10 Best Brake Caliper Paint in 2022 According to Car Enthusiasts

Do you have a car that shows off the brake calipers on the wheels? Then upgrading your car calipers with a unique paint that matches your style or contrasts its exterior is one way of differentiating it from the rest.

While caliper paints are designed to bring out a desirable look to your automobile calipers, they do offer protection from rust, dust, and chemicals.

Based on hours of research, we picked the G2 Brake Caliper High-Temperature Paint System as the best brake caliper paint. The reason behind this is the G2 caliper paint’s ability to sustain high temperatures of up to 980 °F, levels out easily, and dries up quickly. Additionally, the paint leaves an awesome glossy finish that retains it’s glossiness for long without chipping and fading.

The following write-up explains the major factors you should weigh out before settling on a specific caliper paint. But before that, here’s a quick run-down of our top-rated paints for hydraulic braking calipers.

Best Brake Caliper Paint

Top Brake Caliper Paints: Comparison

RankingProduct NameBrandWeight
1G2 High-Temperature Brake Caliper PaintG21.69 pounds
2POR-15 42806 Red Caliper Paint – 8 fl. oz.POR-150.6 pounds
3VHT SP731 Real Red Brake Caliper PaintVHT0.9 pounds
4VHT Single ESP154000 Engine Enamel Grabber GreenG21.75 pounds
5Dupli-Color BCP102 Black Brake Caliper AerosolDupli-Color1 pounds
6Rust-Oleum, Red Automotive 251591 12-Ounce Caliper Paint SprayRust-Oleum1 pounds
7VHT Single ESP154000 Engine Enamel Grabber GreenVHT0.63 pounds
8Seymour EN-66 Hi-Tech Engine Spray Paint0.01 pounds
9Eastwood Long Lasting Heat Resistant Black Caliper PaintEastwood0.5 pounds
10G2 High Heat Epoxy Style Caliper PaintG22.75 pounds

10 Best Brake Caliper Paint Comprehensive Reviews

We have done all the research work for you by individually picking out the top caliper paint brands and analyzing them feature by feature. That’s not enough, also included are our honest reviews on the pros and downsides of each product. Happy hunting!

1. G2 Brake Caliper High-Temperature Paint System

The G2 caliper paint system is a darling of many automobile owners thanks to its high resistance to heat for up to 980°F and chemicals. Truth be told, it’s hard to find paint with such high-temperature resistance.

This weatherproof paint won’t fade or chip and is enough to finish 4 calipers even when you need several coats. While red is the G2s trademark color, the paint is offered in 12 waterproof color options for total protection of the calipers from rust.

Other Features and Benefits

The kit comes as a complete DIY package with the paint, brake cleaner, painting brush, cleaner in an aerosol can, stirrer, and lastly the user manual. This saves you the time and costs of ordering the items separately.

Since the paint is somehow thin, it allows for easy leveling, dries quickly and leaves an aesthetically glossy satisfying result.


  • Possesses high heat-resistance
  • Easy to use
  • All-inclusive kit
  • Weatherproof
  • Dries up quickly


  • Needs multiple coat applications to provide a beautiful finish
  • A bristle brush may leave paint streaks

2. POR-15 8fl. Oz Caliper Paint

This high-grade POR-15 paint sustains high heat for up to 500 degrees Fahrenheitand will stay on your calipers for long. What’s more, the paint also guards your calipers against dust, chemicals and rust.

The can contains 8 ounces of paint which can cover 4 calipers even when multiple coats are applied. Unfortunately, the package includes only the paint with no brush, cleaner or any other necessary accessories.

Other Features and Benefits

Application is easy; after cleaning the surface, you can either use a brush or just take the caliper and douse it in the paint.

However, you should give the paint some time to dry up before getting to the second or third coat since it’s quite thick. The paint once applied, leaves a smooth and shiny coating that you will love thanks to the 5ceramic-like colors offered.


  • Long-lasting paint
  • Leaves a glossy finish
  • Doesn’t contain flammable solvents
  • Smooth application


  • Kitincludes the paint only
  • Doesn’t dry off quickly

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3. VHTReal Red SP731 Brake 11 Oz Can Caliper Paint

Brush paints are a pain in the application process and take up most of your time, this is why VHT introduced this spray-on caliper paint. The great part is its ability to dry off quickly within 30 minutes after application.

The paint resists heats up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit, won’t crack, rust or chip even under extreme weather conditions. This is of course, after undergoing an exact curing process for up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit as clearly shown on the can.

Other Features and Benefits

This 11 oz paint is not just for caliper application but also rotors, or brake drums and allows for full custom detailing as per your specifications.

While this paint is still great when used alone, awesome results can only be achieved when it’s used with a primer and a clear coat. Summing up, this real red caliper paint is also available in 9 other color options for increased versatility.


  • High-heat and chemical resistance
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy-to-use spray can
  • Dries quickly


  • Requires a clear coat finish to prevent fading
  • Quite messy

4. VHT ESP154000 Grabber Green Engine Enamel

Here comes another engine enamel paint from VHT with superior chemical and heat resistance of up to 550°F.

The 11 oz aerosol can contain a unique formula (ceramic plus urethane) resins that give your engine accessories a durable finish. Still on that, the paint resists salt sprays, cleaning reagents and helps in the prevention of rust.

Other Features and Benefits

The aerosol can allow easy paint application, although it may be challenging or messy for beginner users. To counter this, you should always cover up the other engine parts you don’t want to apply the paint.

To use, just shake the can and press on the nozzle to let the paint out. The pressure you apply will determine the amount of paint to be applied on the given surface. Simple right?


  • Many color varieties
  • Comfortable application
  • Offers maximum durability
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Resistant to high temperatures


  • The nozzle gets clogged up sometimes
  • A little messy

5. Dupli-Color BCP102 Brake Caliper 12 oz Aerosol

This Dupli-Color brake caliper paint is formulated with ceramic resins that build its resistance from high temperatures to about 500°F.

The protective coating also doesn’t chip, is dustproof, and has a high chemical resistance rate. Moreover, the paint is easy to apply since it’s in spray form, although you’ll need sufficient prep work like covering unwanted areas.

Other Features and Benefits

The 12 Oz paint spray features a conical nozzle for easy and controlled application. It also has a sufficient amount of paint for your brake drums, calipers or rotors.

You can get started the instance you receive your package as it’s all-inclusive with the paint, aerosol cleaner, paintbrush, and a stir stick. Hey, it doesn’t end there, a masking tape and a detailed user manual are also included.

Lastly, there are 8 glossy colors to choose from, depending on your interests. This is unlike the below Rust-Oleum paint with only 2 color varieties.


  • Multipurpose
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Durable
  • Dries quickly


  • The brush bristles come off quickly

6. Rust-Oleum 12-Ounce Automotive Caliper Paint Spray

The Rust-Oleum caliper paint is offered in spray form for easy application. Although it needs to be handled with extra care, especially for new users.

This 12-ounce paint has a high resistance to heat to 900° F, brake dust and other chemicals. Moreover, the uniquely made spray nozzle has a comfortable-to-use tip that allows paint application at any angle.

Other Features and Benefits

The formula forms a protective coat on your calipers and other car breaking devices from rust, making them durable.

This Rust-oleum paint is only available in 2 colors; black and red, which is a major downside as many users prefer paints with multiple color options. The greatest explanation being the ability to choose a color that suits your needs or one that matches with other engine parts.

Also, the kit contains only the paint; this prompts you to also order for other painting accessories like the brush or cleaner.


  • High-temperature resistance
  • Provides a smooth finish
  • Easy application
  • Allows any-angle spraying


  • Takes too long to dry
  • Just 2 color options

7. VHT Single ESP 12 oz. Engine Enamel Aerosol

This VHT paint is made from a unique combo of ceramic resins and urethane to give your automobile engine parts a tough yet durable finish.

The paint sustains high heat temperatures of 550°F, doesn’t react to chemicals, and prevents corrosion of the metallic parts.

Other Features and Benefits

The 12 oz bottle has enough formula for multiple applications, is easy to use and distributes the paint evenly on any given surface.

But you need to do prior preparations like masking up other areas since the application process can be quite messy.

In comparison with the other caliper paints with 2 or up to 10 color varieties, this VHT coat enamel is offered in 31 color options. What’s more, the colors can be picked to match your other engine parts for more uniformity.

All the given colors won’t fade away even when they come in contact with other spray salts, degreasers, or gasoline blends to give a durable finish.


  • Improved heat resistance
  • Durable paint
  • Easy to apply
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Many color choices


  • Requires several coats to give an excellent finish

8. Seymour Paint Hi-Tech EN-66 Engine Spray Paint

Has your engine parts worn off their original factory color, and you’d like to restore it to a more replenishing look? Then this Hi-tech Seymour paint is just what you need.

The paint is resistant to gas, chemicals, and high temperatures of about 300°F, therefore forming a protective film to the painted areas.

To further enhance the paint durability, use sealant after application or use it with a primer.

Other Features and Benefits

Seymour Paint is a manufacturer who cares about the environment. This is why its products are free of chromates, mercury, lead, and chlorinated solvents.

Instead, the paints are made with waterborne yet high-quality resins unlike the mostly used solvent-based traditional polymers.

Now let’s go back to this EN-66 engine spray paint, its offered in a 12-ounce spray can that is quite easy to use.

Although it may prove to be messy if you haven’t covered the areas you don’t want to paint. The masking can be done simply with newspapers or masking tape.

To finish up, the company provides this paint in 16 different colors that are similar to most automobile engine factory colors.


  • Unique eco-friendly formulation
  • Gives a sparkling finish
  • Highly durable
  • Safe application
  • Beautiful colors


  • Takes long to dry
  • Works great if used with a primer

9. Eastwood Heat Resistant 16 Oz Long Lasting Caliper Paint

Eastwood, a popular manufacturer for automotive repair and paint restoration projects, has its products engineered for full customer satisfaction.

For instance, this 16 Oz Eastwood caliper paint is enough for painting your calipers and also the drums. The paint can be applied with a brush or put in a spray gun to ease the application process.

Other Features and Benefits

The paint has been made with advanced Nano-ceramic technology to help boost its durability as well as heat resistance. Indeed, this paint endures high temperatures of around 650°F and stays on your engine parts up to 2 years without fading or chipping off.

Also, the paint is highly resistant to UV rays, dust, and chemicals, therefore, retaining its sparkle throughout. For added glossiness, it’s recommended that you use the paint with a Urethane activator in the ratio of 4:1.

Though there aren’t many colors, you can still choose from the black, red, and silver options, which are the most regularly used standard colors.


  • Large 16-ounce can
  • Multiple application procedures
  • Durable paint
  • Chemical and heat resistant


  • Fewer colors to pick from

10. G2 High Heat Epoxy Style Caliper Paint

Here is another top-quality G2 automobile paint with great endurance from quite high temperatures of about 900°F.The paint is a lifetime investment since it’s made to resist dust and any other chemicals it might come in contact with.

This epoxy paint has more volatile chemicals than the other caliper paints, therefore requires you to wear protective gear during application for enhanced skin protection.

Above all, they need to be applied with a brush for the paint pigments to adhere more to the caliper surface to give a long-lasting finish.

Other Features and Benefits

The kit comprises; a brake cleaner, a spray cleaner, a painting brush, an instruction manual, and the stirrer. Most importantly, you can jumpstart your project the instant you receive the package as it’s all-inclusive.

Moreover, the included epoxy paint can cover 2 drums or 4 disc brakes when you apply around 2-3 layers. Although, you should leave a 20-minute time break after each coat for the paint to dry up before applying the next one.

In conclusion, you will be spoilt for choice since this G2 caliper paint is offered in 12 standard color varieties.


  • Multiple wear-proof colors
  • Full set painting kit
  • Easy brush-on application
  • Durable


  • Flimsy paintbrush leaves streak marks
  • It takes almost a day to dry up

Buying Guide on Brake Caliper Paints

Since there are different caliper paints, we have summarized some useful tips to help you choose the one that’s tailored for your needs. The following are the key factors to look in caliper paints.

Capacity / Size

One paint canister is enough for the four wheels of a single car. Most caliper paints weight from 8 oz to around 15 ounces, so it’s best to choose the size that will finish your work.

But if you plan to buy paint for multiple cars or for professional use, perhaps you might consider buying the combo pack to cut down on costs.


An automobile caliper heats up when in use, this means than any paint put on it should have high resistance to heat. This is so to prevent the paint from fading off after some drives as it will be a total waste of money.

Other essential properties like chemical, rust or scratch resistance are also to be considered. These factors elongate your paint’s durability without undermining its value.

As a matter of fact, you can’t avoid the cars braking system from being coated in debris or getting doused in chemicals as you move around.


Let’s say you don’t like red as a color, will you go ahead and buy a red paint? No, you will go for a color you like seeing every day. This is why many caliper paints are being made in different color options to meet different buyer preferences.

Above all, the paint color isn’t just a color; it ought to provide a perfect finish (Ceramic or gloss type). The finish provides an invaluable asset for added elegance.

For instance, the VHT grabber green enamel paint has more colors than the G2 or Eastwood paints.

Kit Components

Some caliper paints come as a single unit (the sprayer or the can), which prompts you to look for other individual items like paintbrushes or cleaner. This will, of course, increase the overall costs.

Good news is that you can still minimize costs by looking for caliper paints that come as a complete DIY kit.

Ease of Use

To apply paint on your calipers, you can use either of these methods; aerosol spray painting or brush painting.

Brush paints are the most preferred since they give you total control over the area you’d like to paint. Unfortunately, the brush paints take long to apply as they need more precision to prevent undesirable marks.

Spray painting on the other hand, seems to be more efficient than brush painting as it leads to even distribution of paint.

However, it can be difficult for you to control the spray from painting unwanted surfaces, which usually calls for some expertise. Alternatively, you can just mask up the unwanted areas before you start the painting.

Therefore, it’s important that you first decide which paint among the above two works best for you.

How to Paint the Calipers of Your Car’s Braking System

Brake calipers are usually the dustiest or most dirty part of any automobile. This is why they need to be cleaned efficiently to give your wheels a beautiful look.

What if cleaning alone doesn’t yield that much-needed sparkle? This may be because the caliper paint has chipped off or faded away. Therefore, this calls for a total repaint of the whole calipers.

Surface Preparation

You can start this by removing the calipers or covering the nearby areas to help prevent overspray. The next step is to clean the surface by removing any old paint or rust with a sandblaster or wire brush.

A better explanation of this is that paint is applied better to a bare metal surface than that with a previous coat.

Caliper Painting

Take the paint and start applying it to the calipers; use a brush with can paints and press on the nozzle for spray paints.

Apply around 2-4 coats of paint while leaving some time in-between for the previous coat to dry. After getting the intended finish, you can now apply a clear topcoat (optional) for extra glossiness and paint protection.

As long as you have the time or passion, you can make caliper painting a DIY hobby and save on the costs of taking the car to the garage for such.

Types of Caliper Paints

Though there are many types of caliper paints, we have narrowed them to the below 3 for this post. The major distinguishing factors we’ve based our emphasis on are the packaging, formula composition, and mode of application.

Aerosol Paints

Aerosol paints or spray-on-paints as they are usually referred to are loaded into pressurized spray cans weighing about 11 to 15 ounces.

Most of these aerosol paint are enamel-based and are offered in different shades that give your engine parts high gloss finishes. Spray paints are the commonly used caliper paints by many professional because of their ease-of-use.

Can Paints

These paints are packaged in cans and usually contain more quantity of paint. For application, you can either disassemble the caliper and dip in the can or use a brush to apply the paint.

Unfortunately, the paints take a long time to apply and dry up. To avoid things getting messy, you need to be careful with the application process.

Epoxy Paints

Epoxy caliper paints provide more durable finishes than all the above 2. This is all thanks to the high quality epoxy resins which are reinforced with polyamine hardeners.

These elements make the paints to last for long without peeling or fading away even on exposure to chemicals or cleaning agents.

Nonetheless, these paints require careful handling in the preparation and application process like wearing of aprons, gloves or face masks. This is because the paints contain harmful caustic chemicals that aren’t skin-friendly.

Many epoxy paints are offered in brush-on kits for easy adherence of the pigments to the caliper surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe you still haven’t got some concepts right in regards to caliper paints and have some questions lingering in your mind. Don’t worry as we have answered some of the common questions asked by many buyers.

How long should brake caliper paint last?

The durability of a caliper paint depends on the type of materials used to make it. While enamel-based paints last for up to 3 years, there are others with extra hardening elements that stay on the calipers for about 5 to 7 years.

Which paint is best for brake calipers?

You can use any engine/caliper paint brand as long as it has a high resistance to heat, chemicals, dust, and any other weather elements. Also, the paint should be fade-proof, won’t chip, and stay put for a couple of years.

Is it necessary for brake calipers to be painted?

Figure this out, bare metal calipers absorb dust, moisture, and chemicals as the vehicle moves. The mentioned are the major causes of corrosion and wearing of engine-related parts. That’s why those parts need to be painted to form a protective layer.

Do I have to remove my calipers to paint them?

No, you just have to be careful not to scatter the paint to the other brake parts. Although if you feel you can’t handle that, it’s best that you remove the calipers, paint them, allow them to dry, and lastly, put them back.

How do I clean my brake calipers?

Brake calipers can be cleaned with just soap and water or by using a wheel cleaner. But wait, the calipers should cool down completely to prevent chipping off the paint.

Final Thoughts

Many people use brake caliper paints for aesthetic purposes to make their cars unique. Little do they know that the paints also offer protection to their calipers, which in turn elongates their life spun.

The paints prevent general wear of the calipers caused by cracking due to the high temperatures they are exposed to, chemical reactions, dust, and rust.

In conclusion, what brings out the outstanding finish of a caliper is how the paint is applied. Therefore always take your time in the surface preparation and the actual painting process.

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