9 Most Comfortable Motorcycle Seats For Long Rides

If you’ve ever traveled long distances on a motorcycle, then you know that it doesn’t take very long to figure out where the pressure points of your motorcycle seat are. It also doesn’t take long for your butt to begin to hurt, especially if your seat is worn out or offers no padding. 

Sure, you may not always ride long distances, but even if you’re riding your motorcycle a short distance every day, you may begin to feel some discomfort in certain areas. Finding a comfortable motorcycle seat can make a world of difference on long or short-distance rides. It will allow you to ride more without needing to stop and it makes it more enjoyable.

One thing to remember is that you need to find a seat that matches your style of riding and comfort. Those who don’t ride a lot can likely get away with a standard seat, but those who ride for hours per week or even hours per day may consider something of higher quality.

Long-distance riders should look for a good balance of comfort and support to reduce the risk of injury or long-term back damage. We suggest a seat with a backrest or lumbar support. 

With that being said, here are our top picks for the most comfortable motorcycle seats.

Best Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance

Best Motorcycle Seats For Long Distance Rides

1. Saddlemen Roadsofa – Best For Harley

This was our top pick for the most comfortable motorcycle seat because it has pillowtop material in the seat for maximum comfort. 

The Saddlemen Roadsofa is specifically for Harley motorcycles years 2008-2022. We like it because of the pillow top material. If you know anything about pillow tops, then you know that it’s one of the most comfortable mattress materials you can get. Put this in a motorcycle seat and you’ve got me hooked. 

This seat features lumbar support for the driver and wide driver saddle support for the back and legs for optimal comfort. The Saddlegel reduces tailbone pressure and increases circulation and comfort for both rider and driver. Since this seat has a split cushion design, it separates the seating surface and allows more room for both rider and driver. 

We found that the seat is well-ventilated, so you don’t have to be concerned with a wet bottom from riding in warm weather. There are also add-ons you can choose from such as high/low seat heaters and matching passenger backtest. Some may wonder why you would want heated seats if you mainly ride in warm weather.

Brand Fitment: Harley-Davidson
Year Fitment2008-2022 

Well, not everybody sticks to warm weather riding. We’ve witnessed a special breed of riders who will ride in cold weather conditions. They will ride until the salt hits the pavement. If you know anything about riding, then you know you shouldn’t ride with salt on the road as it can eat away at the bike parts.


  • Gelcore technology
  • Optimal lumbar support
  • Split seating


  • Pricey

Good Alternative – XFMT Low-Profile Leather Seat


2. HTTMT Driver Passenger Seat – Best Universal Seat

This is quite a stylish seat and is compatible with just about any motorcycle as long as you purchase the refit and modification pieces required for your bike.

We like it because it gives the riders the performance they need when long-distance traveling. It’s designed with everyday comfort in mind and offers a great balance of support and padding. It has a comfortable leather non-slip cover, which we thought was stylish. 

We found it to be functional without the added bells and whistles. There’s nothing fancy about it. Even with the modification kit, installation is easy. It adds a sleek look to your motorcycle without distracting from the bike’s overall appearance. The seat has a black vinyl cover on it with no fancy designs. 

This is a double seat. You can ride on your own or bring a partner. The ergonomic shape of the front seat is slim and the back portion has a comfortable cushion that’s perfect for passengers. We’ve seen some double seats that were insanely uncomfortable on both the back and legs, but we can’t say the same for this particular seat. 


  • Double seat
  • Leather cover
  • Non-slip
  • Supportive cushioning


  • Does Not Fit All Bikes Easily

3. Mustang One-Piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat – Best For Touring

When you’re traveling long distances, it’s imperative that you’re comfortable. If you aren’t, you’ll find yourself stopping frequently, delaying your traveling time. With the Mustang One-Piece Wide Touring Seat, you won’t have this issue. This was one seat that we were particularly impressed with. 

This motorcycle seat is one of the best for long-distance touring riding. The ultra contoured front seat is perfect for riders who enjoy long hours of constant driving. You don’t have to worry about back discomfort either. The 18-inch design allows the driver to have plenty of space, comfort, and support. 

There’s an attached passenger seat that’s specially designed to angle forward and give extra support to whoever is sitting there.

The forward extension of the passenger seat has built-in support wings to ensure comfort, especially when riding long distances. The seat is made of marine-grade fiberglass in the baseplate and a durable vinyl cover. There are also rubber bumpers to help reduce vibration. 


  • Durable materials
  • Easy to install


  • Height may take some time to get used

4. Mustang Motorcycle One-Piece Wide Seat Vintage Touring 76641

Did you know that your motorcycle seat is the main component that determines your comfort when riding?

Mustang Motorcycle- One-Piece Seat is a good option to consider if you want to replace your current motorcycle seat with a more comfortable and better supporting seat.

The One-Piece Straddle

It is a one-piece studded straddle having two sections, the driver seat part and passenger seat part. The front is 18 inches wide while the passenger seat is 12 inches wide.

Though it is more expensive than other brands in the market, the price difference is small.

Deeply Contoured

The driver seat is deeply contoured. In addition, the passenger seat supports the riders back by extending forward.

Also, the passenger seat has built-in support wings. The seat comes with a durable vinyl cover. Worth noting is that the seat is manufactured with rubber bumpers which help in minimizing vibration.

Besides that, it is easy to install it and fits right. It takes a couple of minutes to unscrew your old seat and replace it with this one. The downside is that the product warranty information is not very clear.


  • very comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Competitive price


  • Seat replacements are generally expensive

5. Alaska Leather-Pillion Sheepskin Buttpad – Motorcycle Seat Pad

Comfort is of the essence when riding a motorcycle, especially over a long distance. Alaska Leather-Pillion motorcycle seat is made in Alaska USA and is a perfect way to boost your current seat. It has many attributes and benefits.

Authentic Material

The pad is made from 100% sheepskin, with no synthetic additions, just the straps and the wool being dyed black. The sheepskin pad is made by being contoured to fit the seat dimensions and sheared to about 1″.

The underside is left uncovered to give the pad grip and avoid the pad from sliding on the motorcycle seat.

The Ability to Retain Warmth

Naturally, a sheep’s temperature is regulated by its skin. The skin retains warmth during winter and breathes during the winter. In addition, sheepskin repels moisture naturally.

Alaska Leather-Pillion motorcycle seat is 100% sheepskin. Therefore it is warm during winter and cool during the summer, and it repels moisture.

It comes with an adjustable elastic strap for fitting on your motorcycle seat. It is very easy to install the pad. Simply strap it onto the seat.

One hitch with this pad is that it is only designed to fit the rider’s section of the seat. You may need two pieces if you intend to cover the passenger’s side too. Also, it is thin.


  • Very affordable
  • Made from 100% genuine sheepskin
  • It is always the right temperature, it never heats up or gets too cold
  • It is very comfortable
  • Fits well


  • You may need to buy two pieces if you intend to pad the passenger section as well
  • The padding is thinner than other cushion pads in the market

6. Air Seat Innovations-Motorcycle Cushion Seat Pad

Air Seat Innovations-Motorcycle cushions are designed to give comfortable riding experiences.

It is an air cushion where it’s with foams or gel layers. It is designed with compressed air pockets which adjust to your shape.

The patented air pocket technology, lets pressure be relieved from hotspots namely scrotum, tailbone and prostate area on your body.

Durable Neoprene

The pad is made from durable neoprene rubber and not polyurethane. Neoprene rubber is more durable than polyurethane plastic. Pad has a non-slip bottom lining for proper grip during rides.

The product comes in two parts, the pad, and the cushion cover. The cover is breathable and stretchable material, minimizing humidity and sweat.

Shock Absorbent Design

The pad also absorbs vibrations and shocks experienced from long rides due to road, engine or terrain.

The cushion is competitively priced with quite small price variations from other brands in the market.

Besides that, it is very easy to mount the pad. The valve is inflated using your mouth. Then the straps are easily mounted on the seat.

The pad fits many models of motorcycles including Harley’s, Sports Touring, among others.


  • It comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Competitive price
  • Made from durable materials
  • The pad has a non-slip bottom
  • The design prevents pressure in hotspot areas in the body


  • It takes a little bit of time to get used to the pad. It has a different feel from the usual motorcycle seat.
  • One-size fits all

7. Mustang Motorcycle Seats-Two-piece Wide Vintage Touring Seat 76191

Mustang Motorcycle Seats-Two-piece seats are made in the USA by Mustang which has a reputation for manufacturing durable and comfortable motorcycle seats.

They are designed to improve the comfort levels of the motorcycle, making it perfect for long rides.

Two-piece Design

It is a two-piece, meaning each seat comes with two seats. One seat for the driver while the other seat is for the passenger. The seats are attached together.

It comes with a studded style featuring a studded skirt that has conchos and a braid made to extend below the seat edge. The cover is made from premium-quality vinyl. The seat is finished with braided edge trim.

Lumbar Support

The passenger seat provides lumbar support to the rider of the motorcycle by extending forward. The seat does not lower or raise the seat height.

Very easy to install seat on your motorcycle, you simply unscrew the old seat and screw this one in its place.

Replacing a seat is generally quite expensive. If your budget is tight and your motorcycle seat is in good condition but uncomfortable, then you can consider the other option of buying pads/cushions.


  • Mustang is a popular brand
  • Excellent back support
  • It is competitively priced
  • Durable
  • Very comfortable and ideal for long rides


  • It is quite expensive to buy

8. Conformax Topper Ultra-Flex Motorcycle Gel Seat Cushion

Comfort by Conformax Topper is manufactured in the USA. The seat is made from a combination of gel and foam.

It is manufactured by placing a layer of gel on top of a layer of foam. The gel reshapes to suit the rider of the motorbike. The layer of foam provides support while also absorbing vibrations and shocks.

The cushions offer lumbar support and rear buttocks support in addition to bone protection of the hips and buttocks.

Classing & Ultra-Flex

They have two designs to suit your personal preferences, Classic and Ultra-flex design. They also have standard seats or Airmax seats.

Both models have airflow and ventilation, to give you comfortable and cool rides but the Air max seat has better airflow and ventilation than the standard model. They also have two types of fastenings, to choose from.

They have eleven sizes on offer to suit your needs and your motorcycle fittings.

Powerful Seat Cover

The seat cover is strong and can withstand long rides. In addition, the seat reduces heat buildup when the motorcycle is in the sun.

The seat is designed with a non-slip bottom to reduce sliding while on the motorcycle. Installing the cushion is easy and fast.

Many models are good, but the customer requires time to understand the features of the different models to be able to make a choice.


  • It is very comfortable over long distances
  • The cover is meshed providing excellent ventilation
  • Excellent back support
  • It is affordable
  • Multiple styles and various sizes to choose from


  • Too many choices can be confusing to a customer and requires time to make a choice

9. Sargent-Motorcycle Seat World Sport Performance

Sargent-Motorcycle Seat is a perfect replacement seat for the OEM. Most OEM seats are associated with discomfort.

Awesome Design

The seat is made using state of the art technology. It uses a combination of superior materials plus computer design techniques and advanced digital modeling for superior comfort. The seat is of high-quality comfortable and lightweight.

The seats are gel-free, reducing the added weight that comes with gel cushions. The model fits Suzuki DR650S. The seat fits well on the motorcycle and has a good finish, look, and it is wider.

Firm & Shock-Absorbent

They are made from supercell atomic foam suspension, which offers firmness and absorbs shock and vibration.

The shape of the seat distributes weight evenly across your buttocks, reducing the chance of pressure accumulating in few hotspot areas.

Making them ideal for long distance travel. The hand sewn cushion cover is made from marine-grade mildew resistant UV-stabilized CarbonFX vinyl.

They are easy to install on your motorcycle.

The cushions are much cheaper than other seats in the market.


  • CarbonFX Vinyl handmade cushion cover for durability
  • The cushion itself is made from SuperCell atomic form for boosting comfort during rides
  • The cushion eliminates forward slopes.
  • They are easy and fast to install on your motorcycle
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Good customer reviews


  • It is not a one-size fit all but made for a particular brand of motorcycle

Buying Guide to Motorcycle Seat for Long Distance

Motorcycle seats come in different shapes and sizes. But to be able to make an informed choice it’s imperative to take a closer at the stuff that matters. We’re talking about craftsmanship, quality, and materials.

To do that, let’s understand the specific factors to look into based on the anatomy of a motorcycle seat.

Comfort Features

Always make sure the seat you’re going for comes with all the comfort features you need to enjoy the ride. In particular, you want to only settle for a seat with stress-relieving features for your prostate, scrotum, and tailbone.

Passenger Seat Support

Are you planning to carry a passenger on your bike? Look for a seat that’ designed to provide the appropriate lumbar support for them. In particular, you want something that’s deeply contoured and angled for that role.

Ease of Use

Who said you have to spend an entire day installing a new long distance seat? Some seats are designed to be extremely easy to use. Some even come with a quick-release strap for simplified installation and removal.


Like with any other valued possession, it’s important to have assurance against manufacturing flaws. So, always prioritize going for a motorcycle seat with a warranty over one without.

Final Thoughts

We know all too well that investing in a good motorcycle takes lots of research. To this end, we hope that the analysis shared above will help you make a solid choice.

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