How To Jump Start A Motorcycle With A Car

Jumpstarting a car is usually conducted when your battery cannot keep charges. Jumpstarting a car usually entails connecting your battery with another battery as a strategy to transfer charges.

Importantly, understand that you can jump start your motorcycle with your car without denting your battery. How? Keep on reading.

Can you jump-start a motorcycle with a car?

Generally speaking, Although it is not usually recommended to use a car to jumpstart a motorcycle because of the charge difference of the batteries, it can actually be done proper precaution is put into consideration.

jump start a motorcycle with a car

How To Jumpstart A Motorcycle With A Car?

Like jumpstarting your car using another car, the same process is applied when jumpstarting your motorcycle using a vehicle.

You are required to connect the positive side of the battery, which is the red part, to the positive part of the battery of the motorcycle.

Then you should connect the negative part, which is the black part, to the negative part of the battery of the motorcycle.

However, it is important to ensure that your wire is not connected to touching any part of the engine. Because the wires are used to transfer the charges, when it touches any part of the car, it can explosion which can even trigger a fire.

Safety First

Like jumpstarting your vehicle with another vehicle, you are required to ensure that your motorcycle is switched off. This prevents any danger that might emerge from the having shock charges.

After you have connected the cables you are required to wait for some time before you can start your motorcycle. While the motorcycle is still connected with cables to the motor vehicle, you are then required to start the engine of your motorcycle and let it run for some time before you can disconnect it.

After the motorcycle engine runs for some time, it will have partially charged the battery then you should disconnect it. As you are disconnecting the motorcycle, you should not stop the motorcycle to prevent it from losing the charges.

Charging a motorcycle battery

Unknown to many, although the battery of a motorcycle is relatively small as compared to that of a motor vehicle, it is usually comparatively expensive.

Therefore, it is important to ensure proper charging process to prevent from getting damage after a short time. Charging your motorcycle battery incorrectly can contribute to its damage.

The best approach to charging your motorcycle battery is to use a battery charger that provides a trickle charging process. You should ensure that you charge the battery of your motorcycle anytime you realize that the lights are dimming.

Understand this!

Firstly, it is imperative to understand that vehicles come with 12 volts, which means it cannot harm the life of your battery.

When you are jumpstarting your motorcycle with your car, it simply means that you are actually transferring 12v charges.

However, it is often recommended when you do not have another motorcycle that you can use to jumpstart it.

But wait first! Here are alternatives that you can use before you resolve to jumpstart your vehicle.

Gas level

sometimes, a low gas level is confused about being out of charge. Therefore, when your motorcycle refuses to start, you should first check whether the gas level might just be too low.

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Uphill method

this is an alternative strategy where you push your motorcycle up a hill and start riding on it. As it runs down the hill, it can gain charges and start running.

Fundamental parts

examine the fundamental parts of the motorcycle such as brake, start key and gears are fully operational and well maintained. This is important because when the fundamental parts are faulty, they can hinder a motorcycle from starting and make the rider think it is out of charges.

Safety measures

Although jumpstarting a vehicle is a necessary procedure especially when you want to restart your vehicle. However, the process comes with some dangers which should be avoided.

One of the strategies that to counter the dangers is first to use jumper cables that are clean and free from rust. The rust and other dirt on the cables can prevent smooth flow of charges in addition to causing dangerous disruptions.

Have a wire brush which you can use to wipe out any rust. Rusting can prevent effective transfer of charges to your battery.

Have rubber gloves which you can use hold the wires and the battery to avoid being shocked.

Ensure that you properly and firmly connect the two cable on the car and on your motorcycle to prevent from disconnecting when passing the charges.

Precautions of the process

The first strategy is to read the manual to ensure that you are conducting the process within the stated guidelines

Ensure that you using the batteries that are within the voltage to avoid shock and reaction of charges.

Always ensure that the car with the right battery has its engine switched off. This measure prevents charges from backfiring and affect the engine of the vehicle with the right battery.

Park your cars at the distance between the reach of the cables.

Do not smoke when you are jumpstarting your car because it can trigger fire given that the bonnet is usually open when jumpstarting.

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When you realize the battery of your motorcycle is going out quickly making you want to jumpstart often, it is time you replace it.

However, it is important to ensure that you replace your battery with the same battery size and charge capacity.

When purchasing a new battery, you can buy from the same manufacturers or you can seek an alternative from another seller.

However, if you are not sure of the kind of battery that you need for your motorcycle, it is important to contact the manufacturer for more advice.


Therefore, next time you find someone asking whether you can jumpstart a motorcycle with a car, you will know what to say. Additionally, you will all be in a position to offer more advice on how to go about it without causing any danger on the battery.

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