The Best Way to Shine Tires: Ultimate Guide to Tire Cleaning

Your car tires are its shoes. Think of it this way: If you take a shower, wear clean clothes then dirty shoes, it does not matter how clean your clothes are.

You will look filthy because the shoes are dirty, the same case with cars. If the body is clean and the tires are dirty, you still have a long way to go.

It is essential to consider your car tires when you are washing the car. It enhances the appearance of your vehicle and gives it an extra shininess.

Over time, car tires degrade due to oxygen, ultraviolet lights, oils, dirt, tar, etc. In fact, after every five years, you should change your tires to avoid sudden failure. Silicone-based tire dressings are the most common because they are cheap.

However, they break down your car tires speedily since they are made of harsh elements. The goal in ultimate tire cleaning is to ensure tires last long and look new.

Tire Cleaning

Tire shine, gels, and cleaners are necessary for giving your car tires a final shiny, black, and clean appearance.

These products are manufactured to make car tires look new. In this guide, we will discuss the perfect way to clean and shine car tires.

A pressure washer or a hose cannot clean a tire with collected dirt and debris from the roads excellently because dirt gets into the rubber’s pores, making it hard to remove.

Best Way to Shine Tires is Cleaning

You need the following to clean your car tires:

  • Cleaning agent (Your preferred one)
  • Gel (for tires)
  • Sponge
  • Brush (should be stiff)
  • Water and bucket
  • Microfiber towels
Tire Cleaning

Tire Cleaning Process: 5 Step by Step

Once you have these items, you are ready to clean your car tires. Now it’s time to get to the practical part.

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1st Step: Choose your Preferred Cleaner

There are many car cleaners out there. The market is full of original, counterfeit, and fake products. So, you have to be keen on the shine you are buying. Note: Do not buy a car cleaner because it is cheap.

There is a saying that cheap is expensive. Most car cleaners that are cheap contain harmful elements. These can reduce the life span of your car tires. 

Once you have your cleaner, spray it on the tires. Ordinary soap used in the car wash leaves a residue. It does not make the tires shiny because its original purpose is to clean the car coat and the paint.

2nd Step: Leave the Cleaner for Sometime

It is hard to remove grime and dust particles from rubber because it is partially permeable. Therefore, it is good to leave the tire cleaner rest for some minutes to penetrate the tire and remove the dirt.

How much time the cleaner is supposed to soak the tire will depend on the manufacturer’s instructions. Using a clean rag, remove any excess spray from the paint or tire.

3rd Step: Time to Scrub

Scrubbing your car tires is necessary, especially when you see a white or brown layer forming after leaving the cleaner on them. These layers are a result of grime. Use a stiff brush to scrub off these layers.

4th Step: Time to Rinse

It is not complicated. To rinse your car tires properly, get a hose. A pressure washer can also be used.

Tire cleaners are environmentally friendly. So, you do not need to worry about your compound. If you are using a pressure washer, protect your eyes.

5th Step: Apply Tire Gel

Sometimes after cleaning and scrubbing your car tires correctly, you may still notice brown or white layers. If this happens, clean the tires again. If the result is the same, it is time to use a gel. Use a sponge to apply the gel.

However, confirm from the instructions that it is safe to use a sponge. After applying the gel, rinse it to give the tires a black shine.

How to shine tires: 2 easy ways you can follow

Your car tires are now clean, and it is time to dress them. For a blacker and even look, the tires need to be clean because tire shines stick better on clean surfaces. 

There are many tires shines in the market, and most of them are horrible. So take your time to choose the right tire dressing. Tire shines categorized into two groups. These are solvent-based and water-based shines. 

Water-Based Tire Shines

These are a mixture of natural oils carried in water and synthetic polymers. They give your car tire a satin, matte black look. Another advantage of these shines they give your car tire a non-greasy appearance.

The shine does not just sit on top of the tire; they penetrate and nurture it. Most of them also provide your car tire with protection from Ultra Violet rays preventing them from cracking, hardening, and fading.

However, these shines have one con. They disappear fast, especially when you drive in the rain. If you frequently use your car, you may need to apply these shines every two weeks.

Solvent Based Tire Shines

This shine is long-lasting and contains a hydrocarbon silicone which carries the oils and polymers. However, they give your car tires a plastic, greasy look.

Follow the following steps to shine your car tires:

1st Step: Ensure the Tires are Dry

After cleaning the tires, dry them. You can start with the sidewalls because they are the most noticeable.

2nd Step: Apply your Tire Shine

Once you have selected your preferred tire dressing, apply it. Use a sponge to put in the tire shine. It ensures uniformity.

You can also use a tire coating in case you do not want to use tire shine. Some tire coats can last for a lifetime of your car tires and are not affected by adverse weather conditions.

The coating also protects tires by forming a varnish layer on them. Use a sponge to apply the coat.

3rd Step: Let it Dry

After using a tire coat or shine, you will have to give it time to dry. The amount of time is dependent on the type of shine or coat you will have used. Ensure the shine or coat is entirely dry before you use the car.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to know how long the shine will take to dry. Once the shine or coat is dry, smoothen the layer of shine using a smoothening pad.

Once you are through with this, your car tires will appear new. Ensure you smoothen the shine in circles to get excellent results.

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If you have been looking for answers on how to make your car tires shine, this guide is the ultimate solution.

Follow the steps given, and you will surely get the results you desire.

Note: Do not use a paint cleaner to clean your tires because different products are manufactured for various purposes.

Even if your paint cleaner makes your car look brand new when you use it, tires are made of rubber.

They require tire cleaners and shines for then to look new. Avoid shopping tire cleaners on the streets. Take your time to research thoroughly on different tire shines and cleaners so you can choose well. It might take time, but it will pay off.

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