Top 10 Best Respirator for Spray Painting and Fumes 2022

Maybe you need to paint something or it is just a hobby but what you probably do not know is that this practice does come with several hazards.

Among these dangers is inhaling the fumes from paint and ultimately suffering from respiratory diseases.

Therefore, if you are planning to take up a paint job, you may want to consider purchasing the best respirator for spray painting.

No idea where to begin your purchasing journey? Worry not because we are here to walk you through the process.

best respirator for spray painting and fumes

Respirator for Spray Painting and Fumes: Comparison

Before you pick a paint respirator, you want to narrow down your choices. This will simplify your job when choosing.

Again, we can bet that you do not know where to start. We are therefore going to review ten of the most exceptional options that you can choose from.

RankingProduct NameModel Weight
13M 6211PA1-A Dual Cartridge Paint Spray RespiratorR62111.1 pounds
23M Ultimate FX Full FacepieceFF-4021.70 pounds
33M Personal Equipment Half Protective Facepiece75010.4 pounds
4North Safety 770030L  Silicone Half Mask Respirator1.10 pounds
5SAS 7650-61 Safety Full-face Opti-Fit Respirator7650-612.35 pounds
6Honeywell PesticideRWS-540270.95 pounds
7Reusable Half Face CoverM101
8ZW New Paint Spraying dust-proof Mask Respirator68001.43 pounds
9Reusable Half Face Cover82000.862 pounds
10HXMY Anti-Dust Paint Respirator0.95 pounds

Here is The Best Paint Respirators for Protection Against Paint Fumes

1. 3M Paint Project R6211 Respirator

The Paint Project respirator for spray painting from the renowned and trusted brand 3M kick starts our review list. This respirator is invaluable when it comes to preventing solvents, pesticides, and sprays from getting into your body through the respiratory system.

What we liked

Just by looking at this respirator, we could instantly tell that it was designed with performance and comfort in mind.

How so? Well, it comes in a well-balanced design that sweeps its casings back and connects them correctly to increase visibility.

This simply means that that you will not have a hard time seeing the project at hand. What we love most about this product is that it is affordable and yet of good quality.

What Could Have Been Better

A number of people have complained about the straps of this particular mask being flimsy and easy to break.

We feel that the manufacturer could have used stronger straps that can be able to withstand adjusting and frequent tying and untying. 


  • Comfort
  • Provides better visibility
  • Affordable


  • Fragile straps prone to breaking

2. 3M Ultimate FX Full Facepiece

This is another product from the 3M stable. One of the things that make the FX Full Respirator outstanding is its protection paint.

This kind of protection works perfectly to remove paints, stains, and moisture from the lens so you do not have to worry about moisture from your breath blocking your view.

What we liked

We love that this product is a full-face respirator for spray painting with a cool flow valve that makes breathing easier. Of course, this provides you with cool and dry comfort to ensure that there are no drastic changes in the way you communicate.

Another thing we notice is that this respirator is designed with versatility in mind. It is compatible with different kinds of gas cartridges, vapor, and particulate filters.

With its six straps, there is no way this respirator will not be able to fit your head snugly and eliminate shifting as you work on your painting project.

What Could Have Been Better

The straps of this respirator need frequent tightening because they cannot hold tension. We feel that the manufacturer could have done a better job with the straps so that they do not cause distraction as you paint. 


  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with different air systems
  • Large lens for better visibility


  • Straps require frequent re-adjusting

3. 3M Personal Equipment Half Protective Facepiece

This product is made from a silicone material that will feel soft on your face, unlike some respirator for spray painting that may be abrasive and uncomfortable.

It also features a distinct adjustment design that helps lessen the pressure on your face. Of course, this adds to your comfort.

What we liked

This respiratory facepiece comes with an exhalation regulator that directs moisture and breath down while protecting it from debris.

This makes the cleaning of this item easier as well and we love that. You can use this product for a number of applications including smelting, mining, welding, and woodworking among others.

As you can see, this respirator adds versatility to its features.

What Could Have Been Better

Although this product features silicone regulators for your comfort, several people have reported that these regulators fall out easily.

In that regard, we feel like the manufacturer could have made the flap valves sturdier. 


  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Straps not as strong

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4. North 770030L 7700 Silicone Series Half Mask Safety Respirator

The North Silicone Half Mask is among the most comfortable half masks you will ever come across. It is fabricated using 100% silicone for comfort, durability, and fit.

If you are looking for a respirator for that will evenly seal, this is the product to buy as it comes with a structured suspension system that sits on the head securely.

What we liked

This product is made from non-toxic and soft silicone for a great fit, comfort, and remarkable protection.

We love that the suspension system enables the face piece to sit on the face evenly without generating pressure points.

This spray painting respirator also provides you with a wide field of vision and will not interfere with any eyewear you may have on.

Other things that we found enticing about this product is that it is NIOSH approved and makes breathing easier so that you do not end up fatigued.

What Could Have Been Better

The advertising on this product is quite misleading as it features photos with filters only for customers to buy it and realize that no filters are included.

We think that the manufacturer should withdraw the advert or simply include the filters for each of these respirators. 


  • Snug fit
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile


  • Misleading advertisement

5. SAS 7650-61 Safety Full-face Opti-Fit Respirator

If you are looking for a spray paint respirator that will not give you problems as far as fit and comfort, this is one of the best masks to buy.

It is also adjustable and what this does is add more to your comfort.

What we liked

This mask is of great quality and we are not just saying that. Its straps are easy to loosen and tighten hence enhancing your comfort.

Its expiration regulator and filter connections perform well too. It seals perfectly and is a great fitso be ready to buy more for your friends and family.

What Could Have Been Better

The user manual for this product contains more words than pictures and this is a disadvantage because most people resonate more with visuals.

We feel that the manufacturer could have gone easy on the words and used more illustrative pictures to make understanding simpler. 


  • Comfortable fit
  • Adjustable
  • Seals perfectly


  • User manual not as illustrative

6. Honeywell Pesticide &Paint Spray Eco-friendlyHalf Mask

The Honeywell Paint Spray respirator isa reusable product designed to maximize your comfort while still protecting you from respiratory irritants.

Besides, this product fits snugly guaranteeing a dependable level of protection.

What we liked

We love that this product is versatile and that fact is noticeable instantly. Whether you are a homeowner, a professional contractor, or even a DIY lover, this respirator will be suitable for you.

It comes with a sealing flange that comes in handy when eliminating pressure points from the face. This means that you can wear this mask the entire day without feeling uncomfortable.

What Could Have Been Better

We noticed that the built-in elastic straps of this respirator for spray paint are continuously stretchable and you may, therefore, have to tighten them every now and then for a comfortable fit.

If the manufacturer had gone easy on the elastic, this would not be a problem. 


  • Versatile
  • Wide field of vision
  • Comes with replaceable cartridges and filters


  • Straps require frequent tightening which may be distracting

7. Reusable NASUM M101 Half Face Cover

If you are looking for a mask that can be worn for more than 8 hours without the need to change, this may be the perfect option for you.

It works perfectly for about 40 hours when dealing with mild solvents and 8 hours for concentrated ones.

What we liked

This product is not just a respirator; it combines the functionality of particulate and solvent respirators.

As we have previously mentioned, this mask will give you a decent amount of service before you have to changeit and we love that about it.

With a particulate filter on the outside and the carbon one on the inside, you get to protect yourself adequately with this mask.

What Could Have Been Better

There have been complaints that this respirator for spray paint smells a lot like plastic when worn. Of course, the plastic smell is not pleasant and we think that the manufacturer should have done something about that before putting this product out.


  • Comes with additional
  • Two-stage filtration process
  • Comes in two different sizes


  • Unpleasant plastic smell

8. ZW New dust-proof Paint Spraying Mask Respirator

This is a full-face respirator for spray painting with a large lens. How does this benefit you? For one, you will be able to protect your entire face from paint fumes as well as get an uninhibited view of your project.

This ZW respirator is fabricated from silicone so if comfort is key for you, it offers a great option.

What we liked

We love that this product comes with a double filtration system. This helps to reduce your breathing resistance.

The lens is huge as well so that you can get a better view of what you are working on. It features an anti-friction and anti-fog screen to ensure that nothing blocks your view.

We cannot forget that this respirator also comes with special audio equipment that allows you to communicate with others at work.

What Could Have Been Better

This product sells on large online shops like Amazon but does not ship to some countries. We feel that the manufacturer should do more to ensure that as many people as possible are able to access this respirator. 


  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable fit


  • Does not ship worldwide

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9. Reusable Half NASUM 8200 Face Cover

If you want a respirator for spray painting that can safeguard your lungs from allergens and paint fumes at a reasonable price, this is one of the options you should consider.

What we liked

This mask is a professional yet affordable option for protecting your lungs from both solvent particulate allergens.

It makes exhaling and inhaling easier since it has little resistance to breathing. We love that this respirator quickly eliminates exhaled breath to keep it cool.

What this does is add to your comfort and we are sure you will appreciate it.

What Could Have Been Better

This respirator’s user manual comes with complicated instructions and we think that the manufacturer should have used clear and simple language.


  • Ideal for all face shapes
  • Comfortable
  • Blocks out organic vapors


  • Complex user instructions

10. HXMY Reusable Anti-Dust Face Mask

If you are the kind of person that spray paints a lot, this is the perfect respirator for you. It is particularly good with automotive paint.

Purchase it today and block those harmful paint fumes from entering your body.

What we liked

We like that this mask is not only flexible but that it is also lightweight and will not weigh your face down even if you wear it all day.

It comes in a large and medium to fit different facial shapes and since it is a half mask, it will not cover your eyes. This means that it will not obstruct your vision.

What Could Have Been Better

This is a half facemask that will not protect your eyes from harmful fumes and particles. The manufacturer seems to have forgotten that the eyes need to be protected as well. 


  • Versatile
  • Fast discharge of exhaled air
  • Comes in two different sizes


  • Does not cover eyes

Buying guide for respirator for spray painting and fumes

You need to be careful as you pick the fanciest spray paint respirator available. Here are several factors you should consider as you do that.

Fit and Size

A respirator may be great but if it does not fit correctly, it will be useless. If you have a beard, you may need to shave it or if you have long hair, you have to keep it out of your face for the respirator to fit well.

You also want to know what respirator for spray paint size fits your shape face. However, the best thing to do when it comes to getting the right fit is getting a respirator that is adjustable.

This allows you to modify your mask until it fits comfortably.

HEPA and NIOSH Approval

NIOSH and HEPA are the bodies concerned as far as testing, regulating, and approving respirators is concerned.

You do not want to buy a mask that claims to filter out pollutants but does not do it. Sure, you save some money by buying respirators that are not approved but is your safety worth compromising?


You should consider getting a mask that is made from reusable or eco-friendly material. As you seek to protect yourself, you should also think about the environment.

Remember that if the environment is degraded, we are all bound to suffer.

Respirator Comfort

Adjustability is the word here. If you want comfort, you should definitely pick a respirator for spray painting that features adjustable straps.

This allows you to fit your mask in a way that makes you completely comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Respirator for Spray Painting

Here are several commonly asked questions about spray paint respirators that we feel may be of some help.

Can I use my spray painting respirators for woodworking?

Yes, you can. A respirator does its job irrespective of the task at hand. Just ensure that you use the proper filters.

How often should filters be replaced?

Wrapped filters usually have an average of 5-year shelf life. However, once opened, you should change them twice a year.

What is NIOSH?

NIOSH stands for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. It is an organization based in the US that specializes in researching and recommending to the government measures for preventing work-related illnesses and injuries.

Overall Best Pick

After careful consideration and analysis, the 3M Paint Project R6211 Respirator has to be our top pick. This is because this respirator comes from a reputable company and does a good job of hindering allergens from getting into the body.

We love that the manufacturer of this product made it with comfort and performance in mind. With this respirator, you will be able to focus on your project because it does not hinder your view.

This product is also quite affordable. Therefore, if you are looking for a respirator for spray painting that delivers great performance at a good price, this is your best option.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, we have projects that require us to use spray paint. While it is possible to hire a professional to do it, you may want to save a few coins and do it yourself.

Now, what you probably do not know is that spray paint emits a fume that could potentially harm you and that is why it is important to always wear a respirator whenever you spray paint.

Picking the best respirator for your spray painting may be a hassle and that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to put this review together.

We believe it has equipped you with all the knowledge you need to make the right purchasing decision.

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