The 5 Best Motorcycle Security Chains 2022

Motorcycle theft is a heinous crime that happens in seconds. One minute you have your bike outside and the next minute it’s gone. This happens even with security links on.

So, what kinds of security chains keep your motorbike safe? The brands of chain locks in the market are uncountable. Yet only a few will keep your automobile secure. You need assurance that what you’re buying is going to work, right?

Check out our top recommendations of the best motorcycle security chains that prove to be safe and crime-proof.

Best Motorcycle Security Chains

Motorcycle Security Chains: Comparison

In this section, we give an unbiased review of secure chain locks and their unique features. However, if you are a skimmer, we have a top list with all the products for your quick look.

RankingProduct NameMaterialLock Type
1Kryptonite New York Chain 1415 and Disc LockMAX Performance steel shackleU-lock
2Titanker 3.3ft Chain Lock for BikeAlloy SteelCombination Lock
3ABUS 6’’ Square Chain for Maximum SecurityNylon, Alloy SteelKey Lock, Combination Lock
4Kryptonite Chain New York 14mm Shackle
5AKM Heavy Duty Security Bike LockAlloy SteelCombination Lock

If you need to buy a best security chain, these are some of the quick (important) factors worth keeping in mind:

  • Thickness and length of chain
  • Ease of lock and unlocking
  • Chain material and
  • Cutting resistance of the metal.

Here’s a list and details reviews of five strongest motorcycle security chains for a well-secured motorbike.

1. Kryptonite New York Chain 1415 and Disc Lock

The 14mm chain links are six-sided, tough, and won’t easily go through the angle grinder. Indeed, this chain from Kryptonite is made of hardened manganese steel for maximum strength.

Besides, a durable nylon protective cover ensures that the chains neither scratch the surfaces nor expose them for manipulation. It also has a hook and loop for attachment.

We like that it also comes with a high-end New York disc padlock with a 15mm steel shackle for maximum security. The oval toughened steel crossbar on the lock ensures that it does not give in to manipulation.

What’s more, the double deadbolt lock system provides the general holding power to avoid twists and hammer impact. Besides that, a dust cover, anti-drill, and against pull protection system ensure high security without any manipulation loops.


  • Sturdy
  • Easy to use
  • 1 LED key knob
  • Strong anti-drill, no-pull lock


  • Lock takes time to open

2. Titanker 3.3ft Chain Lock for Bike, Gate, Door, and Motorcycle

The 6mm thick heavy-duty chains are not easy to cut through and they provide extra security for your bike. The shielding cloth sleeve ensures that it does not scratch or rust and protects the keyhole from exposure to dust and rain.

You also need to lubricate the keyhole to keep it in an excellent working state. While locking doesn’t use keys, you need one during the opening.

It is a simple yet stable lock, that is lightweight (1.4lbs), easy to carry around, and secure to attach around anchor areas because of the convenient length. That’s not all, it’s a budget-friendly chain so you don’t have to worry about leaving your bike without any security.


  • Inexpensive
  • Light in weight
  • Very portable
  • Easy lock and unlock


  • Keep off less-crowded areas

3. ABUS 6’’ Square Chain for Maximum Security of your Motorcycle

We all like assurance that your security devices can hold up to manipulation. This chain is made of hardened steel with a corrosion-resistant coating for outdoor use.

The square chain links are resistant to bolt cutters, hammer and hand saw attacks that make it an excellent anti-theft chain. On the other hand, the nylon sleeve prevents scratches on the chrome and paint finish.

Besides, the various Granit and disc locks from OSHA with keyed and resettable combinations ensure maximum security.

We appreciate that the stable material construction is persistent against tool attacks and will slow down thieves on their mission to steal.


  • Sturdy
  • Quality disc and Granit locks
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Value for money


  • Heavy

4. Kryptonite Motorcycle Security Chain New York 14mm Shackle with Cinch Ring

The six-sided 12mm chain links provide maximum strength and security. It is made of hardened manganese steel which makes it sturdy and highly cut-resistant.

Besides, the presence of cinch loops makes lock up easy without using lengths of chain. Long-lasting protective nylon shields the chain from rust and scratches and provides hook-n-loop attachment.

Furthermore, the 12mm chain links combine with EVS4 disc lock whose 14mm shackle provides maximum-security performance. With the disc cylinder, a protection system for dust and against pull manipulation ensures top-notch security.

We like that this security system provides three keys with one having an LED light indicator. Yet, in case of a loss, the company will still provide an extra pair for replacement.


  • Cinch loops
  • Tough sleeves
  • LED light indicator
  • Cut-resistant shackles


  • Heavy

5. AKM Heavy Duty Security Bike Lock

The 10mm square link chain provides high security and withstands aggressive attacks like hand saws, drills, and sledgehammers. It’s sturdy enough to slow down any forced attacks and the thieves may just give up and leave.

It’s made of alloy and hardened steel. Furthermore, it is a great option for locking motorbikes, tricycles, grills, and electric cars.

Besides, the nylon casing cover ensures protection against scratches, rust, and easy manipulation. We like that the strong U lock provides double security reinforcement to prevent keyhole access and is a great option for areas with a moderate crime.


  • Sturdy
  • Top-notch U locks
  • Cut resistant chain
  • Lengthy


  • Difficult to carry around

Buying Guide for Motorcycle Security Chains

Motorcycle thieves are swift in action when they notice gaps in your security detail. You need a strong anti-theft system that stops intruders from going anywhere around your bike.

So, what are some of the important features of a well-secured system? Here is what you need to look for in a motorcycle security chain. Have a look.

Construction material

Chains made of hardened steel are resistant to manipulation by saws, hammers, and drills. You should therefore select your chain based on the size. A 10mm steel chain is thick and resistant to bolt cutter attempts than a 6mm chain.

So, depending on where you keep your bike, you need a stable chain whose grinding is slow and takes time to break. It should also be stable and corrosion-free for durability and service.

Alarm system

An alarm trigger is a direct scare to intruders. Security chains with this feature are excellent for keeping thieves off your bike tracks.

Type of lock

Locks are subject to manipulation. However, some locks come with anti-theft features and body that take time for a thief to penetrate.

Ease of using the lock system

Having a combination of two or three security systems ensures heightened surveillance. A chain system together with a key or resettable combination system should work fine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Motorcycle Security Chain

In this section, we react to common questions about motorcycle chains and lock systems. We hope to inform your knowledge of motorbike security. Here we go.

What chain cannot be cut with bolt cutters?

A square link chain is tough and the framework makes it hard for a bolt cutter to work through. It may take some time to cut, but the bike owner would be on alert already.

Can bolt cutters cut through hardened steel?

Bolt cutters take a few minutes to cut through shackles, chains, and locks of hardened steel. That’s

why you need to pack your motorcycle in a busy area to avoid someone lurking around.

Which Is Best #1 – Our Final Verdict

All our products ensure the time-to-time safety of your motorbike from thieves. However, Kryptonite New York Chain 1415 and Disc Lock is our top pick. The 14mm chain link is resistant to tampering by angle grinders, hammers, and drills.

It is also easy to use together with the New York padlock with its 15mm shackles; they ensure maximum security for bikes, motorcycles, and cars.

Wrap Up

Your bike’s security is paramount especially if you come from areas of moderate to high crime activities. You never know when the intruders will visit. Invest in a heavy-duty motorcycle chain lock today. Check out our best motorcycle security chains and find out what works best for you.

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