Are Light Bars illegal?

Light bars come with a host of benefits including improved visibility and vision. This makes them the perfect addition for drivers who frequent poorly-lit areas.

Nevertheless, depending on the area, legal limitations may restrict drivers’ ability to use light bars while on the road. Of course, that leaves you wondering if light bars are legal. Keep it here as we answer that.

Are Light Bars illegal

Can Light Bars Be Used on The Street

The short and simple answer to that question would be a no. You see, light bars are extremely bright and that makes it illegal to drive on the street with one turned on.

In some states, it is not even enough to have light bars turned off. You will be required to use a light cover when driving especially on the highway.

The cover work to ensure that your light bar doesn’t distract other drivers on the road even if they accidentally come on while driving.

Should you get a Light Bar?

Even though it is illegal to drive with a lightbar on the street, it is an invaluable accessory when it comes to driving through huge private properties and off-road excursions where you the extra brightness comes in handy.

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Light bars come in both flood and spot patterns and they make it easy for you to see obstacles on the road. However, it is illegal to drive with them on public roads so you may want to get a cover for yours if you have a light bar for your vehicle.

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