10 Best Motorcycle GoPro 2022 Latest, Updated

Long distance motorcycle seat – check. Helmet – check, tires – check. But have you got the best GoPro for motorcycle helmet?

Well, if you like to record your trips or to capture great moments along the way, you need to invest in the best photography gear.

As you know, GoPro cameras offer slightly more advantages compared to other ordinary cameras. Just to give you a few awesome benefits, consider the following:

  • GoPro cameras are small yet rugged
  • They generally have good photo/video quality
  • They are light in weight
  • Generally easy to use

So, you want to make sure your GoPro is safely tucked on your helmet. And that way, you’ll have the freedom to record stuff and take photos even as you enjoy the ride.

Best Motorcycle GoPro

Best Motorcycle GoPro For Video – Comparison

Here now is a run-down of some affordable GoPro for motorcyclists. We’ve also included a detailed explanation below to help you make an informed bet.

RankingProduct NameDimensionsWeight
1GoPro HERO — Waterproof Digital Action Camera1.8 x 2.4 x 1.3 inches4.2 ounces
2Contour ROAM3 Waterproof HD Video Camera (Black)7 x 5.2 x 1.8 inches13.6 ounces
3Campark ACT74 16MP 4K Action Camera9.7 x 4.6 x 2.8 inches17.6 ounces
4GoPro HERO Session Waterproof Digital Action Camera1.5 x 1.5 x 1.4 inches2.56 ounces
5Ion 1011L Air Pro Lite Wi-Fi Camera1.4 x 1.4 x 1.4 inches4.5 ounces
6Crosstour Action Camera 4K WiFi Underwater Cam 16MP2.4 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches2.24 ounces
7GoPro Hero5 Black (E-Commerce Packaging)9.1 x 9.1 x 9.1 inches11.2 ounces
8[Updated Version] COOAU 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera2.4 x 0.9 x 1.7 inches19.68 ounces
9Action Camera, 2017 New 4K 30Fps 14MP Ultra HD Sport2.2 x 0.8 x 1.5 inches2.56 ounces
10Crosstour Action Camera Underwater Cam WiFi 1080P2.3 x 1 x 1.6 inches2.24 ounces

Here is the detail reviews of the best motorcycle GoPro to use as helmet camera in 2022

1. GoPro Hero Series for Motor-Biker as Helmet Mounted Camera

This is one of the most detailed versions of the Hero series. The first bit that will impress you is the image quality. With 4K60 and 1080p240 video, you can rest assured that the image quality will never be compromised. It has a GP1 chip which is optimized specifically for better capture.

It has one of the most advanced video stabilization technologies and you will be sure to get the smoothest videos. This model will also save you the cost you would have incurred to buy a waterproof casing since the device is waterproof in itself.

It features a touchscreen and 2-Inch display to give you an easy time in operating the gadget while performing tasks such as framing shots, playing footage and changing settings. The Wi-Fi capability will enable you to copy photos and videos much faster over to your phone.

Additionally, the latest gopro Hero will be automatically sending all your video footage to your phone so that you can edit it according to your preferences. To do this, there is an app which is specifically meant for this editing task.


  • It is Wi-Fi enabled
  • It has advanced video stabilization
  • It produces high-quality footage


  • Its effectiveness is affected by high temperatures

2. Contour ROAM3 HD Waterproof Video Camera

This model will easily fit closer to your helmet since it has a really simple design that makes it occupy less space. The first feature that will excite you is that you will not need any video editing software or to interfere with the settings to get a better angle of video footage.

Instead, the lens can rotate 180 degrees to the left and 90 degrees to the right and this will give you more alternatives when it comes to positioning.

You may get worried by the fact that it has no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to help connect to a mobile device. This is compensated by a laser level, which is just above the lens and will help you set up your shot to avoid it becoming crooked.

You can check the remaining battery power and the storage amount by pressing on the status button. The same button can work as a shutter to capture photos.

The Roam3 also gives you alternatives when it comes to mounting: the sliding rail mounts or the tripod mount which you can lock on the top of the helmet to get an all-around view.

To wrap it all up, it has a built-in mic and is waterproof.


  • It is waterproof
  • The laser helps you in shot alignment
  • The mounts will give you an all-around view


  • It has no screen
  • The battery is not removable

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3. Campark ACT74 16MP 4K Action Camera

This model is pretty cheap for the level of service that it will provide you. The first basic feature you should know about is the buttons. The power button is located on the bottom right at the front.

There is also the shutter which you will use to control the recordings as well as capture photos. You can also use it as the select tool in the settings menu.

You will find this model quite easy to use, starting from the menu whereby all the items are listed in the most organized manner for the sake of simplicity. The buttons too are highly responsive so you will not need a lot of energy to press them down.

The video quality is relatively good while the audio requires a casing to avoid muffled sounds.


  • It is cheap
  • It produces clear and high-quality images
  • It is easy to use


  • It is not waterproof

4. GoPro Hero Session Digital Waterproof Action Camera

To start with, the session model is small enough to fit in your pocket. You can locate the shutter button on the top while the power button is at the back. There is also a slim LCD which is useful in viewing the remaining battery life, the shooting mode, and the available menu options.

It can accommodate an SD card of up to 64GB so that the internal memory is never easily full. Another impressive feat with the session is that it does not need any casing to be waterproof. These casings have a habit of obstructing the microphones while you are recording in wet conditions.

Its unique design means that you can use the mounting system with a quick release latch. It can turn 180 degrees so that you can capture the surroundings all around.

Additionally, it comes with various mounting accessories to aid in the mounting. One of them easily sways forward and backward while the new ball joint mount would let you make adjustments in any direction.

To wrap it all up, the session is very easy to set up and use as well.


  • It is easy to use
  • No need for waterproof casing
  • The video and audio quality is great


  • It is a bit too expensive

5. Ion 1011L Air Pro Wi-Fi Lite Camera

With this camera, you will instantly stand out due to its bullet design coupled with a metal tube chassis. It is waterproof, including the microphone and can keep recording even when submerged up to 30 feet under.

You will find the power button along the top side. This button can also be used as a still photo shutter. You can also locate the recording slider on this top side. The cam lock system can be found on the bottom edge of the camera.

The Ion air pro is sleek and light and can easily fit in the palm of your hands. It can accommodate up to 32GB SD card to ensure that the internal memory is never full.

When it comes to the mounting, it has an anti-orientation sensor such that if you place it upside down and push the record switch, it will detect it and automatically rotate the video right side up.

You will also get Wi-Fi pods to add Wi-Fi connectivity to the Ion Air Pro and you can view the footage stored in the camera via your iPhone.


  • It is waterproof
  • It is easy to capture HD video with the record slider
  • The Wi-Fi pods allow for simple controls via the iOS app or a web browser


  • The lens is non-rotating and so orienting shots at tight angles is complicated

6. Crosstour 4K Wi-Fi underwater Action Camera

If you are looking for a low budget action camera which will give you the best performance, the Crosstour 4K is just what you need.

To start with, it is waterproof up to a depth of around 30 meters. So you can comfortably record your deep-sea ventures. The camera can record up to 170 degrees wide and so you will never have a problem with awkward angles.

With this camera, you can comfortably record 4K footage at 25fps and also 2.7K at 30fps. Additionally, it can capture still images of 16MP.

If you want to view your snaps and footage, you can comfortably do this on the 2-Inch LCD screen.

To top it all up, it has a 2.4GHz wrist remote control which is wireless and will let you operate the camera when it is mounted on the helmet or a selfie-stick.


  • It is waterproof up to 30 meters
  • You can operate it using a wireless wrist remote control
  • It is easy to use and understand


  •  The film covering the lens can let off a residue which may be hard to wipe off

 7. GoPro Hero5 4K Black

If you want a camera which you can use in basically any type of environment, then this is it. Whether at the beach, in the desert or a forested area, you can still be assured of high-quality images.

To start with, it is dustproof and waterproof up to 33 feet under. The audio does not get muffled while the lens cover is easily replaceable if the need ever arises.

Additionally, it comes with a housing case which can keep the camera protected up to a depth of 196 feet.

At the top, you will find the record button which you can use to power up and start recording as well as to stop recording and turn off the camera. On the side, you will locate the mode button which is an alternative power button.

You can also operate the camera hands-free through the voice commands. You can capture video at up to 4K resolution at 30fps and 1080p at 120fps. To add on all of this, it has a linear-view setting which you can use to correct distortions in its videos and photos too.


  • It is waterproof
  • The videos and photos are of high quality
  • It provides auto cloud uploads


  • The battery life is short

8. COOAU 4K Wi-Fi 20MP HD Action Camera

This camera is meant for you if you are an individual who is always keen on outdoor activities. It is waterproof and it will quite useful if you wish to capture moments such as surfing, diving, and camping.

The first impressive bit with this camera is that it is easy to set up. It is light and easy to carry around so you would not have to be worried about the complexities that come about in using the cameras.

It will also provide you with 4K 30fps video resolution as well as 20 MP HD photos. With this, the quality of the footage and images will be quite clear and will ensure that you have the best mental picture of your outdoor experience.

The camera comes with dual 1200mAh rechargeable batteries which have a large capacity. So you can be assured that you will have sufficient power during use.

Lastly, the lens allows more light than usual to enter so that the photos and videos will be really clear even in underwater.


  • It is lightweight and easy to set up
  • The videos and images are of high quality
  • The battery can hold energy for long periods of time


  • It has a poor audio recording

9. New 4K 30Fps 14MP 2017 Action Camera

This action camera will instantly let you stand out from the rest. The front cover is made out of aluminum alloy and this is unique since the rest are made out of plastic.

The 2.4-inch back LCD screen will let you have the clearest preview yet. On top of that, the front screen is where you will check the status of the camera.

You can operate it hands-free via the wrist wireless remote control. So you do not have to manually record videos or frame shots.

The batteries will also impress you. It comes with two 1050mAh battery and each can record for up to 90 minutes. To add to this, there is the USB wall charger which will come in handy in case the power eventually dies down.

The built-in Wi-Fi will let you access the camera from other mediums such as tablet and Smartphone. We should also not forget to mention that it is waterproof.


  • It has a wireless remote control for external control
  • It is waterproof
  • The aluminum alloy front cover offers extra protection and gives a unique look


  • The audio sound is horrible

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10. Crosstour 1080P Wi-Fi Underwater Action Camera

This is one of the best action cameras you will ever find. For starters, the 12MP and 1080P will ensure that all the images and footage that you capture will be of the highest quality. Additionally, it has 170-degree lenses which will let you capture all angles of your surroundings.

It has a casing which is up to 30 meters waterproof, so you can comfortably document your underwater ventures. The wireless remote control will let you operate the camera without touching it physically and save on time.

The two rechargeable batteries will ensure that power will never run out while you are still using it. Last but not least, the 2 Inch LCD screen will let you view your footage and images much more easily.

Mounting the camera on to your helmet will be the simplest of tasks since it comes with over 18 accessories for this purpose.


  • It has a waterproof casing
  • It captures high-quality videos and images
  • The 2 Inch screen will enable you to view the footage and images with ease.


  • The memory card used in this camera is not compatible with most of the phones being used

The Buying Guide for Biker in GoPro Selection

Helmet cameras are an important accessory for professional motorcyclists and even leisure riders. That’s because when cameras are placed in that location they can even be used to capture important evidence. And sometimes, the evidence can be used to settle insurance-related claims.


It goes without saying that the best camera is one that’s light in weight. Fortunately, most GoPros meet this requirement. But basically, the lighter the camera, the easier it is to use and carry around.

Weather-Proof Design

Since your camera will be exposed to all kinds of weather conditions, it’s important to make sure you settle for one that has a weather-resistant cover. Ideally, it should be encased in a shock-proof covered. That would provide it with long-term security.

The Ability to Capture Great Quality

The camera should come with a shock-proof design which should also be capable of reducing exterior noise. Besides that, the camera itself should be powerful. We generally recommend going for cameras with 720p quality – and beyond.


A camera that’s WiFi-enabled would be a great find at all times. That way, you can simply copy videos and photos to your storage device.

FAQs on Motorcycle GoPro

Do I Need a Special Mount to Put a GoPro on My Motorcycle?

Yes. You need a special mount to put a GoPro on your bike. There are many different options for mounting a GoPro on a motorcycle. You can choose from a GoPro bike mount as well as a GoPro motorcycle mount.

How Long Will The Battery Last on a GoPro?

The battery life is approximately 2.5 hours when filming at 1080p and 30fps. The battery life of a GoPro camera depends on different conditions like: battery type, battery age, battery health, current battery charge, operating temperature, video recording regulation, video playback time, camera settings, operating conditions an so on.

Does GoPro Have Its Own Editing Software?

You can use video editing software to combine multiple GoPro videos in one video. By using GoPro Studio, you can trim, cut, crop, add effects, or add transitions between your videos. This software is available for free to download at GoPro Studio.

Should You Shoot GoPro in 4K?

4K is recommended for creating video content for the web because it displays a clear and sharp image. Higher resolution videos capture more data in a video then lower regulation. 4K makes the videos appear much sharper when played back on a larger screen.

Which One Is the Best?

In the review above, we were able to see the 10 best motorcycle GoPro alternatives. But even then, we still have lots of love for the latest GoPro Hero. That’s why we’d like to pick it as our all-time favorite.

Final Thoughts

Your motorcycling trip is bound to change for the better provided you find the ideal camera for your helmet. So, before you depart for that road-trip, make sure have this all-important gadget. Who knows? It might just be the tool you’ll need to record those life-changing moments.

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