10 Outdoor Motorcycle Covers for 2022

How much does your motorbike mean to you? We want to believe that it is a lot and if that is the case, you want it to remain in great shape.

You can ensure that is the case by employing good maintenance practices like changing its tires and oil regularly. But, you also want to protect it from all manner of elements.

That can be done using the best outdoor motorcycle covers because with such, you get to protect your bile from pollutants, rain, UV rays from the sun, and scratches.

If you are interested in getting your hands on one, this guide will come in handy so you may want to stick around.

Best Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

Comparison of the Best Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

We intend to be as comprehensive as can be with this guide and that will require you to read a lot. Perhaps that is not something you can do and we get it.

That is why we put together the following comparison table to help you make a conscious choice without having to read the entire review.

RankingProduct NameMaterialBrand
1XYZCTEM Waterproof Sun Motorcycle CoverFabricXYZCTEM
2XYZCTEM Motorcycle CoverFabricXYZCTEM
3Badass Moto Gear Waterproof Motorcycle CoverPolyurethaneBadass Moto
4Favoto Motorcycle CoverPolyesterFavoto
5Velmia Motorcycle CoverSoft inner materialVelmia
6Guardian ByDowco – Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle CoverPolyesterDowco
7WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle CoverNylonWDLHQC
8Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle CoverCottonNuzari
9AngLink Waterproof Motorcycle CoverABSAnglink
10XYZCTEM Waterproof Motorcycle CoverAluminumXYZCTEM

Are you now ready to choose a high-quality outdoor motorcycle cover? We believe you are. Here are some of the options you get to choose from in the market.

1. XYZCTEM Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover

We begin our list with this unit that comes in a universal fit meaning that it can be used on different bikes. That is a good start, no?

Anyway, the cover is made from quality material that is water repellent, non, abrasive, and lightweight. We love that about it.


  • Built to offer durability
  • Made of water-resistant material
  • Lightweight hence portable


  • The material could be thicker

2. XYZCTEM Motorcycle Cover

This is yet another cover from XYZCTEM stable and just like the one we have previously discussed, it comes with a universal fit and is made to offer durability.

Other than that, it features breathable fabric to release water and heat instead of trapping them. However, what we loved most about it is that it is lightweight hence portable.


  • Comes with breathable fabric
  • Easy on the face
  • Has a universal fit


  • The material appears to be quite flimsy

3. Badass Moto Gear Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Badass? That right there caught our attention and true to the name, this cover does come with an impressive level of sturdiness and waterproof protection.

It also features a stylish design so if you are one to exhibit your taste, this is the cover for you. Another thing we love about it is that it comes with reflective strips to increase visibility in low-light conditions.


  • Comes in a stylish design
  • Offers superior waterproofing
  • Built to offer sturdiness


  • Black cover tends to fade especially under sunlight

4. Favoto Motorcycle Cover

If you want a premium-quality motorcycle cover, you have to consider this particular one simply because it is made from first-rate polyester fabric with a silver coating.

Other than that, the cover comes with 2-lock holes that act as an anti-theft mechanism. It also comes with a storage bag that allows you to save on space and keep the cover clean.


  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Comes with a storage bag for easy storage
  • Features reflective strips for increased visibility


  • Not waterproof

5. Velmia Motorcycle Cover

One of the things that stood out most about this piece for us was how sturdy it was. That translates to longevity as well. It is made from high-quality materials for all-weather use.

Moving away from that, the cover is scratch-resistant and breathable to allow moisture to get out and offer ventilation. We love that the cover comes with a soft inner material that safeguards from paint scratches.


  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Scratch-resistant and breathable
  • Heat-resistant and waterproof


  • Not as durable

6. Guardian ByDowco – Indoor/Outdoor Motorcycle Cover

Now, one thing we can tell for sure about this motorcycle cover is that it does not miss features. It is breathable, waterproof, and durable among other things.

Moving away from that, the cover offers complete UV protection so you can worry less about any damages that could be caused by UV rays.

We noticed that it features a reflective vent system as well to increase its visibility in the dark and we love that about it as well.


  • Protection from UV rays
  • Comes with a water-repellent finish
  • Designed to be longlasting


  • Customer care could be better

7. WDLHQC Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

One thing you will certainly get when you purchase this unit is a snug ad secure fit. How so? It comes with an elastic cord around the bottom and an adjustable buckle strap for those windy days.

You also get a storage bag along with the cover to not only help you stay organized but to protect the cover itself from damage.

What we loved most about it nonetheless is that it is a universal fit making it perfect for not just one motorcycle.


  • Can fit different motorcycles
  • Made from premium material
  • Features a storage bag


  • Could be thicker

8. Nuzari Heavy Duty Motorcycle Cover

You see, when you throw a cover over your bike, there is a likelihood that it will be blown over by wind but not with this one. It comes with a tight elastic bottom and luggage strap to ensure that you never have to worry about that.

Another great thing about the cover is that it comes with an interior heat shield to prevent it from burning from your bike’s hot pipes. We love that it is lockable as well to prevent theft and that it comes with reflective strips for increased visibility at night.


  • Elastic bottom for additional security
  • Comes with a windscreen protector
  • Highly visible reflective strips


  • Could be packaged better

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9. AngLink Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Premium quality fabric is what we are working with here and because of that, this bike cover can withstand extreme water pressure. In addition to that, the inner layer is waterproof to prevent water and moisture from damaging your motorcycle.

We also found the fact that the cover comes with safety lock holes to reduce the risk of theft to be quite ingenious but what we found most appealing about the unit is that it comes with a reflective strip to help increase its visibility in low-light conditions.


  • Features anti-theft lock holes
  • Rust-resistant performance
  • Designed to fit multiple bikes


  • A bit on the heavier side

10. XYZCTEM Waterproof Motorcycle Cover

Finally, we have this cover, and guess what? It is from the XYZCTEM stable again and at this point, we are sold on the notion that the brand is something to reckon with in the industry.

It is a full coverage option that will protect your bike from anything from bird droppings to water damage from the rain. Moreover, it features breathable material to allow free flow of air and the release of moisture.

Nonetheless, what we loved most about it is that it is extremely easy to put on and remove thus helping you save on time.


  • Full coverage protection
  • Easy to install
  • Offers breathability


  • Not for heavy-duty use

Buying Guide – How to Choose the Outdoor Motorcycle Covers

You need to think about the features that your motorcycle cover of choice should have because that determines whether you get a good deal or not.

Here is what you need to consider.

Water Resistance

There is no denying that your motorcycle will be exposed to moisture and water at some point and that is why you need to get a water-resistant cover.

Now, you want to note that there is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant. You want to go for waterproofing because it offers more protection.

UV Protection

UV rays from the sun are not only damaging to your skin, but they can also damage your motorcycle. By that, we mean that you could end up with a faded finish or paint job.

A motorcycle cover should protect your bike from the same so be sure to look for one that offers UV protection.

Heat Resistance

It is important for the cover you pick to come with a heat-resistant coating because motorcycles produce a lot of heat that can otherwise melt the fabric used to make the cover.

With a heat-resistant cover, you can throw it over your motorcycles even if it hasn’t completely cooled down.

Quality of Material

Most motorcycle covers are made of nylon and understandably so because the material is waterproof and lightweight.

However, if you are looking for longevity, you may want to opt for a more durable material like polyester.

To ensure that it comes with waterproofing, you can get one with reinforced nylon as this also reduces abrasion.

Cover Visibility

This is an important aspect to consider especially if you park your bike outside when it is dark. A cover with reflective strips or material will be visible to other vehicles and people

It will therefore be less likely to get hit while parked.

Cover Size

You want to get a cover that will fit your motorbike but sometimes, that is easier said than done. In that regard, we would encourage you to opt for something bigger that you can adjust to and nothing smaller.

You see, with an oversize one, you can customize the size using buckles and elastic bands but with one that is too small, that will be impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions regarding the best outdoor motorcycle covers? We bet you do, and to that effect, we have tackled several commonly asked ones here to give you a clearer insight.

Are motorcycle covers worth it?

Yes, they are. Whether you park your bike indoors or outdoors, it is important to invest in a cover as it will protect your motorcycle from things like dust, UV rays from the sun, and water damage from rain.

The cover also keeps your bike inconspicuous from potential thieves.

Can I leave my motorcycle outside during the winter?

Yes, you can as long as it has adequately been prepared for that kind of weather. All you need to do is ensure that the bike is protected using a waterproof cover to obstruct any moisture or water from getting into the motorcycle and causing damage.

Do motorcycle covers cause corrosion?

No, they do not. Instead, they are supposed to protect themselves from the same. Some of these covers are designed to repel water that can directly come into contact with the bike. A good cover also protects against condensation that could cause mold or rust.

Which is the Overall best cover?

We cannot single out one in particular as the best because there are many outstanding products in the market. Instead, we would advise you to look out for features such as durability, waterproofing, and breathability while shopping to ensure that you get the best deal and value for your money.

After analyzing all the products we have reviewed, we feel that the XYZCTEM Waterproof Sun Motorcycle Cover is our top pick.

First, it comes from a reputable brand with many positive reviews and as you may have realized, we have more products that made it to our list from the same manufacturer.

Moving on swiftly, the cover is a universal fit making it ideal for most motorcycles. It is also made from lightweight material making it portable.

What we loved most about it is that it is made from durable material to give you years of impressive service.

Final Thoughts

A good motorcycle does not come cheap so it does make sense for you as an owner to everything that you can to ensure that yours remains in good condition.

One of the best ways you can do that is by investing in a first-rate outdoor motorcycle cover because with that, you get to protect your bile from things like water damage, UV ray exposure, and accidental scratches as well as theft.

Now that you have all the information in the guide at your disposal, we do not see why you should make the most out of it and pick wisely.

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