Best Bike Rack for Mazda 3 in 2022

Are you looking for the perfect bike rack that would help you transport your bikes to the mountains on your Mazda 3? Well, you are in luck, as we understand the confusion that comes with searching for the best bike rack for Mazda 3.

In our research, we settled on a sample of products that we consider the best in the market. Further, we shall tell you how we arrived at our decision on the top bike racks in the market.

Once you find your ideal bike rack, you will have an easy time safely and securely moving your bicycle to the trail on your Mazda 3.

Best Bike Rack for Mazda 3

Bike Rack for Mazda 3: Comparison

We have taken our time to review the key features of the following sets of bike racks for Mazda 3. With all the qualities pointed out, your search for the perfect item should be relatively easy.

RankingProduct NameColorMaterial
1Saris Store Ex Trunk Bike Rack CarrierBlackSynthetic
2Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B 1-Bike Carrier Rack
3Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Bike RackGrayAlloy Steel, Aluminum
4Thule Passage Trunk Mount CarrierBlackSteel
5Saris Bones 805 Trunk Mount RackBlackPlastic
6Venzo 3-Bike RackAlloy Steel
7Retrospec Lenox Tray Car Bike RackBlackAlloy Steel
8Yakima Fullback Trunk Mount Bike RackUnset

1. Saris Store Ex Trunk Bike Rack Carrier for Mazda 3

We shall open our product’s list with the Saris Store bike rack, which features an injection-molded construction. This means that the unit will not be at any risk of rusting at some point.

Then, loading the rack is quite easy, with the only thing required from you is to mount it on your Mazda 3’s trunk. There is no lifting, twisting or balancing, which puts off many people.

We also liked the arched cradle that allows you to position your bikes such that they do not rubagainst each other.


  • Available in different colors
  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy loading


  • May interfere with rear window visibility

2. Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B 1-Bike Carrier Rack

Next up is a 1-bike carrier rack that is well-made to give it sufficient capacity to withstand your bike’s weight. Then, the unit features a padded lower frame that ensures your bike doesn’t bump against your vehicle and scratch off its paint.

Another notable feature is the E-coating to make the rack rust-resistant. In addition to that, the unit is foldable to occupy less space when not in use.

The installation is quite straightforward as there is a set of instructions to guide you through.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy installation
  • It comes with a limited lifetime warranty


  • Short silicone straps

3. Hollywood Racks Over-The-Top Bike Rack for Mazda 3

Who wouldn’t like a bike rack that can hold up to three bikes firmly in place? This unit by Hollywood Racks will ensure that you carry your wife’s, kid’s and your bike for a mountain hike.

It arrives fully assembled, meaning that installing and removing it should not trouble you at all. Then, once you are done with it, the rack is foldable for safe storage.

Lastly, the rack comes with three different attachment strips so that you can easily find the right fit for your vehicle.


  • Easy to put on/remove
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Well-made


  • Not universal

4. Thule Passage Trunk Mount Carrier

Thule is a brand that is always associated with high-quality bike products, and this particular product sticks to the same standards. Its outstanding aspect is the stay-put anti-sway cages that ensure no contact between the bicycles or the bikes and car.

We also noted the soft rubber cradles that help prevent the bike frame from getting damaged while holding it securely.

And when the carrier is not in use, you can fold it down for convenient storage.


  • Impressive 105lb load capacity
  • Foldable arms
  • Buckled for a firmer hold


  • Not for bulky steel-framed bicycles

5. Saris Bones 805 Trunk Mount Rack

When a brand features on our list of top items more than once, it should give you a hint of the quality it possesses. Saris is an excellent example of such, and we will tell you why.

This trunk-mount rack is built from recyclable materials and is therefore eco-friendly. This makes it ideal for you if you are environmental-conscious.

You may also be pleased with the sturdy injection-molded arms and legs that make the rack very stable and can hold your bikes comfortably.

Lastly, the ratcheting hold-downs are pretty easy to adjust so that you can find the ideal frame shape with ease.


  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Built to last
  • Lightweight


  • It needs a lot of strapping for a secure hold

6. Venzo 3-Bike Rack for Your Mazda 3

There are a lot of positives that we can draw from this bike rack by Venzo. For instance, it has universal compatibility and can fit many vehicle brands, including Mazda 3, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Next, this unit is pretty easy to use. So, whether folding or unloading the rack, you can easily do it yourself, and you’ll be done within minutes.

What about the construction? Here, the combination of high-strength steel, black powder coating, reinforced plastics, and UV resistance all ensure that the unit serves you for a long time to come.

Another thing is that the buckles feature a rubber-coated hook to minimize the chances of scratching your car.


  • Universal compatibility
  • Built to last
  • Easy to use


  • Bikes are a bit shaky

7. Retrospec Lenox Tray Car Bike Rack

Retrospec may not be the most popular brand of bike racks, but this product has a lot to offer. First, it is a 2-bike rack, meaning that it allows you to drag a friend along for the adventure.

Then, the rack is a custom fit, meaning that it is designed to accommodate different frame types. Further, the custom wheels can accommodate wheels ranging between 20-29-inches. So, if your bike lies within the mentioned dimensions, you can be sure it will arrive at your destination safely.

Another thing is that the sturdy build of the unit gives it the stability to hold your bikes safely. Further, it will be a while before the rack needs replacing.

Lastly, the rack folds up easily when not in use to allow for easy storage.


  • Built to last
  • A custom-fit (wheels and frames)
  • Easy assembly and disassembly


  • Poor quality straps

8. Yakima Fullback Trunk Mount Bike Rack

Closing down our list is a bike rack from the Yakima brand, which shall mostly appeal to you with its innovative design. Here, we are talking about the SuperCrushZipStrip cradles designed to hold your bike tightly in place until you get to your destination.

In addition to that, the rack features a four-strap design that will make the overall installation process easier.

Let’s also mention the SKS locking that helps keep the rack secured to your Mazda 3 and ensures that your bikes are not easily stolen.

Lastly, the rack has an attractive finish and will look good on your vehicle.


  • Easy installation
  • Looks good
  • Enhanced fit


  • Straps aren’t easy to adjust

Buying Guide for Mazda 3 Bike Rack

With the numerous bike racks available in the market, your search for the perfect product may be more confusing than you would expect. So, to make things easier, you should think about the following factors:

Size of your Bicycle

It is vital that before purchasing a particular bike rack, you should consider the size of your bicycle. This will help you know the number of bikes that your rack can accommodate.

Number of Bikes to Transport

How many bicycles do you wish to transport? Here, you should look at the rack’s load capacity so that you know if it can handle all your bikes comfortably without wobbling or breaking apart.

Ease of Installation

We advise that you go for a unit that will not give you a hard time installing or removing it.

Other Factors to consider include:

  • Price
  • Quality of construction
  • Weight
  • Ease of storage
  • Appearance

How to Lock Your Bicycle to a Bike Rack Securely on Mazda 3

In this section, we shall provide you with safe and effective ways of securely locking your bike to the rack. This will help you save money as it will be a while before you get a new product, plus you’ll have peace of mind.

Here are those locking methods:

Method 1

Start by checking out the sturdiness of whatever structure you intend to lock your bike to. After that, remove all movable parts from your bicycle

You can now use a U-lock to lock your back tire and frame around the structure you have identified for locking into. Finally, lace a cable lock through the front tire onto the U-lock before locking the U-lock

Method 2

First, ensure that whatever you are locking your bike to is robust and not movable. Then, place a U-lock through the strong and immovable structure and through the seat stays and rear wheel

Then, take another U-lock and place it around the immovable structure, around the front wheel and downtube

Method 3

In the final option, start with the usual observation of the locking object to be strong and immovable. Next, take off the front wheel and place it next to your bike’s rear-wheel

With that, place a U-lock shackle around the immovable structure and through both seat stays and wheels (rear and front)

Consider buying a hardened U-lock for bike rack from your this short list:

#1 Kryptonite New York Standard Heavy Duty Bicycle U Lock

#2 Kryptonite Kryptolok 12.7mm U-Lock with FlexFrame-U Bracket

#3 Fingerprint Bike Rack Lock

FAQs on Bike Rack for Mazda 3

As we approach the end, let’s check some common queries regarding bike racks. Hopefully, you will learn something new regarding this topic.

What is the benefit of acquiring a bike rack for my Mazda 3?

The main advantage of a bike carrier is that it will help you transport your bike on your vehicle to the scenic trail where you intend to do some cycling.

Will a bike rack damage my Mazda 3?

No, it will not since most bike carriers for Mazda 3 are built with a platform that ensures there is no contact between your car and the bike(s).

Which are the leading brands of bike racks for Mazda 3?

Some of the brands you can be sure of top-quality products include Saris, Thule, Yakima, and Tyga Auto. If you land a product from the above companies, there is little chance of ending up disappointed.

Our Top Pick #1

We compared what all the products on this list have to offer and concluded that Saris Store Ex Trunk Bike Rack Carrier is the best bike rack for Mazda 3.

Besides being easy to install, well-made and available in different colors, the carrier is made from recyclable materials. So, we can say it is eco-friendly and won’t harm the environment in any way.

Final Word

With all the information that we have brought out in this article, nothing should stand in your way of finding the right bike carrier for your Mazda 3. If you use our buying guide keenly and focus on the products we have reviewed, you will likely finish your search in the shortest time possible.

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