7 Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes [Reduce Maintenance]

One of the most abused parts of a motorcycle is the chain. If the chain is not properly taken care of, it can lead to damage to not only the chain but the swingarm and sprockets, which can lead to breakage or locking of the wheel. 

Typically, the primary purpose of a motorcycle chain lube is to provide lubrication for the smooth movement of the chain and sprocket.

Based on our testing, the best overall motorcycle chain lube is the Maxima Chain Lube because of its outstanding anti-wear and anti-rust properties. 

Best Motorcycle Chain Lubes

What We Based Our Decision On

  • Oil-based products are repellent to water. A good oil-based motorcycle chain lube helps prevent rust and wear off in motorcycle chains. 
  • A good chain lube also increases the performance of your bike as the chain can react faster to throttle twists due to smoothness. 
  • The healthiness of the chain sprocket caused by the application of a good chain lube also makes mobility safer and prevents mishaps.

 Best Motorcycle Chain Lube 

Product NameLube typePriceBest for
MaximaSprayfrom $13.80Overall
MotorexSprayfrom $20.59Road bike
DuPontDryfrom $7.48Wet weather
Bel-RaySprayfrom $16.79X ring chain
MotulPastefrom $13.19Dusty Conditions

1. Maxima Chain Lube – Best Overall

Maxima Chain Lube is our top overall pick for motorcycle chain lube because of its durability and extreme pressure additives. 

Maxima is the only product that comes in a three-pack. The Maxima bundle consists of a chain wax, Multi-purpose penetrant lube, and chain cleaner. This means you can lubricate and thoroughly clean the chain beforehand. This bundle is a clever way of saving time. 

Maxima chain lube has a parafilm formula that sprays on as a liquid, penetrates deeply, and then dries to form a soft waxy film lubricant.

It is perfect for most riders because the extreme pressure additives make it durable enough for heavy-duty riding. This parafilm formula, perfect for O, X, and Z rings, does not attract sand or dirt once it dries.

According to Maxima, “Maxima Chain Wax is designed to cling to the chain, providing all the lubrication and protection required, without the messy fling.” The chain lube makers, of course, say the same thing. 


  • Para-film formula
  • Extreme pressure additives
  • Dirt, dust, and sand resistance


  • Unpleasant smell
  • Slow dry time

2. Motorex Road Chain Lube – Best for Road Bikes 

Motorex Road Chain Lube was chosen as the best chain lube for road bikes because it is adhesive, resistant to high pressure, and best suited for road use. 

A saying goes, “Nothing subpar comes from Switzerland.” Motorex offers both road and off-road formulas.

Motorex Road Chain Lube is a white chain lubricant suitable for all motorcycle chains but most especially O-ring and X-ring. They are extremely high-pressure resistant and perfect for motorbikes used on the road. 

One of Motorex road chain lube’s most prominent features is its waterproof and spill-proof formula from adhesion. Motorex road chain lube has a clever white fade to it that can help you identify areas that haven’t been lubricated. It can easily penetrate through all types of rings.

This special white wear-reducing lubricant adheres to the chain almost immediately and is an excellent companion for lengthy rides. It works like magic, and the results are instantly visible. 

Motorex Racing Chain Lube is even used on the track by the KTM and Husqvarna factory teams, so you know it’s true when Motorex says it was built specifically for the road.


  • Waterproof and resistant to high pressure
  • Highly dirt and water repellent
  • Good feature number 02


  • Flammable
  • Expensive

3.DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Chain Lube – Best for Wet Weather

We chose the DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Chain Lube as the best chain lube for the weather because of its affordability and dirt-resistant protection.

This wax-based chain lube created for O-ring chains is made of Teflon and Moly for additional dirt and wear protection. Its water and dust repellent characteristics make it ideal for humid conditions. It dries completely and forms a fluoropolymer wax coating with a slight shine. 

This lube, according to Dupont, can help your chain live up to five times longer. It is available in a small squeeze bottle for precise and accurate application. If you want to use a spray can, it is also available. This lube is safe to use on O-ring chains. It is also highly affordable. 

Unfortunately, this formula isn’t extremely long-lasting, so you’ll have to check your chain and apply it on a regular basis. You also have to clean your chain manually.


  • Dirt and water-resistant 
  • Contains no silicones
  • Very affordable


  • Requires frequent application
  • Highly flammable

4.Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lubricant – Best for X-ring chains

We liked the Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lubricant because not only is it suitable for all chain types, but it is also very affordable, and it provides a fine outer protective coating upon application.  

Some consider Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lubricant a cross between wax and regular wax. When used as prescribed, it’s supposed to use “emerging lubricant technology” to provide superior wear protection for long sprocket and chain life by generating an outer protective layer that repels grit, dirt, or sand. 

When it comes to chain lubes, Bel-Ray is the jack of all trades. Bel-Ray has been a long-time provider when it comes to gear lubrication for motorcycles and automobiles.

Any motorbike with O, X, or Z ring types can work perfectly with the aerosol chain lube. This is a godsend for off-roaders, who are particularly vulnerable to dirt, grease, and moisture on the chain.

Bel-Ray Super Clean Chain Lubricant also creates a fine exterior protective covering that repels dust, sand, and dirt when applied.

This chain lubricant also has a thick consistency and does not fling when applied to the chain and sprocket. It works with all ‘O’, ‘X’, and ‘Z’ ring and roller type chains and is suitable for use on the street, off-road, and in racing.


  • Suitable for all ring types
  • Affordable
  • Anti-wear protection


  • It is flammable
  • white Residue after applying

5.Motul Chain Paste – Best for Dusty Conditions

Motul Chain Paste was our pick as the best chain lube for winter because it can withstand the harshness of dusty conditions, and it’s easy to apply.

The Motul Chain paste, which isn’t a spray, has a proven race-grade formula and performance. Motul is a well-known brand when it comes to oils and lubricants for motorcycles.

This chain lube is a thick paste that must be applied to the chain surface with a brush. The lube is applied with a brush to the whole surface of the chain. It takes time, but the end product is well worth it. 

This tube of paste lubricant is perfect for dusty conditions. Motul Chain Paste is very dirt and dust resistant and also increases the performance of your bike by lowering the resistance. It’s built tough for long-term use and comes with a handy brush.

Motul Chain Paste is a lube that you’ll apply with a brush, unlike the other lubes on this list. The benefit of using lubricant is that there will be little to no waste. Its amazing lubricating ability exceeds spray-on solutions, as you’ll see.


  • No Waste from overspray
  • Excellent lubricating ability
  • High viscosity


  • Time-consuming to Apply
  • Leaves White Residue

6. Lucas Oil Chain Lube Penetrant Aerosol

If you are looking for the lube that has set one of the highest standards in the field, then stop looking.

To begin with, it is light meaning that it can penetrate into the deepest parts of the pins and chains, which are not easily accessible.

It is water-resistant and so will effectively protect your chain from rust and the corrosion that comes with it.

The lube creates a protective layer around the region where it was applied to minimize dragging and wearing out. You can use it across various types of chains, meaning it’s always a great


  • It can be used on other parts
  • It penetrates thoroughly


  • Easy to apply

7. Ultra Gel Nextzett 96050515 Motorcycle Chain Lube

If you are in the market for cheap and high-quality lube, look no further. The Nextzett Ultra Gel is not limited to motorbikes but can also be used on bicycles and carts. You can also use it in high load and high-speed applications.

It is highly durable and can tolerate extremely high temperatures. It is light and will easily penetrate into the deepest areas of the chain.

It is sticky and so will not easily fall off the chain and does not attract dust which would give the chain an ugly look.

Another interesting feature with this lube is that it is waterproof and this helps protect the covered areas from rust and corrosion.

It does not contain any acidic substance and this helps in maintaining the original color of the chain as well as prevents corrosion from spreading to the rest of the motorbike. This also helps in increasing the durability of the chain.

Types of Chain Lubricants

Chain lubricants are divided into four major categories, namely: spray lubes, dry lubes, paste, and liquid lubes.

Spray lubes

Spray lubes are the most popular because of how simple they are to use. By simply shaking thoroughly and spraying, it’s ready to use. 

Spray lubricants are the best for penetrating deep into mechanisms because of their low surface tension. This means they lubricate while also reducing friction and removing moisture.

Dry lubes 

Dry lubes are similar to spray lubes but contain a drying agent. This category also includes waxy and semi-drying lubes. When this lubrication dries, it forms a non-stick layer that repels unwanted items. These extend the life of the chain and keep the O-rings healthy.

Paste lubes

Paste lubes are usually recommended for high-speed motorcycles. When applied, paste lubes resemble thick grease. It doesn’t drip out, and there is no drying time; therefore, there’s very little waste. However, it might take time as you have to brush it onto the chain. 

Liquid lubes

Liquid lubes are the oldest types of lubes in moving gears. Despite being known for helping to eliminate friction and keep the chain working smoothly, if not applied correctly, liquid lubes are the messiest of the group.

There are no drying or thickening agents in liquid lubes, so if you over-apply, it will spray all over the place when you’re in motion.

Applying Lube To Motorcycle Chain
Applying Lube To Motorcycle Chain

Is Lucas oil chain lube good for motorcycles?

Lucas Chain Lube is a semi-synthetic spray lubricant made for modern high-performance motorcycle chains and sprockets.

Lucas Chain Lube has been thoroughly tested by professionals and competitive race teams to ensure that your motorcycle chains and sprockets remain in great working order for as long as possible.

When Lucas Chain Lube is applied and froths up, it has a fairly spectacular effect. The foam facilitates deep penetration into the pins and bushing of chains.

It’s easy to use, and Lucas has water-repellent characteristics that help it repel rust and corrosion.

Lucas Chain Lube also gives a protective coating upon settling, as well as a cushion that reduces friction and so extends chain life. The foamy characteristic makes it suitable for all chain kinds. 

Lucas Chain Lube is very good for motorcycles as it is a good rust and corrosion inhibitor, as well as water-resistant. It also has a protective film to ensure minimum wear and drag in the chain. 

Key Benefits  

  • Designed to penetrate deeply into pins and bushing of the chains
  • Quick penetration, thanks to the foaming feature
  • Water repellent
  • Suitable for use on all chains, including O-ring types
  • Low odor. 
  • Minimizes sling off.

Is WD-40 good for motorcycle chains?

WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Lube is great for keeping your bike in good shape.

The quick-drying liquid gives deep lubrication and is suitable for all sorts of bike chains. The liquid makes its way into every link in the chain, creating an all-over coat that stays working even in the aridest conditions.

This lube keeps your chain lubricated and healthy for a long time. Chains benefit from heavy-duty, anti-wear, and extreme-pressure additives that give improved lubrication. It protects motorcycle chains from rust and corrosion by repelling moisture.

WD-40 Specialist Motorbike Chain Lube can also help increase power by minimizing chain friction. This motorcycle chain lube decreases chain strain and wears by penetrating deep into rollers and between link plates. 

Key Benefits

  • Provides long-lasting lubrication
  • Excellent anti-fling properties
  • Suitable for use on all types of rings
  • Protects your chains from wear and corrosion

Can I use engine oil as chain lube?

For a number of reasons, engine oil cannot be used as a motorcycle chain lubricant.

It may work in the short term, but it will surely cause issues in the long run. Abrasion by pollutants causing damage to the chain is number one. The sticky nature of engine oil also attracts more dirt, dust, and contaminants.

What To Look For When Buying Motorcycle Chain Lube

There are several important factors to consider when shopping for a lubricant. But for purposes of this review, we’d like to zero in on a few crucial ones.

Ease of Application

The chain lube you settle for should be easy to apply. In fact, it should penetrate easily so it protects your O-Rings by keeping them moist and pliable. And that would, ultimately reduce the chain friction and result in less wear.

Water Repellant

Water can easily damage any chain. And because motorcycles are meant to be used in different conditions, you want to always a water-repellent lubricant with you.


No matter which chain lubricant you settle for, always make sure it doesn’t leave any stains behind. That will go a long way in ensuring your chain remains clear and pliable at all times.


Don’t just look at the price when shopping for chain lube. Sometimes, it’s okay to go for a pricier option that gives you long-term value rather than a cheaper but unsustainable option.

How To Apply Lube On A Motorcycle Chain

Now that you have managed to buy a lubricant, the next major task should be to apply it. However, as it turns out, most people don’t know how to do this properly. But here’s how to do it the right way.

First, take your bike for a short drive to warm up the chain. This will make it much easier to clean.

Then jack the rear wheel up, put the bike on neutral gear and then insert cardboard behind the section of the chain that you intend to lube.

Continue spraying, one section at a time, and once done, rotate the rear wheel to move the chain around. Repeat this until the entire chain is lubed.

Next, spray the outside of the chain as you move the chain until you complete a full revolution. Then leave the bike for about 10 minutes before riding it off. This will give the lube time to penetrate and sit down.

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