Are LED Shop Lights Better than Fluorescent?

When people look for lights to install in their garages, they often choose between LED and fluorescent lights simply because they are the most popular option in the market.

That may leave you wondering:

Are LED Shop Lights Better than Fluorescent

Which is Better Between LED and Fluorescent?

Yes, LED shop lights are better than fluorescent lights. LED lights benefits outweigh those of their fluorescent counterparts. As such, it would be advisable to get LED lights for your garage instead of fluorescent ones. From LED lights being omni-directional and not wasting anything to them consuming less power and being more durable, the benefits are endless.

Would you like to know more about these benefits? Have a look.

Superior Color

LED shop lights offer better light quality in terms of lumen output, color temperature, and color rendering. Of course, you need this in your garage.

Longer Lifespan

Of course, you would want lights that will last a long time to save money. The good news is that LED shop lights are designed to give you the longevity you need so you won’t have to spend on replacements frequently. And installation of LED shop light is simple and easy.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Granted,LED lights require a hefty initial investment compared to fluorescent lights but that is just about it. Once you invest in LED, you will not have to worry about huge power bills in the long run.

The same cannot be said about fluorescent lights.

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As you can see, the benefits of LED lights do outnumber those of fluorescent lights so it would be in your best interest to go the LED way.

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