The Best Degreaser for Motorcycle 2022

Degreasers make your cleaning job easy especially in inaccessible areas that do not need high water pressure. They target gears, pedals, chains, and engines that accumulate oils over time yet may not clear off with plain soaps.

We have a few highly recommended brands of cleaners that should keep your bike parts in perfect condition. Here is our run-down of the best degreaser for motorcycle product sets.

Best Degreaser for Motorcycle

Degreaser for Motorcycle: Comparison

RankingProduct NameItem VolumeBrand
1WD-40 10oz Specialist Degreaser for Bikes0.295 LitersWD-40 Bike
2Oil Eater Original Cleaner/DegreaserOil Eater
3POR-15 Cleaner and Degreaser3.78 LitersPOR-15
4Muc-Off 500ml Drivetrain Cleaner0.5 LitersMuc Off
5Finish Line with Citrus Degreaser for Bicycle chain0.59 LitersFinish Line

Degreasers and cleaners ensure that heavy oils, waxes, and stains dissolve leaving your moving parts free, corrosion-resistant, and shining. Here is our top selection of degreasers for your bike today.

1. WD-40 10oz Specialist Degreaser for Bikes

If you need a motorcycle cleaner for any moving parts, WD-40 is an excellent choice. Its foaming action does not just work on the surface but also infiltrates every depth to remove intractable grease and dirt from your wheels, pedals, and chains.

On the other hand, the absence of citrus makes it ideal for the entire bike finishes and system components. Your bike stays in perfect condition without alteration of varnish, chrome, and paint finishes.

Every biker wants freely running gears and wheels, and WD-40 grants you satisfaction. It is one of the best motorcycle chains cleaner with significant tests from bicycle retailers, professional mechanics, and scientists as a third party.


  • Quick cleaner
  • Value for money
  • Efficient degreaser
  • Easy on paint, varnish, and chrome


  • Packaging may cause leakages

2. Oil Eater Original Cleaner/Degreaser

This is a water-based cleaner that easily dissolves oils and grease and is safe with no acids, petroleum solvents, or abrasives.

It is applicable for household and industrial uses like floor scrubbing, boat hulls, garages, and so on. Being concentrated, you need to dilute it to a light-medium solution to use it as an appropriate cleaner.  It comes with a dilution chart that guides on proportions and water ratio.

We like that it’s not corrosive, toxic, or hazardous and is biodegradable and eco-friendly. However, you should take precautions that it does not get into your eyes or skin. If it does, wash thoroughly with volumes of water or seek the doctor’s help if irritation persists.


  • Spotless chain cleaner
  • Dissolves oil stains in seconds
  • Environmental-friendly
  • Water-soluble


  • Eye/skin irritation

3. POR-15 Cleaner and Degreaser

With POR-15, your painted surfaces get to drop their oil and grime stains while maintaining their paint finish unscathed.  With a single volume of the cleaner, you can add up to 4-10 parts of water while maintaining its value and performance.

Furthermore, it is non-flammable, odorless, and does not leave any stains and residues during the cleaning process. Also worth noting is that it is not a solvent-based cleaner, but a water-based one.

We like that it is a versatile product for cleaning engines, fiberglass, painted metal among other surfaces, and is open for professional use.


  • Fast action degreaser
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Water-soluble
  • Environmental friendly


  • Causes eye irritation

4. Muc-Off 500ml Drivetrain Cleaner

When you need to take a long ride with your bike, your drive train should roll smoothly with less cranking coming out of it. Muc-off cleaner and degreaser spray clean your chains with in-depth penetration to remove all grime and stubborn oil.

The spray is much effective together with the X-3 Dirty Chain Cleaner machine. What’s more, it does not leave any residues after cleaning instead; it leaves your bike all shiny and clean.

We like that it is a safe product to use on carbon fiber, rubber, plastics, and disc brakes.  It is also biodegradable and easy on the environment.


  • Faster cleaner and degreaser
  • Leaves no residue
  • No irritants
  • Eco-friendly


  • Dulls paint if sits for long
  • Spray attachment design ineffective

5. Finish Line with Citrus Degreaser for Bicycle chain

This is a non-toxic formulation of soy extracts and orange peels and is safe for all plastic and rubber surfaces. The presence of citrus makes it a super degreaser for bicycle chains while maintaining a low surface tension to ensure effective penetration.

For easier jobs, you need to dilute the strong solution with water to reduce the concentration. It is, however, effective for dissolving waxes, oils, and grease from your cassettes, derailleur, and chains.

Unlike most degreasers, Finish Line is a powerful cleaner that requires less scrubbing to remove grime. Although it is a medium cleaner with high efficacy, the cost per gallon is quite pricey. Nevertheless, you may decide to buy an economy pack and still enjoy its performance.


  • Effective cleaner and degreaser
  • Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic
  • In-depth action


  • Pricey

How to Choose an Effective Degreaser for Motorcycle

Your motorbike needs to stay clean of grime, excess oils, and greases. However, the frequency of washing it should be irregular depending on how muddy or dusty it is. This is necessary to avoid rusting in some places or water splashing and settling on aluminum surfaces.

Therefore, you need motorcycle cleaners for various parts to maintain your bike in great condition. Consider some of these factors before buying an effective cleaner or degreaser.


Not all cleaners are suitable for overall cleaning. You can target an area for instance the chains, wheels, and engine cleaners or your leather seats, headlights, and related areas. Some cleaners may cause staining or remove paint if applied on the wrong surfaces


Most cleaners do not have abrasives. You should check for the component specification to confirm the absence of acids and other abrasives that may eat away on paint and other finishes.

Ease of use

The application depends on the nature of the product. Some are solutions while others are sprays. You may need brushes, clothing, and water to dilute concentrated formulations.

Others are ready-to-use as sprays and lube and you can apply them directly to your drive train.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Degreaser for Motorcycles

In this section, we respond to common questions concerning cleaners and degreasers for motorcycles. Have a look at what we have to say for each field.

Can I wash my bike with water?

Washing your bike is part of the cleaning process. However, you need to reduce the pressure of water from your hosepipe or do bucket washing. This is necessary to avoid water splashing in some sensitive areas.

Can you use WD-40 as a degreaser?

WD-40 is an excellent cleaner and degreaser for moving parts like chains, cassettes, and gears. It is a water-based solvent and dissolves all oils and greases leaving your parts clean and shining.

Which Is The Best?

Although the brands on our list are all satisfactory in performance, our best pick is WD-40 10oz Specialist Degreaser for Bikes. It is suitable for all bike finish; it is a quick cleaner and you don’t have to worry about it scouring your paint finishes.

It is also affordable and with regular application, it keeps your chains in perfect condition.


If you are looking for genuine cleaner brands for motorcycles, we have a complete product list of all you need. Check out our best degreasers for motorcycles and click on your product of choice.

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