Best Microfiber Car Window Cleaner 2022: The Ultimate Guide

We can all agree that every car owner out there values a clean car window and windshield. This is because it will enhance the driver’s vision and improve the car’s overall beauty. In normal circumstances, cleaning the car window should be a straightforward affair.

However, using the wrong tool for the job may end up delivering a streaky finish.

So, we have put together this piece to help you find the best microfiber car window cleaner that would pick up all the dirt and stains from the glass with maximum ease.

Here we go!

Best Microfiber Car Window Cleaner

Microfiber Car Window Cleaners: Comparison

We took our time to analyze the key features of the following ten products, which we consider the best in the market. Check them out, and we hope that your ideal item lies somewhere on the list.

RankingProduct NameProduct DimensionsWeight
1Xindel Microfiber Windshield Cleaner11.61 x 6.77 x 1.69 inches6.3 ounces
2Takavu Windshield Cleaner Tool13.94 x 6.3 x 1.89 inches5.6 ounces
3Griot’s Garage Microfiber Glass and Window Cleaning Kit9 x 5.9 x 5.1 inches41.6 ounces
4AstroAI Car Window Cleaner15.79 x 6.93 x 2.83 inches9.6 ounces
5Randalfy Car Window Cleaner11 x 7 x 1.4 inches6.4 ounces
6Auto EC Car Ice Scrapper13.78 x 7.91 x 2.68 inches14.2 ounces
7AstroAI Windshield Cleaning Wand Tool15.94 x 6.89 x 2.76 inches9.1 ounces
8Xindel Rectangle Windshield Cleaning Tool5.6 x 3.5 x 1 inches4.8 ounces
9AstroAI Car Window Cleaner- 2 Pack16.18 x 6.69 x 2.87 inches24 ounces
10Primestarz Windshield Cleaner-2 Pack13 x 9 x 2 inches10.2 ounces

1. Xindel Microfiber Windshield Cleaner

With this cleaning tool by Xindel, cleaning your windshield will not be a hassle anymore. It features a long extension handle that ensures you can easily reach and clean the windshield’s typically hard-to-reach areas.

Further, the handle is ergonomic and will fit nicely in your hands.

Next up is the 180-degree swiveled triangular head that creates maximum contact with the glass surface for efficient cleaning.

The cleaning pad pole is made out of aluminum alloy to make it lightweight, anti-rust, and more durable than plastic products.

Lastly, the product comes with 3-pieces of replacement pads to ensure the cleaning never stops.


  • Long and ergonomic handle
  • It comes with replacement pads
  • Versatile


  • The cloth is a bit thin

2. Takavu Windshield Cleaner Tool

Next up is a product designed to offer you the utmost comfort as you clean your car’s windshield. This is mainly due to the padded foam handle that is non-slip and will not leave you with blisters even after extended use.

On top of that, the retractable handle will give you an easy time cleaning the hard-to-reach areas without giving you back strain.

We also liked the high-quality construction that makes the cleaner reusable, lint, and scratch-free so that it does not leave a negative impression on your windshield.

Let’s also talk about the 180-degree swiveled triangular head that makes it easy for you to reach the side corners on the driver and passenger side in addition to other tight angles.

However, we felt that the handle could have been of better quality.


  • Scratch and lint-free
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable padded handle


  • Cheaply made handle

3. Griot’s Garage Microfiber Glass and Window Cleaning Kit

If you want a complete car window cleaning kit, Griot’s Garage has a solution for you. When you purchase this set, you will get a window cleaner and microfiber window cleaning cloths to get the job done.

Let’s start with the alcohol-based cleaner, which is safe for tints and won’t damage it in any way. Further, it evaporates fast, ensuring that it does not leave any haze or streaks behind.

When we look at the microfiber cloths, we like how tightly woven they are to make them very efficient for the job. Additionally, they are washable and reusable so that you do not have to discard them after every use.

We were also pleased with the 35oz sprayer bottle that you can refill and reuse, and this will help reduce waste in the environment.


  • A complete cleaning kit
  • The cleaner is safe for tints
  • Leaves no residue behind


  • The spray bottle is a bit disappointing

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4. AstroAI Car Window Cleaner

Here is another product that we believe will give you an easy time cleaning your vehicle’s windshield. It features an ergonomically designed handle that is suited for both men’s and women’s hands.

On top of that, the non-slip texture ensures that the cleaner does not easily slip out of your hands.

The outstanding feature of this unit is the safety hammer made out of high-grade carbon steel that is found at the joint of the handle and the panel. This will come in handy in case of an emergency when you have to break through the glass.

We also liked the telescopic and extendable handle that makes it possible to use the tool for cleaning trucks and SUV’s windshields.

Other notable features include the rotatable head for maximum contact and efficiency and the microfiber pads, which you can reuse after cleaning.

The only thing is that we found adjusting the handle’s length a bit complicated.


  • Rotatable triangular head
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Useful safety hammer


  • It does not lock when extended

5. Randalfy Car Window Cleaner

Who wouldn’t want a versatile unit that you could use for cleaning your car’s windshield, house window, TV screen, and other areas? That is just what the Randalfy cleaner offers, and we shall point out other reasons why we believe it is worth investing in.

First, we were impressed with the premium plastic handle with a 180-degree square pivoting head for maximum efficiency. Then, it comes with two removable microfiber covers that you can swap for each other.

For storage, you can easily disassemble the tool into two so that it does not take up too much space.

The microfiber cloths have an impressive water absorption, and this makes them easily remove the dirt and dust from the window.

As for the extendable handle, it enables you to easily reach areas where you would ordinarily have a hard time doing so.

The durability was a bit disappointing.


  • Long ergonomic handle
  • Easy storage
  • It comes with extra microfiber cloths
  • Cons not durable

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6. Auto EC Car Ice Scrapper

If you feel that your car’s defrost is not that effective in melting the ice on your windshield, you should consider acquiring this ice scrapper by AutoEC. By using this tool to remove the ice, you will boost your visibility and also reduce the chances of your windows cracking.

The anti-scratch ice knuckles will help break the tough ice and brush off the broken pieces without damaging your windscreen.

Another impressive aspect is the thickened coral fleece pads with excellent water absorption to ensure that the stains are completely removed after cleaning.

We liked how sturdy and lightweight this combo tool is while you can split it into two for convenient storage.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Well-made
  • Frostproof


  • Too short

7. AstroAI Windshield Cleaning Wand Tool

AstroAI offers you a budget-friendly cleaner that you can use for keeping your windshield in top condition. The first feature we notice is the detachable handle that you can easily disassemble into two halves for easy storage.

The combination of a long extension handle and rotating head will help ensure that you can effortlessly clean the hard-to-reach window bases. As a result, your back will not be at risk of getting hurt.

Besides cleaning, you could also use this tool for removing fog and moisture as well as scraping off the ice from your vehicle.

Lastly, the safety hammer will come in handy in case of an emergency.


  • Easy to use
  • Washable and reusable microfiber pads
  • Budget-friendly


  • The extension does not hold

8. Xindel Rectangle Windshield Cleaning Tool

Once again, we shall look at a product from Xindel, and this should give you a hint of the quality associated with the brand. This cleaner has a rectangular head and features an extra-long handle to make accessing the hard-to-reach window bases relatively easy.

Another thing is that the detachable handle can be disassembled into two pieces for easy storage.

As if that’s not enough, the package also contains a 30ml spray bottle and two cleaning pads to ensure you always have something to work with.

Besides the windshield, you can also use this tool for cleaning your house windows, television, glass mirrors, and floors.

We, however, felt that the handle could have been of better quality.


  • Easy storage
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose tool


  • Flimsy handle

9. AstroAI Car Window Cleaner – 2 Pack

AstroAI is one of the leading brands in the world of microfiber car window cleaners. This time, the firm offers us a package that includes two window cleaners, two 60ml spray bottles, and 8pcs of shower towels.

So, you have everything to get started and a backup plan to avoid overusing a particular unit.

With this cleaner, you can say goodbye to back strains as it is designed to be very easy to use. The long extendable handle and pivoting head will ensure you use minimum effort to clean the normally hard-to-reach areas of the window.

We liked the microfiber pad’s water-absorbency, which only adds to its efficiency in cleaning the window.

Lastly, the high-carbon steel safety hammer will be of great help if you ever find yourself in an emergency that needs breaking out.


  • Double the products
  • Handy safety hammer
  • Microfiber pad with excellent water absorbency


  • Long shipping time

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10. Primestarz Windshield Cleaner-2 Pack

We shall wrap up our review of the products by looking at this product by Prmiestarz. When you purchase it, you will receive a package containing two cleaners, 4pcs of reusable pads, and two spray bottles.

So, at no point will you lack the resources to continue with the cleaning.

The cleaning pad pole is made of aluminum alloy to make it more durable, anti-rust, and lightweight than a plastic item.

As for the pads, they are made of fiber fluffed cloth to make them effective in removing dust, fingerprints, and dust from the glass window.

And the long extension handle only makes the whole cleaning process to be more straightforward.

However, the product tends to leave an annoying streak after cleaning.


  • Compact design
  • It comes with convenient spray bottles
  • Durable


  • Not streak-free

Buying Guide to the Microfiber Car Window Cleaner

Next, we shall provide you with a simple guide that will point out the factors you should look out for as you search for the perfect product.

We have discussed them below in brief.


The ideal cleaning tool should come with a handle with adjustable length so that you can reach all areas of the windshield with ease. Then, it should be comfortable with a non-slip grip to ensure it remains firmly in your hands.

The Microfiber Cloth/Pads

Next, please pay attention to the microfiber cloth to be sure that it is tightly woven so that it does not leave any stain behind. Further, its water absorption should be top-notch so that it can be efficient in picking up all the dust and water droplets that may be on the window.

Another thing about the pads is that they should be reusable and washable so that you do not have to buy a new cleaner after every use.

Multi-Purpose Tool

It would be an added advantage if you got a tool that you could use for cleaning other areas such as house windows, TV screens, and even tiled floors. This would save you money since you won’t have to buy different products for different uses.

The Package

Besides the cleaning tool, the package should also come with other valuable products such as replacement pads and a spray bottle. In such a case, you will have everything needed to get the job done.

FAQs on the Microfiber Cleaners for Car Window

Let’s now attempt to answer common queries that have nagged customers for ages.

Do the microfiber cleaners lint?

If the cleaner is of top quality, it is not likely to shed. However, it could pick up lint if you wash it with a cloth that does shed. To be on the safe side, always wash it with similar material.

How often should I clean my windshield?

Since this is the part that determines your vision on the road, we advise that you clean it any time you notice a hint of dirt accumulating on it. And since you are always likely to collect some dust while driving, it would be wise to clean the window before hitting the roads.

How should I clean my microfiber cleaning pads?

You should use a washing machine and dryer while being keen to maintain a low setting on the dryer. This is because high temperatures could weaken the fabric as time goes by.

The Best Overall #1

In the end, we selected Xindel Microfiber Windshield Cleaner as our top pick. It is well-made, has an ergonomic handle, and comes with extra pads to offer you a reliable backup plan. The pricing is also decent, and anyone can afford it.

Closing Thought

If finding the right microfiber car window cleaner had been a daunting task before, we hope our article has made things easier for you. You can save a lot of time by picking your product from the list we have presented rather than doing another wholesome research.

And if you land the best product, keeping your car windshield and windows in good condition will never be a daunting task.

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