way, can last longer and protect the car surfaces from stains, dirt, and chipping. It creates a permanent or semi-permanent ultra-thin layer that protects your car exterior from physical damage.

Most people confuse ceramic coating with paint protection film, wax, and sealants. While a paint protection film provides a more comprehensive protection to the vehicle painting, a ceramic coating is more durable.

You don’t have to apply a ceramic coating on your car exterior after every few months.

Should I use ceramic coating on my car?

Is ceramic coating suitable for your vehicle? This is the question that most people ask when they shop for a ceramic coating. Well, a ceramic coat can do a lot for your car surface than you think.

Apart from protecting the car paint from environmental hazards like excess sunlight and dirt, it also makes your vehicle more appealing on the road.

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Benefits of ceramic coatings

Removes the need for car wax

Ceramic coating, when applied the right way, can last longer than ordinary car wax. Car wax requires regular application to protect the car paint from stains and abrasion.

A car ceramic coating is resistant to abrasion and corrosion, which makes it the most suitable solution for a vehicle driven in harsh weather and roads.

Also, a ceramic coating is hydrophobic, which means it is resistant to water. It repels water that comes into contact with the car paint, making it dry all day. It is much easier to maintain, clean, and dry the car once you have applied a ceramic coating on its surface.


At first buying and applying a ceramic coating on your car may sound a bit expensive. However, when you compare the longevity and the overall protection it offers on your vehicle, you realize how cost-effective it is.

It only takes less than six months for a car wax to wear off completely. However, a ceramic coating can last the entire lifetime of a car if you apply it the right way.

With a ceramic coating, you can save a lot of money that you use to buy car wax regularly for your car paint.

Additionally, a ceramic coating lasts longer on your car exterior surface, which saves you on the cost of regular maintenance. Once you have applied a ceramic coating on the vehicle, you won’t be washing it regularly.

Lasts longer than your conventional vehicle coatings

A nano-ceramic coating remains active on your vehicle exterior for the longest time compared to the traditional vehicle coating.

The ceramic coating gets infused on the surface of the car and becomes part of the painting. This way, it is difficult for external force and car vibrations to dislodge or weaken it. The strong chemical bonds in the liquid polymer make it hold on tightly to the car surface for long.

When exposed to harsh weather and acidic components, car wax and other vehicle coatings can easily wear off. Nano-ceramic coatings last for years and are therefore the best option for those intending to save some money and use their vehicle for long.

Makes your car clean round-the-clock

No other coating in the market protects your car surface from dirt and abrasion like a ceramic coating. The liquid polymer has the right chemical formula to ensure its molecules spread evenly on the car surface.

It gives a subtle texture on the car surface, which makes it hard for stains and dirt to stick on the car. Every dirt particle that gets into contact with your car surface will not stick on it because the active ceramic coating repels all of them.

The nano-ceramic coating repels all the dirt and stains that get into contact with your car, thereby keeping it clean most of the time. By using ceramic coating, you can be certain that the surface of your vehicle will be free of dirt and stains that you are likely to encounter on the road.

Protects your car surface from damage

Another reason why you should buy a ceramic coating for your car is because it protects your car surface from all foreign material like dirt, mud, and stains. Also, scratches by foreign objects can damage your car surface if you don’t have a coating to protect it.

A ceramic coating provides a permanent shield or an extra layer of protection on your car surface that keeps it safe from all objects that can damage it while on the road.

If you leave your vehicle in the open for long, you still need a ceramic coating to protect it from direct UV rays that may bleach and fade your car paint.

Chemicals such as those found in bird droppings, brake fluid, and shaving cream can damage your car surface if they come into contact with it.

A ceramic coating provides a strong protective coating that shields such chemicals from peeling off your car paint.

Lastly, the hydrophobic property of ceramic coatings prevents moisture accumulation on the car surface, thereby preventing the paint damage.

Give your car a new look

Apart from making your car last longer, a ceramic coating makes your car look like you are just out of a showroom. Once you have applied a ceramic coating the right way, it will make your vehicle shiny and brandy.

It helps you to maintain the aesthetics of your vehicle for long. You can easily revive the showroom shine on your car surface when you apply a quality polymer ceramic coating.

Different types of ceramic coating for cars


Quartz ceramic coating is one of the hardest ceramic coatings you can find. It contains Silicon Dioxide, which helps it to achieve the highest level of hardness protecting your vehicle surface from scratches and dirt that lands on it. Quartz ceramic coating keeps your car shiny and fresh for years.


A polymer ceramic coating is the most popular type in the market. It bonds very fast with the paint coatings on your car. The car paint and the polymer react to form a single layer on the car surface, which makes your vehicle most resistant to rust, dirt, and any form of abrasion.

Because of the strong chemical bonds that the ceramic coating forms on the car surface, it is not easy to remove a polymer ceramic coating on your car unless you polish it.


A hybrid ceramic coating has both polymer and quartz properties, which make them unique from the rest of the ceramic coatings. It is the hardest ceramic coating you can have for your car.

It exhibits polymer and quartz properties which makes it more effective. Hybrid ceramic coatings create a protective shell on your car surface, which protects it from scratches, dirt, and extreme UV rays.

How to choose a ceramic coating for your car: Factors to consider

When you opt to buy nano-ceramic coating for use on your car exterior, there are some factors that you must consider. Below are some key features of ceramic coatings that you should take into consideration before picking one of them off the shelves.

Ease of use

Most of the ceramic coatings in the market are not for DIY, and therefore, you must ensure that the one you are buying is easy to use.

If you have some skills in painting and washing a car, then you can easily apply a ceramic coating.

The best ceramic coating is one that does not need additional tools to apply it on the vehicle. It should come with all the tools you need for applying it like applicator sponge and microfiber towel.


To save on the cost of applying a new ceramic coat on your car, you should always go for long-lasting ceramic coats. Most of the high-end ceramic coatings will last at least five years while others can be active as long as your car remains in operation.

Once you apply the ceramic coating on the car surface the right way, it can last the car’s lifetime saving you on the cost of reapplying car wax after every six months.

Hardness level

The ability to resist damage and scratching is something you should look into when buying a ceramic coating for your vehicle. A harder coating is the best one to protect your car exterior from abrasion and stains.

In most cases, you should look for ceramic coatings rated ‘9H’. They have a diamond-level hardness, which makes them the most suitable for creating a lasting coat on the car surface.


When buying a quality ceramic coating, you should find out the weather of your place. Find out how long your car stays on direct sunlight.

If you like parking your car in the sun for a greater part of the day, then a ceramic coating that protects your car surface against UV rays should be the best option.

The car age

Old cars have a thin paint layer which makes ceramic coatings ineffective. You must fix the car paint first before you can apply a nano-ceramic coating on it.

If you have an old car with a thin paint layer, it is not advisable to opt for a ceramic coating because it can interact with the car’s bodywork and damage it.

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Should I hire an expert to apply the ceramic coating?

Are you looking forward to giving your car a new look with a quality ceramic coating? Well, the good news is that you can apply a ceramic coating on your car paint without seeking assistance from an expert mechanic.

All you need is some simple painting skills to use the products. Also, some ceramic coatings come with instruction manuals and all essential tools that you need to use them. You should always opt for ceramic coatings that require the least of tools to use.

The decision on whether you should hire an expert to apply the ceramic coating on your car exterior or you should just apply it alone will depend on how good you are in using the product.

Some ceramic coatings have a steep learning curve, and therefore using them, as a first-timer can be full of challenges. If you want to avoid damaging your car paint, then reach out to an experienced mechanic.

How to apply a ceramic coating to your car – In 6 easy steps

Nano-ceramic coatings have become more popular today because of their DIY solutions. Most vehicle owners do not seek professional assistance from mechanics to apply the ceramic coatings on their cars.

Step 1

You must ensure the surface of your vehicle is clean before you can apply the ceramic coating. There are plenty of products in the market that you can use to clean your car surface.

Wash your vehicle with a car soap and clean water to remove all the dust, surface grime, and stains on the car surface. Make sure the car surface is as clean as possible.

Remove all the contaminants on the surface of the car like paint overspray, industrial fallout, rail dust, and bugs.

Use poly clay to remove water-resistant contaminants that washing alone cannot remove. Poly clay lifts all the bonded surface contaminants from your car surface.

Step 2

Polish your car paint to remove all below surface contaminant on the car surface. Use an abrasive polish to remove all the water spots, scratches, and swirls on the car surface.

Removing all these contaminants will help you achieve a high-gloss and smooth finish when you apply the ceramic coating.

Step 3:

Add at least seven drops of ceramic coating liquid on the applicator sponge. To keep the applicator sponge damp, you should keep adding some drops of the liquid ceramic coating for every small section that you apply the coating.

Step 4:

Apply this solution on your car surface by moving the sponge laterally and vertically in a circular motion. Use uniform amount of the polymer liquid on the car surface to avoid wastages and ensure even distribution.

At least 7-10 drops should be enough for a surface area measuring 50x50cm.

Step 5:

Once you have smeared the ceramic coating on the car surface, you can wait for five minutes then polish the surface with a microfiber towel to attain a high gloss finish.

Note that the waiting time for the paint to dry depends on the type of ceramic coating you are using and the temperature levels. The trick here is to begin polishing the surface once you can feel a little resistance when you touch it with your hands.

Step 6:

Once you’ve completed polishing all the sections of the car surface and the whole vehicle is now coated, wait for at least two hours before you apply another coat.

Follow the above steps when reapplying another coat. Additional coating will improve the performance of the ceramic coating.

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How to maintain ceramic coating of your car after applying

After applying a ceramic coating, you still have to keep your car as clean as possible by washing it and keeping it dry. Here are some tips for maintaining your car surface after ceramic coating.

  • Use a recommended car soap to wash your car at least twice a week.
  • To reduce water spotting on the vehicle surface, you should only wash your car when there is minimal sunlight, preferably in the morning or evening.
  • Avoid cross-contamination by first washing the top (cleaner parts) followed by the most dirty parts. Also, use different sponges for the wheels and surface.
  • Don’t leave your car to air dry. This way, you prevent water spots that remain behind after your car dries up.
  • Avoid aggressive wiping and only use the recommended microfiber towel to wipe your car surface.
  • Remove stains such as bird droppings immediately to stop them from hardening and building up. Don’t apply excessive force when removing hardened stains on the car surface.

Disadvantages of ceramic coatings

Final thought

Ceramic coatings are the best products to use if you intend to protect your car paint and give it more life. Unlike car wax, they are cost-effective and save you some bucks for regular car maintenance.

To ensure you get the best results when using a ceramic coating, you must follow the right procedure for applying the coat on your car.

The tips we have provided here should help you to choose the best ceramic coating and use it the right way to improve your car aesthetics and paint longevity.

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