Bay lights, Low & High Bay Lights: How Low Should Shop Lights Hang?

You have probably heard bay lights mentioned here and there and you are wondering what exactly people are on about. This article will answer most of the questions you may have like:

Bay lights, Low & High Bay Lights

What are Bay Lights?

Essentially, bay lights are light fixtures used mainly to light huge commercial spaces like manufacturing facilities, processing plants, warehouses, and factories.

As you can imagine, such spaces need heavy-duty lighting solutions to offer well-distributed and ample lighting. That is exactly what bay lights offer.

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What are Low Bay Lights?

You have probably also heard of low bay lights and what refer to when they mention the same are lights. Low bay lights are designed for mounting in ceilings that are not more than 20 feet above the ground.

Now a days, low bay ceilings are commonly use in public buildings, retail stores, and homes.

What is a high bay light?

A high bay light is a kind of light fixture for a variety of purposes uses in a wide range of industries. It is typically use in a large industrial setting, such as a warehouse or manufacturing facility or large garage.

It is bigger in diameter than a low bay light.

How Low Should Shop Lights Hang?

As a general rule of thumb, you want to hang your shop lights 36 inches or three feet above your table or 72 inches or six feet above the ground.

That said; some people will still go ahead to do the opposite with the argument that these heights are too low.

If you are mounting your light fixtures on the wall, you should ensure that they are about 1.5-3 feet away from the wall.

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We hope this article has answered the questions you had about bay lighting as well as how low your shop lights should hang. With that, you should have an easier experience with the same.

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