6 Best Car Bike Rack Lock 2022

Do you spend most of your time worrying about your car bike rack getting stolen? You probably are not alone.

The good news is that you can minimize the chances of that happening. But how, you are probably wondering?

Well, you just need to use the best car bike rack lock options that are:

  • Completely secure
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Simple to use

Unfortunately, finding the right bike rack lock for your car can be tricky. This is because there are loads to choose from.

So, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of top-rated car bike rack locks available on the market. Check them out.

Best Car Bike Rack Lock

Best Car Bike Rack Lock

The best lock for your car bike rack will be different for everyone depending on your personal requirements. However, we’ve picked six of the top-rated locks and compared their features head-to-head.

RankingProduct NameMaterialBrand
1Kryptonite New York U LockAlloy SteelKryptonite
2MYPIN Bluetooth Bike Lock for Outdoor BicycleStainless SteelMYPIN
3Seatylock FoldyLock Compact Folding LockHardened SteelSeatylock
4Kryptonite Evolution U-LockAluminumKryptonite
5Via Velo Bike U LockAlloy SteelVia Velo
6SKUNKLOCK V2 Deterrent Bike U LockSKUNKLOCKCarbon Steel

Here is our top 6 car bike rack lock:

1. Kryptonite New York U Lock: Best Bike Rack Lock

Our top pick is this Kryptonite New York U Lock, and for good reasons. To begin with, the lock’s shackle is made from 16mm hardened steel for ultimate security. Apparently, the steel shackle can resist tools like bolt cutters, leverage attacks, and hand tools.

You will also be pleased to know that the lock uses hardened double-deadbolts. These bolts are built to engage the shackle’s ends, thereby increasing holding power.


  • Includes 3 stainless steel keys
  • Offers the highest security
  • Uses Max-performance steel
  • Relatively light in weight


  • Mount hardly ever stays in place

2. MYPIN Bluetooth Car Bike Rack Lock

Next up, we have this lock that offers 3 different ways to unlock it for added convenience. You can choose to unlock it via Bluetooth, fingerprint, or using a dynamic password.

Additionally, the device boasts a 3ft cable that is made from high-strength stainless steel for maximum protection. Thanks to the type of steel the lock uses, it is not only solid but also extremely sturdy.


  • Accepts up to 40 different fingerprints
  • Allows easy monitoring of activities
  • Easy to set up and unlock
  • Uses flexible wire and rope design


  • May not always lock on the first attempt
  • It sometimes takes several attempts before reading the fingerprint

3. Seatylock FoldyLock Compact Folding Car Bike Rack Lock

Looking for the best portable car bike rack lock? If yes, you might want to consider this model as it is both compact and lightweight.

What’s more? You will be happy to learn that it utilizes a patented anti-theft technology that is both ultra-secure and heavy-duty. Simply put, it is fitted with anti-tamper rivets which makes it incredibly tough, hardened, and even weatherproof.


  • Tested to resist crowbars, bolt cutters, and freeze attacks
  • Easy to use and carry
  • Premium built frame mount
  • Uses a multi-locking guard system


  • Its length is a little short
  • Keyhole is exposed to the weather elements

4. Kryptonite Evolution U-Lock for Bike

Constructed from 13mm hardened steel, this lock is built to resist most leverage attacks and bolt cutters. And for increased security and holding power, it comes with hardened double-deadbolts designed to engage the shackle from both ends.

As if that’s not enough, the device is equipped with a flex-frame-u bracket to ensure convenient multi-location.


  • Offers enhanced protection
  • Comes with 3 stainless steel keys
  • Easy to install mounting hardware
  • Durable construction


  • Unlocking the device may take several attempts

5. Via Velo Bike U Bike Rack Lock

If you need a weatherproof bike rack lock, this device is worth considering. It is equipped with a hexagonal PVC cover designed to resist dust, dirt, corrosion, and water for long-lasting performance.

What’s more, the lock features a 14mm heat-hardened steel shackle designed to protect against leveraging and cutting. On top of that, it is equipped with a double-bolt crossbar locking mechanism for maximum security against jacking and prying.


  • The lock cylinder is pull and drill resistant
  • Includes PVC protective coating
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • High-quality mounting bracket


  • A little short
  • Not ideal for bikes with thicker frames

6. SKUNKLOCK V2 Deterrent Bike U Lock

To finish up, we have the SKUNKLOCK lock. It’s made from high-quality materials, including a shackle made from high-strength carbon steel that can resist bolt-cutters.

Additionally, it features a top-of-the-line disc cylinder locking mechanism that is both pick and drill resistant. More so, the lock boasts a patented dual-stripe design to indicate the dangers of cutting.


  • Unique key-code for key replacement
  • Durable and weather-resistant
  • Best for most bike racks
  • Can deter angle grinder attacks


  • The metal casing is not durable enough
  • Relatively expensive

Features to Look Out For Car Bike Rack Lock

Finding the right lock for your bike rack can be a nightmare. This is because of the many makes and models available on the market. So, below are the features to consider before making your purchase:

Construction material

Generally, hardened steel and high-strength carbon steel are considered the best materials for locks. This is because they can resist bolt cutters and even leverage attacks.

Ease of setup

Next, you should consider how easy it is to set up the lock. The best device should come with easy to install mounting hardware. It should also be easy to lock and unlock.

Locking Mechanism

It is advisable to get a lock with multiple locking mechanisms for added security. Therefore, if possible, get a device that allows you to lock it with keys and fingerprints. You can also use very strong chain based locking system along with others locks as well.

FAQs on Car Bike Rack Lock

Before we conclude, let’s check out some of the commonly asked questions about car-bike rack locks.

How do I lock my car bike rack?

The best way is to use a U-lock to lock the bike frame on the front of the bike. You can also use another U-lock to secure the back tire.

Which is the best bike rack lock for cars?

A good lock should be able to survive hammers, bolt-cutters, crowbars, and even a hacksaw. Simply put, it should be made from strong materials like hardened steel.

Which is the Overall Best #1?

Overall, the Kryptonite New York U Lock is the best car bike rack lock. This is because its Kryptonite is made from Max performance hardened steel for maximum anti-theft protection. On top of that, it is designed to resist bolt cutters, leverage attacks, and hand tools.

Bottom Line

Nearly all bike rack locks available on the market can be broken.

However, if using the best bike rack lock, this may greatly minimize the risk of your bike being singled out by thieves. But the most important thing is using the lock properly.

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