10 Best Truck Bed Bike Racks

There’s no debating that biking is one of the healthiest ways to keep fit and relax. Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to enjoy the great biking sceneries nearby. But does that mean one should give up this great outdoor activity?

Well, if you own a truck, the good news in store for you today is that you only need to drive to the ideal places for biking. But to do that, you need to first invest in the best truck bed bike rack on the markets currently.

Actually, you don’t need too many of them. Just one of them will be enough to get the job done. The only thing you need to do is carry out your research to ensure that you end up with the best value for your money.

In the following reviews, we begin by taking a look at what the best hitch bed rack for bike. In addition, we provide a thorough analysis of the pointers to consider when making a purchase.

Best Truck Bed Bike Rack

Truck Bed Bike Rack: Comparison

Are you looking for a tried and tested bike rack for truck bed? The following comparison table is meant to help you do just that.

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1Thule 822XTR Bed Rider Rack53.2 x 7.8 x 2.8 inches9.25 pounds
2INNO Racks – Truck Bed Bike Rack6 x 6 x 6 inches4 pounds
3Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack BedRack31 x 27 x 6 inches0.5 pounds
4Swagman Pick Up Truck Bike Rack54 x 6 x 3.5 inches1 pounds
5TRANSIT Xpress Truck Rack15×25 inches15 pounds
6Thule 501 Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Rack30 x 17.8 x 9 inches9.9 pounds
7Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack11.5 x 21.8 x 2.8 inches 4 pounds
8Apex Rage Powersports TBBC-4 4-Bike Pickup Truck Bed Bicycle Rack15 x 15 x 25 inches31 pounds
9Saris-Kool Two-Bike TRK00 Bed Rack Mount
10Yakima BedRock Multi-Sport Bed Rack System6 x 26 x 3.5 inches6.6 pounds

Top Bike Racks For Truck Bed

1. Thule Bed-Rider 822XTR Black Truck Bed Bike Rack

This is one of the most dominant bike rack in the bike rack market. In fact, it is very highly rated in the bike industry.

It is constructed out of aluminum and has a telescopic bar at the core and it has soft rubber feet which will hold to the side rails of your truck, meaning that you will not need to drill holes to install it.

The Thule bed rider is manufactured in the USA by the Thule Company and is definitely one of the best there is. It can accommodate up to 2 bikes and you will not need to do any drilling or bolting.

It is very easy to store when it is not in use and it comes with three Thule one-key lock cylinders when you acquire it.

This mount rack will fit perfectly on your truck. It has a telescopic bar which has SoftGrip rubber feet which attach to the side rails of your pick-up truck.

This is the reason why you will not need to drill any holes in order to install the rack on your pick-up truck.

The bike rack for truck bed can hold a maximum of two bikes. However, you can increase this capacity by acquiring the Thule locking bed-rider add-on block.

It has a lockable skewer with single side adjustments. You will therefore have an easy time in securing your bike to the rack and will keep your bike very stable during transportation. This skewer also provides protection against potential buglers who may attempt to steal your bike.

The design of the rack means that it stretches from one rail to another and is not compatible with over-the-rail bed liners.

It is fairly light and does not add much extra weight to your pick-up truck. In fact, it is not really necessary for you to remove it from the back of your truck when it is not in use.

It is compatible with most models of bikes


  • It is very light and adds very little extra weight to your truck
  • You do not need to drill holes to install it
  • Its capacity can be increased


  • You will have to remove the front wheel to accommodate the bike(s).

2. INNO Gripper Truck Bed Bike Rack

If you are looking for a rack that will help you transport your bike without consuming too much space, then the Inno Bike rack is what you are looking for.

Product description

This track was specifically designed to save on space while at the same time delivering top-notch service to the bike owner.

It will mount your truck without involving any tools or holes but will make use of two mounts together with ratcheting holders and D-rings. In general, it is not really a full rack but a couple of grippers.

Other features and benefits

The most outstanding feature of this mount rack is that it massively saves on space. Just mount your bike in an upright posture in your truck bed and in the process, you will save up to 90% of space which you can put to other important use.

Installing it is also quite easy. You will not need any tools or holes to drill. The package will include two mounts, which you will use to attach the rack to the truck and D-rings on each mount which have tie-down points for a cable lock.

The rack is compatible with different models of bikes. Any bike of whichever size or shape will be adequately accommodated by the rack. The width of the tires will never be an issue when it comes to this rack.

You will also never be required to remove the front tire or any other part just for it to fit on the rack. We can say that the rack just takes up the whole package.

One last impressive feature of this truck bed bike rack is its versatility. Apart from securing your bike on the truck bed, it can also be used to secure other heavy luggage and keep them from bouncing about the truck bed.


  • Installation is much easier
  • Very versatile
  • It is compatible with a majority of the bikes out there


  • The rods are strong but not the strongest.

3. Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage 4-Bike Sportsrack Bed Rack for Truck

If you are a family or a group of bikers who are wondering how to transport your bikes all at once on your truck bed, then the Heininger Automotive 2025 is just what you need.

This is mainly due to its capacity, of up to four bikes and the fact that it is more of a mount that does not require you to take off the front wheel.

Product description

The advantage sports rack can hold up to four bikes at once without having the need of you to remove the front wheel. Just by adjusting the spacers, your bike would snugly fit and would be additionally secured by a complimentary 72-inch cable.

You will also secure the rear tire by using the securing bar, as the name suggests.

The spacer is what enables the rack to be compatible with a wider range of wheels as it can extend from 54.5” to 66.5” without the spacer and 60.5” to 72.5” with the spacer.

You should however keep in mind that it is not compatible with step-side pickups.

Other features and benefits

This advantage sports rack can accommodate up to four bikes all at once without requiring any part to be dismembered from the rest. Assembling it is a really easy and fast process that will not at any point require you to use tools.

You will just use the adjustable rubber stabilizers to secure it in place by twisting them until they are fully secured.

It is compatible with a wide variety of bicycles. This is mainly due to the spacers which can extend depending on the width of the wheels. Without the spacer, it can extend from 54.5” to 66.5” while with the spacer it can extend from 60.5” to 72.5”.

The system has extremely soft padding which will ensure that the rack does not cause any damage to the painting that has been done on your truck and lead to an unpleasant sight.

Another feature that will definitely impress you is that the rack can stand by itself. This means that you can use it in other places apart from the track, like in the garage or your backyard. Just make sure there is enough space to accommodate it.

To top it all up, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty just in case you encounter some defects.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Rack does not damage the truck paintwork


  • It does not fit well if the sides of the truck are contoured

4. Swagman Truck Bed Rack Bike Adjustable PickUp Carriers Bicycle

You will love using the Swagman bed rack on your biking trip. The rack serves the purpose of making it easier to transport your bikes while at the same time protecting the bikes and the truck bed from any kind of damage. It comes in a very simple design.

The rack is a best pickup truck bed bike rack and quite affordable. The main limiting thing with the bike is that it is a two-bike rack. You can find four-bike racks priced in the same price range.

Product Description

The truck bed bike rack is constructed from steel for durability. It weighs 12lbs and can support a bicycle with a maximum weight of 35 pounds.

One of its key features is that it is adjustable. Therefore it can fit the width dimensions of any truck bed.

It comes with a telescoping bar for easy, no-drilling installation

Other Features and Benefits

Easy to install it on your truck bed, requiring not more than five minutes. Bikes are quite bulky and require more or less an empty truck bed if the truck is being mounted on the truck bed. It also depends on how many bicycles you are transporting.

The fork mount is mounted across your truck bed, between the truck-bed rails. The installation cannot be done if your truck has a tonneau cover.

The rack has a telescoping bar for easy adjustment and no drilling installation. Use the quick release handle to adjust the width, then slot it over your truck bed and then you can lock it.

In addition, the mount rack has rubber mounted ends which are designed to grip the truck’s rails, protecting your truck bed from being scratched by the rack.

After installing the bike, you then fit the bikes on the fork-mount blocks. Swagman blocks are 9-mm. The fork blocks are movable and can be repositioned to ensure that your two bikes are well spaced and have no contact with each other.

The bike forks are then secured to the blocks. The front wheel has to be detached and transported separately from the rest of the bike. This means you have to figure out how to transport the front wheel.

The fork mount style stabilizes your bike.

Please follow the instruction manual for efficiency and safety.


  • Constructed from steel for durability
  • Fits all trucks of all widths because of its adjustable feature
  • Telescoping bar for easy installation and adjustment
  • The rack has rubber mounted ends
  • No tools, easy installation
  • Movable fork-mount blocks
  • It is competitively priced
  • It is lockable
  • Fork mount style is secure


  • It cannot accommodate more than two bikes. This makes it limiting if you need to carry more than two bikes
  • It won’t fit if your truck bed has a tonneau cover, because it is installed on your truck’s bed

5. Transit Xpress-Truck Rack

Transit Xpress-Truck Rack is a rack designed for carrying up to three bikes. You can use it to carry your mountain, road or tandem bikes. It is one of the most affordable rack in the market. It also is adjustable and fits all truck bed dimensions.

The device is preassembled therefore installation is quite fast and easy.

The fixtures included when buying only provides for mounting two mountain bikes or road bikes. You will be required to purchase additional hardware if you need to carry tandem bikes or one more bike.

Product Description

The truck bed bike rack is designed to fit across the width of your truck bed. The main components of the rack are the main tube, a pivot tube, adjusting tube (for length adjustment), two endplates and two mounting blocks.

  • The rack is adjustable.
  • Main component is constructed from steel for durability.
  • This bike rack can be installed in trucks with or without bed liners.
  • They come with end plate pads to protect your vehicle from scratches.

The rack has two blocks. You can reposition the blocks. Repositioning the blocks requires first loosening the bolts, then moving the blocks to the new position and then tightening them as recommended.

The fork mount comes with a security feature of protecting the rack and securing it on the truck bed. It is operated using a pin key. However, a separate locking system has to be used to protect your bikes from being stolen.

Other Features and Benefits

Installing the rack requires drilling holes on your truck bed. You will need to follow the instruction manual that comes with every purchase.

After installing the rack onto your truck bed, then mount the bikes on the rack using the provided hardware. You start by first removing the front wheel of your bikes. Then connecting the front fork of your bicycle on the rack’s blocks.

Ensure the bikes are well clamped to the blocks, failure to do so poses a safety risk to you and other road users.

Also removing the rack is quite easy. You begin by offloading the rack. Then unlock the security system using the key.


  • One of the most affordable tailgate bike rack
  • An integrated lock system
  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Protects the vehicle from being scratched
  • Stable to keep the bikes secure without getting damaged
  • Fits most truck bed widths because it is adjustable


  • The truck bed has to be drilled holes to install it
  • Installation involves removing the front wheel
  • A wheel carrier may need to be purchased separately

6. Thule Insta-Gator Truck Bed Bike Rack

There may come a time when you may need to transport your bike at the back of the truck. Of course you will need to do more than just dump it at the back of the truck and secure it tightly.

This will help prevent damages to the bike as well as scrap off the paint from the truck.

The Thule Insta-Gator truck mount may just offer the solution.

Product description

If you leave your bike to bounce round at the back of the truck, it will probably age at a faster rate than normal. The Thule Insta-Gator will prevent this from happening by holding your bike firmly in place.

It is very easy to install and you will not need any drilling or bolting to do so. It has a Ratcheting Quick Load System which apart from holding your bike firmly at the back of your truck but also offers some form of security against theft.

Other features and benefits

The first impressive feature is the simplicity with which you can install this truck mount at the back of your truck. You will not need to do any drilling or bolting which is not only tedious but can be challenging to most people.

It will also hold your bike in one piece. At no point will you be required to dismantle your bike into different pieces just for it to fit but it will accommodate the whole compact item.

It features the RQL (Ratcheting Quick-Load) system which has a proven track record of holding the bike easily and firmly in place so that it does not make any unnecessary movements while at the back of the truck.

The RQL also acts as deterrence against burglary since it locks the bike in such a way that no uninvited third party un-mounts the bike without your knowledge or consent.

This tailgate bike rack can also accommodate wheels of a different range of sizes. Wheels ranging from 20 to 29 inches as well as bike tires that are 3 inches wide will comfortably fit in this rack.

It has the Thule One-Key compatible system which will allow you to acquire lock cores that are similar to the keys which are already in your possession.


  • Easy and straightforward to install
  • It also provides protection from burglars
  • You will not need to dismantle your bike for it to fit


  • The slot for the wheel is too wide and may make the bike unstable

7. Top Line UG2500 2bike Carrier for Truck Bed

Supposing you want to transport more than one bike at the back of your truck without your bikes bumping against each other or against the back of the truck, which truck bed bike rack would you go for? We recommend that you go for the Top Line Unigrip 2500.

Product description

You can add an extra add-a-bike clamp to give the rack the ability to accommodate two more bikes.

Other features and benefits

The rack can comfortably accommodate two bikes and if you add an additional add-a-bike clamp, it will accommodate a maximum of four bikes.

You will support the first bike with the UG pivot arm before joining three more bikes with each additional clamp. In connecting, you may use the top tube or the seat post to do so.

Another feature is that you will never have to remove the front wheel of your bike for it to fit in the rack. This is convenient and will save on time and energy used in removing the wheel. It also supports different types of bikes which will definitely be having distinct axels and brake systems.

It has a pivot arm which will aid in attaching to the bike frame of the bike with fewer complications. The truck bed bike rack has a design that ensures that there is sufficient space to eliminate any possibility of the bikes bumping against each other which may lead to damage.

The Top Line UG2500 is a universal fit and can be used in different pick-up trucks; if you have access to the bottom and top of the bed rail, then it would not matter whether the truck is the long or short bed. It would be a perfect fit.

It is an easy-to-mount truck bed bike rack and should only take you two minutes to complete doing so.


  • It can accommodate up to four bikes
  • Affordable
  • You will not have to remove the front wheel to fit the bike


  • It fits most bikes but not all of them

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8. Apex Truck Bed Bike Rack TBBC-4

Apex 4-Bike TBBC-4 is a four-bike bed rack designed to transport up to four bicycles in the back of a pickup truck.

The device comes with a very competitive price, considering that the unit transports up to four bicycles. To add to that, the product comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and a one year warranty from the manufacturer.

Product Description

Apex 4-Bike TBBC-4 is a rack with a steel tube construction. It is manufactured from powder-coated steel, and it has a black paint finish.

It weighs 31lbs. It has a height of 25 inches and a length of 15 inches.

The apex truck bed bike rack is designed to accommodate up to four bikes. The rack fits truck beds with a width of 52.75″ to 73″. Check the dimensions of your truck before investing in this rack to avoid disappointments.

A V-clamp prevents the bike tire from moving. The rack works in open trucks, with or without liners.

Other Features and Benefits

Installation is easy using pin clip connections with no drilling required and therefore no drilling tools required.

The rack has foam padding to cushion the bike against any kind of impact.

Another advantage of this rack is that you don’t need to disassemble the front wheel of your bicycles in any way like other hitch mount bike rack. You fit your bike whole without removing any component. This makes it more convenient than other racks.

Worth noting is that the rack holds only the front wheel. The back of your bicycle will require to be secured to prevent movements during transit. A tie-down strap is highly recommended.

Ensure that you install it well and that the stoppers are tightened to ensure that the rack is stable and there are no movements when on transit. If the rack is not secured on the bed of the pickup truck, it is a safety risk to other road users, and it can cause damage to your bike.

The truck bed bike rack has four sections where the front tires of the bikes will slide into. The sections have foam padding to hold the wheels in place, without damaging them.

Installation involves using the adjustable bolts and stoppers that come with the rack. The rack has four stoppers, two on either side of the rack.

The rack accommodates bikes up to 26-inches. Confirm the wheel size of your bike before making an order.


  • A non-transferable one year warranty
  • Returns accepted within 30 days from the day of purchase
  • No-drill installation
  • Quick installation
  • Durable with a high-quality finish
  • Affordable
  • More convenient than other racks that require the removal of the front wheels of your bike


  • It is limited to pickups with truck beds between 52.75 inches and 73 inches wide
  • The rack does not have a locking system
  • A need to purchase cargo straps for tying the back of the bikes

9. Saris-Kool Two-Bike TRK00 Truck Bed Rack Mount

Saris-Kool Two-Bike rack is made in the USA using 100% non-rusting recyclable materials. By buying the product, you are protecting our environment.

However, it is worth noting that this product does not come cheap. It is quite expensive, compared to other two-bike racks.

Product Description

The rack is a simple design with a bar that runs across the width of your truck bed. The rack’s bar is designed to fit truck beds that are between 50 to 74 inches.

The fork mount mounts two bikes. It features a hydraulic pump. Also uses rubber grip pads.

The mount rack comes with two fork blocks on it, which fits only two bikes. Additional bike fork blocks have to be purchased if you need to transport more bikes.

Other Features and Benefits

This rack is very easy to install and remove in a matter of seconds without using any tools. Installation is a two-step process. First, you install the rack on the truck bed. Then install the bike on the rack.

Installation of the rack on the pickup truck uses pivoting rubber pads designed to stick to most surfaces, and therefore the rack will work whether your car has a liner or not, without damaging it.

The fork mount rack comes with a unique feature of an inbuilt hydraulic pump which has a pressure release value. To install the rack, you activate the pump by adding pressure. Activating the pump ensures that the bar fits with the right amount of pressure. Likewise, releasing it is simple. It involves activating the release switch which will reduce the pressure in the bar and have it removed.

To install the bike on the rack, first, disassemble the front wheels of your bike using your bike’s quick-release feature. Then place the forks of the bike in the blocks and tighten them down.

The bike forks are held by the blocks of this rack. When the forks of your bike are held firmly, it prevents the bike from moving when the vehicle is on transit.

The rack can also be used to secure other cargos apart from bikes. If so, then you have to consider the safety of your cargo because it has no locking mechanism. Your cargo will be exposed to prying eyes.


  • The rack is a green product made from100% recyclable materials
  • It is made from non-rusting durable materials
  • Easy to install and remove, thanks to the inbuilt hydraulic pump
  • It can fit in a car with or without a liner
  • Secure your bike and protects it from damage
  • Rubber grip pads cushion the bed of your truck against scratches


  • Quite expensive
  • It involves disassembling the front wheel of your bike before the bike can be transported.
  • No locking mechanism

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10. Yakima Truck Bed-Rock Rack System

The Yakima Bed-Rock Rack is a unique rack system that is simple yet quite accommodating. It is a tower system. It gives you two levels of storage, on top of your pickup truck and the truck bed space. This is because the towers are installed above the truck bed.

This leaves the truck bed to carry your other stuff. It is quite ideal if you have a tonneau cover on your truck bed.

The truck bed bike rack comes with the product manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. The product’s price is in the medium range. However, it is important to note that you will still be required to buy crossbars separately.

Worth noting that this hitch bike rack is not complete. It will require the buyer to figure out a way to install the bike on the crossbars safely and securely.

But don’t be put off by this feature. The benefits of having additional truck space is worth all the time and investment.  The good thing is, setting it up won’t cost you so much more.

Product Description

Yakima crossbars and towers are made from durable materials and will last long. They are sold in a set of four towers, including locks. Yakima crossbars are available and sold separately.

It comes with levers and a locking mechanism.

Other Features and Benefits

It is quite easy to install or remove the rack from the truck. There are no requirements for tools or any technical expertise. You simply use quick-release levers.

In addition, the rack has a locking mechanism using SKS locks, which ensures that your rack is secure on the truck. Assembling the rack requires crossbars which are available separately from the rack.

It is important to note that this rack is quite incomplete even with the purchase of the crossbars. You have to figure out a system to install the bikes on the rack.

You have a few options depending on your budget and personal preferences. One option would be to buy blocks that can be installed on the front crossbars.

Then it will be necessary for you to remove the front wheel of the bicycles and attach the bicycle’s fork on the blocks. Then you will need a way to fasten the rear wheel on the rear crossbar.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • It can work if you have a tonneau cover on your truck bed
  • Two levels of storage. The rack fits above the truck bed, leaving the truck bed to carry other cargo
  • They come with locks
  • The rack come with a no-drills cam-lock installation


  • Unfortunately, the purchase does not come with the crossbars
  • Not a complete system, installation depends on your personal preferences and creativity. Additional tools required for installing the bike on the crossbars securely.

What To Look For?


Much as a bike rack is an essential accessory, you need to be careful not to end up with a below-par rack. To do that, you simply need to keep the following crucial factors in mind.

Truck bed bike rack prices may vary depending on a number of factors such as size, brand and the style of it. While it’s easy to be tempted to go for a basic, cheap unit, we do recommend investing a bit more in better quality.

Remember, you always get what you pay for. So, if you compromise, you probably will end up with a below-par rack. Likewise, if you choose to invest in the best, you probably will to end up with an awesome deal.

So, if something is too cheap to be true, it probably is. But that, however, doesn’t mean that you should settle for insanely priced rack, either.

Look for a bed that’s well made and reasonably priced. Most importantly, keep your eye on getting the features that matter.

Planned Usage

This is an important point to keep in mind when shopping for a tailgate bike rack. If you’re simply buying one for short-term use, then you may simply need to go for a basic, cheap priced one.

However, if you’re thinking about long-term use, we’d caution against doing that. Look closely, a good hitch rack should be made from authentic materials. Most importantly, it should come with all the necessary safety measures taken.

Ease of Installation

The last thing you want to do is buy an expensive bike rack that’s too complicated to install.

Likewise, you don’t want to end up with a rack that will force you to drill holes on your truck’s chassis. In fact, some racks require you to remove the wheel so you can keep them in contact with the bike frame.

The truth is, you don’t want all that to happen to you and that’s why we recommend you to find a best bike rack for your truck bed that’s extremely easy to install.

The Insta-Gator special mount from Thule, for instance, is meant to overcome that challenge. It easily and securely attaches to your truck with no need for bolting or drilling.

Most importantly, it holds firmly in place with a simple lock up. And that means you can travel with your bikes securely attached, for long distances.

How Many Bikes?

If you’re the only in the family who likes biking, then it would be okay for you to go for a single tailgate bike rack. However, if you always bring some buddies with you, then a multiple bikes rack would be your safest bet. It may cost you a little more than the single-carrier, though.

That’s pretty obvious owing to the fact that the bigger the rack, the more resources it’s likely to consume in design and construction.

While at it, be sure to stick to the recommended carrying capacity of your rack. Resist the temptation to overload it as that would ultimately pose danger to you and other road users.

Frame Contact

Cheap price racks can easily damage your bike’s frame or tailgate. That’s because they’re built to come into contact with your bike’s delicate frame surface.

For that reason, you always want to be on the lookout for new innovations that help overcome that challenge. For instance, a good system should only contact the tire leaving the rest of your bike intact.

Quality of Material Used

A good rack is one that’s made with top quality materials. It should look great and remain durable even in the long-haul.

A good example of a material that can hold its own is the powder-coated carbon steel tubing. Generally, you want a tube material that’s lightweight but durable. And above all, the material should be good looking to complement the looks of your truck.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a truck bed bike rack work?

The truck bed bike rack is a device includes a clamp that fits into the bed of the truck. It’s designed to secure the bikes and avoid any damage. The rack mounts directly to the truck bed rails and the clamps hold the bikes to the rack.

How do you carry a bike in a truck bed?

To carry your bike, you need to make sure it’s properly secured. First, make sure the bike is off the ground and firmly in the truck. It should never be tied to the truck or trailer hitch with a rope or wire.

Instead, you can use soft straps and bungee cords to hold the bike in place and then tie the straps down. This is the most reliable and cheapest way so far.

Is it bad to lay a bicycle on its side?

Laying a bicycle on it’s side is bad because it can cause damage to the bearings and other small parts. Laying a bicycle on its side can also cause cracks and rusting of the frame and rims.

Can you fit a bike in a your pickup?

If you have a pickup truck, you can use a hitch-mounted bike rack to transport a bike. Make sure that the center of the rack is no more than one foot from the ground.

Still if you have any problems you can remove the front wheel to fit the bike inside.

How you can transport a bike without a rack?

The best way is to keep it on the floor of your car or drive slowly and carefully. If you don’t want to carry it on the floor of your car and you want to drive at normal speed, you can use a bike bag.

Which Is The Overall #1?

It isn’t always easy to decide which truck bed is the best and that’s because we all have different tastes and preferences.

But considering the kind of features an average biker would desire to have, we settled the best truck bed bike rack is Thule Bed-Rider 822XTR.

That’s because it has a strong grip and the ability to accommodate bikes. Most importantly, the rack can easily be installed on your truck’s bed without the need to drill holes of it.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be swayed by the flashiest bike rack you come across on the reviews. Consider its structural integrity, design, and usability first before you invest your hard-earned money in any one of them.

Most importantly, always consider your unique needs.

What works for your friend may not always work for you.

Fortunately, the buying guide above can always help you reach that decision. And while at it, you can always be a bit choosy and only settle for the bike rack that ticks all the right boxes.

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