The Best Motorcycle Helmet for Round Head 2022

Whether you are an all-time rider or a one-time off-road biker, you need the right helmet size for each trip. Your safety comes first in each case. Determining the right size is not enough, as you also need to be sure about the shape of your head.

Arguments keep arising on whether you can have a perfect round helmet. But here’s the thing. Specific manufacturers are making countless round helmets. These kinds of headgear receive the impact better while still protecting the rider’s head from injuries compared to other shapes.

If you have a round head or a slightly round oval head, these helmets will offer you the safety and comfort that you need. Just be sure about your size. Here is our top unbiased best motorcycle helmet for round head.

Best Motorcycle Helmet for Round Head

Motorcycle Helmet for Round Head: Comparison

In this section, we give a brief overview of top-rated round motorcycle helmets and their remarkable features for comfort and protection. However, if you won’t read through the chunks of text, our comparison table provides an inclusive detail of each product and its features. Have a look.

RankingProduct NamePackage DimensionsWeight
11storm Modular Flip Up with Dual Visor X-Large Round Helmet14.5 x 11.1 x 11 inches5.04 pounds
2Bell Qualifier Glossy Black Round Motorcycle Helmet15.28 x 11.34 x 11.42 inches4.5 pounds
3ScorpionExo Covert half-size design unisex for adults1 x 1 x 1 inches3.97 pounds
4Daytona open face helmets9.5 x 8.63 x 9.13 inches2.15 Pounds
5YEMA YM-627 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet13 x 10.5 x 10.5 inches2.6 pounds
6LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet13.78 x 10.79 x 8.15 inches3 pounds

A round helmet should fit properly without twisting or falling when you turn your head. A fitting helmet will not tire the rider. Instead, you experience coziness and protection and you won’t be anxious about getting to your destination.

Here is a in-depth review of motorcycle helmet for round head that you need to try for the right fit and a great riding experience.

1. 1storm Modular Flip Up with Dual Visor X-Large Round Helmet

This helmet with dual visor functionality offers protection from the sun and ensures maximum ventilation. The dual visor is adjustable and is easy to remove or install back.

On the other hand, the tough aerodynamic polycarbonate shell and the high-density EPS material shield against impact and meet all DOT standards.

It is a full-face helmet with six vents for sufficient air circulation and the presence of removable inner pads and liner makes it easy to clean and maintain the inside freshness.

We like that the modular switches allow for flexibility between the smoked inner visor for sunshade and the clear outer one for all-day functionality. What’s more, it is easy to buckle up for flexibility in fitting or removing and it is acreative design that offers both comfort and safety


  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable
  • Dual visor functionality
  • Impact-resistant


  • Fogging obscures vision

2. Bell Qualifier Glossy Black Round Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet is an excellent option for street scooter riders, touring motorcycles, and motorcycle sport riders. It comes with a clear shield only but you have an option of a tinted shield that is for self-installation.

Besides, the 4.5lbs ABS shell is light on your shoulders and is noise-proof because of the padded wind neckline that reduces wind turbulence.

Moreover, the shield is UV protected and requires no tools for replacement. It is an easy click-release system and fogging is preventable. On the other hand, you can easily adjust the velocity of airflow and control the ventilation of the helmet.

We appreciate that the quality standards meet both DOT and CARB.


  • Lightweight
  • High impact resistant
  • Value for money
  •  Noiseless


  • Extra costs for tinted visor

3. ScorpionExo Covert half-size design unisex for adults 

This is another great option for off-road bikers, street motor scooters, utility vehicles, and so on. The helmet offers double protection with the strong LG polycarbonate shell and the dual-layered EPS material.

Although the ever-clear sun visors are adjustable, the retractable tinted modular regulates light conditions to avoid eyestrain from direct sunlight. On the other hand, the EverClear coating prevents fogging.

Besides, the Kwikwick II cloth liner ensures it’s dry, airy, and comfortable in all weather conditions. The inner liner is also removable and cleanable to maintain it odor-free.

We like that the double D-ring lock ensures the helmet fits snugly in place.


  • DOT certification
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality chin straps
  • Comfortable


  • No space for Bluetooth device attachment

4. Daytona open face helmets

This ¾-shell helmet with an open face fits right and tightly. The various size ranges allow different head sizes to fit so that everyone has a perfect match.

It is a low-profile headgear with 100% DOT approved for safety and standards. Furthermore, the chin straps are adjustable forward or towards the back so that you don’t pinch yourself or distract your hair. It also has an easy buckle-up system.

We like that the shell design fits so well on the rider’s head. Not just that, the snap-on shiny bubble visor shields your eyes from direct sunlight. It is also inexpensive which makes it economical to purchase.


  • Value for money
  • Light in weight
  • Contours your head shape
  • Creative design


  • Slight size variation from the size chart

5. YEMA YM-627 Open Face Motorcycle Helmet

Apart from excellent fitting, the 3/4 shell design provides a clear view and is suitable for street bikes, scooters, choppers, et cetera. It has both the inner tinted visors and the outer clear shield that ensure wide visibility.

Besides, the adjustable vents provide a constant air circulation that keeps the rider comfortable and cool. The liners and pads are also removable and washable to maintain a cool odorless environment.

Moreover, the strong aerodynamic ABS shell with the EPS cushion ensures extra comfort and protection. We like that the helmet still provides enough space if you prefer to have glasses on.

The price is also affordable, the helmet is under $100.


  • The matte black finish looks great
  • Nice fit
  • Range in sizes
  • Economical to buy


  • The sizing chart may not match with the size

6. LS2 Rebellion Motorcycle Half Helmet

This is a great ¾-shell design helmet with twin modular drop-down visors. The shield is adjustable to close halfway down or lock fully to protect you from direct sunlight.

The outer shell is made of a tough polymer alloy that not only looks good but also highly protective. Since you can open the modular halfway down, it is a great helmet for hot weather.

What’s more, the Bluetooth installation in this helmet allows for intercommunication between the riders or rider to passenger. Besides, the KPA shell is lined with a high-density EPS material for comfort and safety and afast buckle and release chin straps allow for easy fit and loosening.



  • Pricey                      

Buying Guide for Round Head Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet that fits should not create hotspots. Neither should it change position when you move your head. Apart from the circumference, you need to be sure about your head’s shape.

Round-heads can have the best fitting helmets without leaving unnecessary space inside. Here are some factors to consider for the right fit.

Head shape

The shape of your head determines the shape of your helmet. Most helmets are either round, round oval, or oval. You should choose what fits your head shape without creating red spots or feeling too tight.

Shell design

Round-head motorcycle helmets are either full-faceor ¾ shell design. ¾ shell designs fit according to your head’s contour, while most full-face helmets fit round or round oval headswithout slipping. Let another person look at you and tell you about your head shape.

Ease of buckling up

Comfort comes with a properly fitting helmet. Ensure that the chin straps and lock system secure the helmet properly on your head to ensure it does not slip or change positions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Round Head Helmets

We respond to common questions concerning round motorcycle helmets. Check out what we have to say for each question and our response for all related areas.

Do motorcycle helmets loosen up?

The inner pads and lining lose their tenacity over time. That’s why some companies offer replacement liners within the warranty period.

How do I know what size helmet to buy?

You need to take the circumference of your head. With those measurements, make sure to fit your helmet around an in-store and if you buy it online, refer to the sizing chart. You may need to buy one size larger if you order from an online store.

Which Is Best – Our Final Verdict

From our list of products, our top pick is 1storm Modular Flip Up with Dual Visor X-Large Round Helmet. It is comfortable, lightweight and the dual visors offer maximum protection. The tough shell also ensures real protection from head injuries through the easy buckle and secure system.

Any round head should fit perfectly in this helmet.


We have top-quality helmets from top-rated manufacturers and your purchase will be worth every coin. Check out our selection of best motorcycle helmets for round heads and do not forget to click on your favorite.

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