Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet for 2022 Latest Picks

Motorcycle helmets come in various shapes and designs so that every biker enjoys comfort, shelter, and warmth. The special designs allow for protection from sunlight, rain, and an excess breeze for a pleasant and fun-filled ride.

An airy helmet prevents the accumulation of sweat and hot air as you breathe while creating a balance in humidity and aeration.

Are you up for a long summer ride and not sure about your current headgear? Check out our best ventilated motorcycle helmets for a great trip in hot conditions.

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet: Comparison

In this section, we give a one-on-one review of the best-ventilated bike helmets and their unique features for comfort.

However, if you won’t click to the finish, we have a comparison table with inclusive details of each headgear. Have a look.

RankingProduct NameSizeColor
11storm Full Face Motorcycle HelmetMediumGlossy White
2GLX Unisex Full-Face HelmetMediumMatte Black
3O’Neal Full Face Helmet Sierra II Style For Adults
4Freedconn Bluetooth HelmetX-Large2. Gloss Black
5AHR H-VEN20 Adult MX helmetMediumPassion Gray
61storm Full Face HelmetMediumDual Matt Black

6 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

Bikers need helmets for safety and cover from strong breeze during the ride, yet the helmet should be comfortable, lightweight, and airy. Check out our reviews of top-rated ventilated motorcycle helmets.

1. 1storm Full Face Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet with Dual Visor

This helmet comes as a full-face design with a dual visor. The modular is easy to flip up and its dual-lens model allows for a clear view both during day and night. The inside smoked lens prevents the sun and UV rays while the clear outer shield ensures better vision at any time of the day.

On the other hand, the presence of an aerodynamic tough shell layered with ABS and EPS materials provides maximum protection from any hit or falling impact. It is DOT certified as it meets the required standards.

Besides that, the headgear is well aerated with six vents on top, front, and back, two on each location. Not forgetting, the cheek liner pads are also removable for cleaning which also keeps the helmet airy and odorless.

We appreciate that you can buckle up to fit the helmet and easily release it with convenience. You need this kind of helmet in heated weather.


  • Great design and glossy finish
  • Impact-resistant
  • Super ventilation
  • Comfortable


  • Not noise-proof

2. GLX Unisex Full-Face Helmet with Additional Tint on Visor

With GLX unisex helmet, you get comfort, style, and protection. The compact medium size design is DOT certified, with an aggressive aerodynamic shell that has high impact resistance and all-time comfort.

It comes with multiple vents to streamline the cooling process and ensure an efficient air supply and clearance. Besides, the larger vent on the lower side shutters and is easy to adjust with your riding gloves.

On top of that, the shield has a creative 3D design that allows you to have a better view of the road. Not forgetting, the presence of a removable breathe analyzer prevents foggy and unclear shield view.

We like that it is easy to keep this helmet clean and odorless through the removable inner line, thus improve freshness. Moreover, the chin-curtain model reduces the noise and wind commotion so that it’s all cool and peaceful. You can also tie and untie the chin straps without much hustle.


  • Creative compact design
  • Comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • High impact resistance


  • Too small for some users

3. O’Neal Full Face Ventilated Helmet Sierra II Style For Adults

This helmet comes with a blend of features that ensure you’re comfortable and with excellent air circulation. The tough shell is made of ABS for resilience against impact and it weighs 1590g so that you can wear it for both short and long rides without fatigue.

The inside comfort liner is removable and cleanable to ensure constant freshness. Moreover, the numerous vents ensure proper ventilation.

On the other hand, an incorporated face shield ensures protection from strong wind and provides a clear view. Besides,  it is adjustable to fully open or fit midway.

We appreciate that the chin pads create an overall comfort. Furthermore, the chinstraps make it easy to fit the helmet and more so, to fit snugly with the double-D lock feature.


  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable
  • Sunshine protector
  • Great design


  • Noisy

4. Freedconn Bluetooth Helmet With Dual Visors

This is a superb choice for riders within a communicable range so that two or three of them can safely chat at a maximum intercom range of 1640ft.

The Bluetooth 3.0 technology allows its users the freedom to listen to FM radio, mp3 music, and GPS prompts at their convenience. Moreover, the helmets carry dual premium speakers with stereo sound. The background is clear of echo and noise through the DSP technology.

Besides that, the ventilation system comes with a flip-up dual visor and an easy-to-clean inner liner. All these features make the inside of your helmet breathable and fresh for a peaceful riding experience.

We like that the EPS cushion together with the ABS hardened shell, provides maximum safety from serious head injuries in case of an accident.


  • Bluetooth technology
  • Optimum vents for aeration
  • FM radio, mp3, and intercom communications operator
  • Protective shell and EPS cushion


  • Fogging on the wind shield

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5. AHR H-VEN20 Adult MX Ventilated Helmet

This great helmet provides a sunshade on hot weather rides for ATV, motocross, dirt bikes, and so on. It is light in weight, comfortable and the inner high-density EPS lining ensures protection from impact.

On the other hand, there is sufficient air circulation for the user and you can maintain this by cleaning the removable inner pad and cheek pads regularly.

Besides, you can maintain the helmet in a fitting position using the buckles to adjust the straps.

We appreciate that the company can still provide the inner pads in case you need a replacement. It is also inexpensive yet high quality and durable. You don’t have to worry about sweaty hot days with this gem.


  • Easy to strap across the chin
  • Quality inner lining
  • Comfy
  • Sufficient ventilation


  • Small in size

6.1storm Full Face Helmet For Off-Road Motocross

This helmet provides full-time protection with a strong aerodynamic thermoplastic shell, a dual visor, and a thick inner lining.

The tough shell protects from hard-hitting situations, while the dual visor ensures better visibility at any time of the day. On the other hand, the removable inner lining is washable to maintain a sweat-free and airy space.

Apart from that, lightweight ensures that you can ride for long without feeling tired or burdened. Most importantly, the vents on top, front, and back make it comfortable and cool on hot days.

We like that it can offer protection from UV light with the UV protective finish and overall protection from head injuries.


  • DOT certified
  • Comfortable
  • Great design
  • Great buy at an affordable price


  • A dark-tinted visor may impair vision on dirt bike activities

Well-Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet – Buyer’s Guide

One of the great buys for a biker in summer is a ventilated helmet. They need it on almost all of their trips out. However, you need to consider the following features of a quality-ventilated helmet. Let’s dive in.

Visor quality

A helmet should have one or two adjustable visors. A good visor should provide a clear view of the road at any time of the day. It may also prevent the sun from hitting directly into your eyes.


Apart from fitting the rider, a good helmet should be less noisy, padded, and easy to strap across. The inner cushioning, chin, and cheek pads ensure that you don’t feel the weight of the shell, yet you remain dry and properly ventilated.

Shell quality

Not all shells provide high impact resistance, but you can buy one based on proof of quality by the rest of the buyers. A hardened ABS shell is an excellent quality that is resistant to breaking and protects your head in case of a fall.

Size and fitting

Although it is advisable to measure the circumference of your head, you should not buy an exact fit. On the contrary, you need a size larger than the circumference for an accurate fit.

The sizes vary between small, medium, large, or extra-large depending on the rider’s age and head circumference. Straps and buckles should also help one to fit properly on your head.

FAQs Concerning Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

In this section, we respond to some common questions about motorcycle helmets with the best ventilation. Check out what we have to say for each case.

Does helmet protect from the sun?

A helmet protects from all-weather forms including the sun. The shield protects from direct sun’s rays and you can also goggle up.

What is the lifespan of a motorcycle helmet?

A motorcycle helmet should last as long as three to five years, assuming there’s no accident or any other impact on your shell. The inner linings are always replaceable.

Which Is #1? – Our Final Verdict

From our list, our top pick of the best ventilated motorcycle helmet is the 1storm Full Face Motorcycle Helmet with Dual Visor. It has a tough ABS shell with a well-padded inner lining and comes with a dual visor for overall protection from the sun and wind.

It is also light in weight with up to six vents for rich ventilation and provides excellent resistance from any impact.


If you are looking for high-quality motorcycle helmets, check out our selection of the best ventilated motorcycle helmets. We have some top brands with proven quality and long service, and you can get them at an affordable cost.

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