The 7 Best 22 Inch Light Bar 2022

Why would anyone dig deeper into their pocket to get the best 22-inch light bar? The apparent reason is that a unit of this size is brighter than smaller ones. Further, it is compact and does not need a lot of space for installation.

And with the perfect unit, your off-road expedition will be less stressful since you can easily see what is ahead of you.

Now that you know the benefits that this product brings let’s now check some of the top units available in the market.

Best 22 Inch Light Bar

High-Quality 22 Inch light Bar: Comparison

How about you save time by finding theperfect unit from the list below that will meet all your needs? Since all of them are of top quality, you won’t have to look for the perfect one anywhere else.

RankingProduct NameBulb TypeVoltage
1Nilight 18016C 22-Inch Light Bar‎LED12 Volts
2Oedro Curved Light Bar‎LED12 Volts
3Mictuning 22-Inch Curved Work LED‎LED‎12 Volts
4Rigidhorse Single-Row Light Bar‎LED‎12 Volts
5DWVO Curved Light BarLED‎12 Volts
6Xprite Light BarLED‎12 Volts
7Exzeit 22-Inch 100W Light Bar‎LED9V-32 Volts

1. Nilight 18016C 22-Inch Light Bar

Rated at 270W and 27,000 lumens, this triple-row unit’s wattage and output are enough to make all trails visible for easy navigation.

Then, it has a spot and floodlight combo to make it suitable for different uses.

You will be impressed with the build quality, which tells you that the unit can withstand a lot of rough handling.

As if that’s not enough, the IP67 rating makes the unit dustproof and can withstand being submerged one meter deep in water for half an hour.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Spot and floodlight combo
  • Universal fit


  • Not moisture-proof

2. Oedro Curved Light Bar

If you felt that the first unit wasn’t bright enough, this curved option by Oedro may appeal to you. It has a 520W combo beam that is so powerful such that it canirradiate a longer distance.

When you look at the build, you can tell that it will be a while before you need to go for a replacement. Aluminum material assures you of durability, while the silicone gel facilitates heat dissipation to giveit a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

Then, the IP68 rating will assure you that the product is well-protected against different potentially-destructive weather elements.


  • A universal fit
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption


  • Disappointing customer service

3. Mictuning 22-Inch Curved Work LED

How about a curved unit that is designed to improve your car’s appearance? That is what you’ll get from this unit by Mictuning in addition to other valuable aspects which we shall look at.

The unit gives out 6000K white light, which is brighter and covers a longer distance than straight lights.

And that’s not all since the 10pcs cooling fins provide for some of the fastest heat-dissipation around.

Lastly, the die-cast aluminum housing is sturdy and powder-coated for rust and corrosion resistance and durability.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Great heat dissipation
  • Well-built


  • Not moisture-proof

4. Rigidhorse Single-Row Light Bar

Rigidhorse is a top performing brand that churns out high-quality products such as this particular unit. First, with an output of 20000 lumens, this unit is very bright and will turn night into day.

Then, durability should not trouble you at all due to the heavy-duty aluminum housing and shatterproof 6063 lens. So, it can survive even the harshest conditions.

Another feature you’ll like is the IP67 waterproof rating, whereby that the unit can withstand being submerged 3.3ft underwater for up to half an hour without getting spoilt.


  • Built to last
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Easy installation


  • The paint is not very durable

5. DWVO Curved Light Bar

There are several reasons why this unit by DWVO has made it to our list. First, it has a fantastic multi-lamp beads combo to help in optimizing its brightness. On top of that, it has a triple-row design to make it more efficient in its lighting.

Next, the aluminum alloy housing makes the unit rugged while not being too bulky. So, the damage will be minimal if an accidental bump occurs.

And the IP68 water-resistance rating is one of the best on this list, and harsh weather will not trouble you at all.

Lastly, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the unit is compatible with most car models and vessels out there, including Jeeps, SUVs, motorbikes and even boats.


  • Versatile in its use
  • Reliable customer support
  • Well-built


  • Poor quality mounting brackets

6. Xprite Light Bar

Are you wondering what advantage you can get from this ultra-thin light unit?Let us tell you why. With such a product, you can be sure of an easy installation process and you will be done with the setup in the shortest time possible.

Those are some of the benefits that you get from this unit by Xprite. Other than that, the unit is well-made, courtesy of the die-cast aluminum housing. So, you can expect it to be usefuleven in the harshest surroundings.

Another notable aspect of the unit is the output of 21000 lumens by the 20 5W LED chips. This shows you that the small size has no impact on its performance.


  • Very bright
  • Compact size
  • Easy to install


  • Questionable packaging

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7. Exzeit 22-Inch 100W Light Bar

Lastly, we have the Exzeit bar that is designed to make your night driving safer. We attribute this to the output of 9,000 lumens that can pick up potential hazards ahead and on your car’s sides so that no surprises hit you.

When we look at the construction, it is easy to tell that the unit is built to last for a lifetime with the sturdy aluminum housing for durability. Further, it is powder-coated with a UV inhibitor to make it capable of withstanding extreme sunlight without fading.

This high-quality build is crucial in the unit having an average lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

And to make you more confident in the product, it underwent strict quality inspection to ensure that it is entirely water and moisture-proof. So, no more annoying leakages affecting the unit’s performance.


  • Universal fit
  • Quality-inspected
  • Affordable


  • Expensive

Buying Guide For 22 Inch Light Bar

What makes the best 22-inch light bar? Let us answer this question by pointing out the key features you should look for in such a unit. They are as follows:


This has to be the most critical aspect to think about while making your purchase and is the scientific measurement of a unit’s brightness. Generally, the higher the lumen count, the brighter the unit is, although you should expect to pay more.

Single Vs. Double-Row

The main distinguishing factor between these two designs is that the double row-unit will be higher than a single design. So, you can expect the double unit to be brighter than the single one and should be your pick if that is your deal-breaker.


A unit’s level of water resistance is measured in IP, which stands for Ingress Protection. It is followed by two numbers (IPxy) whereby the first digit is a rating for dust sealing while the second is for moisture protection.

An IP rating of IP67 and beyond is the best as it assures you of protection against dust, jet sprays, and submersion in water for sustained periods.

Other factors to think about include:

  • Lighting Pattern
  • Mounting options
  • Price
  • Housing
  • Warranty terms
  • Color temperature

FAQs on 22″ Light Bar

As we approach the end, we shall include this section with some common queries on this topic. This way, we hope to cover anything that we may have left out.

Are light bars legal in all states?

The first thing you should know about these units is that they are intended for off-road use, and national law prohibits their use on normal roads. However, the state regulations on their use differ, and you should always confirm to be on the safe side.

How can I clean my unit?

Although there are several options for going about the process, handwashing is the most recommended for any mounted car accessory. You could think about car washing, but the risk of damage to the accessory will be very high.

Light Bar vs. Spotlight: Which one is better?

In this comparison, the former is the better option since it is possible to get one providing a flood and spot beam pattern combo. Such a unit would make the are a around the car more visible as well as the distance ahead.

The Best Overall #1

After analyzing the key features of the above units, Nilight 18016C is the best of them all. It is decently bright, has different applications and is budget-friendly to be affordable for most of us.

Closing Remark

The 22-inch lighting unit is ofa convenient size that can fit most of the vehicles on our roads. Further, the small size ensures that the unit does not divert attention from the car’s appearance and won’t take up too much space when installed.

We have provided you with all the information you need to make a sound decision next time you go shopping for the perfect product.

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